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Thursday, 06/07/2012, 07:10 am

Johny Hendricks : "Interim belts are for one reason: for people to be able to still fight for a title," | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
On HDNet’s “Inside MMA,” Carlos Condit said he would like the idea of defending his UFC Interim Welterweight title against Martin Kampmann if St Pierre was not back before November.

When top Welterweight contender Johny Hendricks found out he felt like Condit was trying to bypass him.

Here’s what Hendricks had to say on the matter.

“He called out Kampmann, and he’s done a couple of interviews where he hasn’t even mentioned my name as a top contender. I’m the No. 1 contender, and if he’s going to be fighting anyone, I think it should be me.”

Hendricks also feels that Condit should not be allowed to sit and wait for the return of St Pierre while there are other challengers in line too.

“We have an interim belt, and interim belts are for one reason: for people to be able to still fight for a title,” Hendricks said. “I feel like I’ve done everything I could to get that No. 1 spot, and somebody else is keeping it from me. I don’t get upset about many things, but I feel like I’ve done what I could to put me where I’m at today.”

“The good Lord has blessed me. The fans have been awesome, and I’ve gone out there and done everything I could to put me in a situation for the belt. Carlos Condit is in my way. He really is. If I can’t fight him, and he won’t fight other people, now who do I fight?”

In his four fight win streak he holds victories over TJ Waldburger, Mike Pierce, Jon Fitch and most recently Josh Koscheck. Hendricks feels he has as much right as anyone to fight for the Interim title.

“I think you have to earn respect, and I think I did,” Hendricks said. “For someone to sit there and bypass me like that, it’s like he’s saying that I’m not even good enough to be in his realm, and I think I am.”

“I think I have what it takes to get in there and to win. I want that chance.”


53 Responses to “Johny Hendricks : "Interim belts are for one reason: for people to be able to still fight for a title," | UFC News”

  1. Thom says:

    exactly… if condit doesnt defend the title then wtf is the point of the belt? that just makes him the #1 contender, nothing more. Hendricks would own Condit.

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The WW division is stacked with talent but this whole waiting for GSP bullshit is putting a big stain on the division.

      • danielrchargers says:

        Its not even GSP’s fault! he tore his ACL! its lame ass Condit who wants HIS special fight, HIS special fight that he will lose. cuz hes gonna choke when hes looking for the benefits of that year long wait.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Its GSP’s fault he’s milking his injury out for a year. maybe 6 months if he wasjust some high school kid who didn’t have millions for rehab but NO WAY 12 months for ACL

        • Ko_King says:

          Again like I have replied 2 many of your posts …. U r a retard! Milking his injury lol.

        • Doc9 says:

          12-18 months for a full recovery is the standard recommendation by competent orthopedic surgeons.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          you know damn well thats an exaggerated number by a year to cover the doctors ass. I have seen football players with 3x worse knee injuries back on field in l;ess 6 months

        • Doc9 says:

          Doctors are well covered no matter what. The science behind it is that the graf that they use to form the new ACL (a strip of patella tendon tissue), is not the new ACL. The body needs to break it down and form a strong scar tissue type material from it and no matter what kind of athlete you are, that takes time. Plus, the tissue doesn’t take blood flow well. As far as feeling ok to play, yes 3-6 months… but what’s going on internally is a whole different story and anything short of a year is risking re-injury, which is very common.

      • Chad says:

        Perfectly put he needs to man up and defend the belt

    • jbeamazing says:

      Maybe the ufc will make a intern belt for the intern belt lol

      • eRIC says:

        I was saying that the second Condit got the interim belt. Its stupid. Its obvious the idea of making an interim was with the thought of Nick Diaz winning the fight. He would have defending it once already and have been scheduled for his 2nd defense.

  2. maurice says:

    um condit is deciding to defend the belt. against KAMPMANN, the real number 1 contender. i was on the hendricks train until the kos fight. he’s still got talent and can become big, but right now he aint ready for kampmann, gsp or condit.

  3. Wrestler66 says:

    When you look at Hendricks wins two are via Split decision ….. I think he lost to Koscheck & Pierce ran him real close the TJ win fair enough but the win over Fitch was lucky as hell !!

    Really he could have been 2-2 in his last four. Welterweight division does not seem so deep with talent all of a sudden.

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Watch Erick Silva destroy the wrestler Brenneman tomorrow. Silva will be a force to reckon with in the WW division I’m sure of it. Than you have Rory who has unbelievable talent so I think the WW division is looking very impressive, it’s just this fucking interim belt that’s stalling everything.

      • Numba1Ghani says:

        If erick silva wins he should fight rory macdonald itd be a great test for both of them

      • Wrestler66 says:

        Silva yeah good guy future contender possibly champion, Rory good guy future contender possibly champion however these guys are not on title contention level yet. There is a real lack of stand out guys in Diaz absence Condit is one too. You know guys who can actually offer something against GSP

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Yeah I can agree with you, I can’t see anybody finishing GSP either. He needs to move up to 185 and I’m sure he will do it within 2 years so he and Rory won’t have to fight.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I think Fitch takes both of these guys OUT, Rory as well…

        • Wrestler66 says:

          For sure ! too bad Dana would never give him the chance, think he would be scared to kill the hype behind these guys by giving them JF

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Unfortunately for ALL OF US FITCH fans who understand the COMPLETE DOMINANCE of HIS ULTIMATE game……but the winds are changing my friend. We have started a MASSIVE tweeting campaign with White/Silva to get them to Wake UP. (I know that most of what I right is bs with a few honest, heart-felt snippets in between, this one is for real!!) All you bitches thought Mayhem had rabid fans, just wait because the FITCH wave is going to make Mayhem;s look like ripple!!!

          I am thinking about promoting Gunnar as well…..But shit he trains at BJ’s gym. crap BJ needs to get him in or at least on a TUF tryout…

        • jbeamazing says:

          jonny ko’ed him brah

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Lucky shot, ese…it happens….

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Too bad Hendricks is 10 times the wrestler Fitch could only dream of. There is a difference between being a greta wrestler with the LEGIT college recordto back it up or there is Fitch who was a sub 500 wrestler who only is good at lay n pray

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Hendricks would win 10 out of 10 fighst with Fitch. Fitch would never be able toout wrestler Hendricksa nd we all know Fitch has ZERO power and nothing to fall back on without lay n pray. Hendricks by KO everytime

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Now that I know you are as old as my grandfather, I just can’t seem to beat you up anymore……but like i would say to my Granddad if he was as sick as you are is; Please get help we love and care about you so please check yourself in to the psyche ward and get balanced out on your meds then we’ll talk…..

  4. Michael hamlin says:

    He is 100 percent right!!!

  5. Michael hamlin says:

    The UFC makes rules up as they move forward and show way to much favoritism to certain fighters and it’s bullshit the way Dana runs shit he is a horrible boss remedmber when Dana says the Ufc has a ranking system?? Yea right it’s called whoever Dana likes the most that what it is and that I wrong it’s about wanting to be the best in the world not about selling the most pay per views!!!

    • uranidiot says:

      You obviously don’t know shit about the UFC and how things work… Dana is not the matchmaker so you should do some research before talking nonsense and being the typical dumb ass Dan hater… Hendricks deserves a shot before Kampman seeing he has beat higher level guys and hasn’t lost as recently and also, Kampman has made surprising comebacks to win…

      • FloppyJoe says:

        Come on man, do you seriously believe that just because Dana is not the official matchmaker he has no influence on fights. He’s the president of the UFC what he says goes. There is alot of bias in the UFC. Dana is letting Condit wait for GSP and it is making the WW division stale and stagnant, it has to be resolved quick.

  6. maurice says:

    after the kos fight, in which hendricks shoulda lost, do u guys really think he’s number 1 contender? i say kampmann and/or carlos can beat the hell outta hendricks.

  7. jake says:

    Its true condit should defend the belt but I think condit would beat kampman or Hendricks right now the only one that could beat him right now is gsp

  8. danielrchargers says:

    Carlos Condits a bitch.
    The dude will fuck people up but this is such a bitch move. waiting untill december.
    watch, hes gonna be sooo “prepared” for this fight hes gonna shit bricks when the time comes and just panic. waiting a year for 1 fight and you are gonna choke when that time actually come. you stooge.

  9. DMAC says:

    Says the guy who was willing to wait damn near a year and some change to fight GSP, until Condit didn’t even mention him then got his feeling hurt now he’s talking like he’s been about it from the jump. I’m a Hendricks fan but IMO he lost that koscheck fight if not it should’ve been a draw. He’s not on Condits radar and I can see why but with Kampman going in for surgery it didn’t make sense to call him out. Idk wtf is going on at Ww but Dirtbag White needs to get the ball rolling in that division.

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    i agree with everything he’s said but… Koscheck was robbed in that fight.

    • King Prodigy Levreau says:

      I feel Koscheck didn’t have the hunger in that fight and stalled a bit at times. I do believe that he lost because he was not as busy and that he was shocked at how Mr. Hendricks was able to out wrestle the wrestler in some ways, but he should’ve easily have won that fight, but to say robbed! He was out worked my friend and knew he should have won. One love PENN Nation!!! Title belt holders, interim or not, should be fighting so that way we don’t have to wait for great fights like we do in boxing!

  11. Inconvenient_truth says:

    Carlos “the natural born runner” condit….ducking fights with everyone…didnt want a Diaz rematch doesn’t want to fight big rig doesn’t want to defend an INTERIM title…what a bitch

  12. MMAnalyst says:

    Do Condit vs Diaz 2 – in Feb and Hendricks vs Kampmann in the fall… GSP comes back and fights the winner of Diaz/Condit and the loser of Diaz/Condit fights the winner of Hendricks/Kampmann.

    Then Rory Mac destroys whoever is left (other than GSP).

  13. Noel says:

    Maybe I don’t agree with Hendricks the fact he’s the no1 contender but I do agree with the FACT that interim belts are to stop the division stalling! Why Condit has the belt if he is just waiting for GSP is beyond me, it wouldn’t suprise me if GSP/Condit miraculously comes together a few month b4 Diaz’s ban is up leading to GSP/Diaz which makes Dana n GSP more money than a GSP/Anyone-else at WW!

  14. maurice says:

    @INCONVIENT TRUHTH man shut up. he didnt duck diaz. he wanted to give diaz the immediate rematch because the fans werent sastified with his performance. every1 was on for the next fight except fuckin diaz. diaz is the one who ruined the rematch. just like he ruined the the bjj match and the gsp fight. the only real contender is kampmann, cus hendricks looked like shit against whack ass koscheck. its kind of hard to just up and defend ur title when a true number 1 contender emerged about a week ago. u kno all this stuff, but yet u still spew bullshit outta ur mouth. hendricks beat one more guy, then talk about title shots.

  15. david says:

    hendricks is the number one contender hey? fuck him

  16. Tate says:

    You guys are fuckin idiots Hendricks barely beat kosh and he hasn’t faught anyone that good besides him so tell him to stop bitching UFC obviously does not think he’s the number one contender

    • david says:

      exactly, fuck hendricks, he still has more work to do, he lucked out even GETTING the fitch fight, he didnt deserve an opponent that highly ranked yet

  17. ZC says:

    One thing is certain, the WW division is finally stacked again. And almost certainly one of the most entertaining to watch right now. After years of being no mans land due to GSP and Fitch’s gameplan.

  18. Chender says:

    @maurice is a fuckin mess! Of course condit ducked diaz. He said ‘why should I fight him’ until around a day before diaz got busted by nsac. He probably got a tip off! Fucking mong! And furthermore, kampmann cannot be the number one contender, its blantently obvious that ellenberger was number 1 till he lost and hendricks was 2. Kampmann doesn’t dominate fights, look at the fight with thiago alves. He won the lottery, and he just about survived ellenberger too. Imagine what gsp will do to kampmann. Condits a pussy, give hendricks the fight with condit then the winner can get gsp!

  19. Outlaw Pete says:

    Condit is happy to walk around with a title but doesn’t want the responsibilities that come with the title. Champion! Until he decides to defend the title he earned he can’t say he is the champ. If he did go out there and put his title on the line, I would believe he is the legit WW champion and not just a number 1 contender with a golden ticket.. I guess he wants that big paycheck. He knows if he gets caught then the next in line would face the cash cow GSP. But the way I see it, fans were getting sick of GSP and his boring tactics. Stand-up, be a champion and the fans will follow you. You can become the champion the people want. Or just wait for the cash.

  20. JLR says:

    Dont comment much but thought I could add some clairity. I have had three knee operations, I played football, I also practice BJJ. I was able to play football on my ACL injury 10 months after surgery….but I was not 100 percent…and it took a second clean up surgery after my senior year before I felt like my knee was stable again. I had another clean up operation on my knee a few years ago and it took almost as long as my ACL surgery repair before I could grapple again….just off of a scope. The griding flexing and twisting in grappling puts a very different stress on the joint than just running and cutting does. I would see nothing unusual about a grappler needing 12 months to recover. In fact…at forty…I can still go run and play football much easier than I can grapple for and drive and twist my knee under strain. My two cents.

  21. 568ys says:

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