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Monday, 11/18/2013, 08:49 am

Johny Hendricks: ‘I’m the real champ’

Following last Saturday’s disappointing decision loss to Georges St-Pierre, Johny Hendricks took to the post fight press conference to proclaim himself the ‘real welterweight champion.’


One Response to “Johny Hendricks: ‘I’m the real champ’”

  1. The natural says:

    Umm no, no ur not maybe if u would have won the last rnd I mean that’s kinda of shitty 4 u to say it’s not like Edgar fights were he comes back and wins the end of the fight and leaves a lasting impression wear if the fight would go on another 3 rnds Edgar would dominate and ur fight gsp made the comeback and showed at the end his gas tank was better and if it would have went on he would of out worked u but good job ur def second best in division and was hoping u would have finished gsp but u didn’t

  2. GRT 3000 says:

    sorry pube-face – not the champ.

  3. Glad says:

    I am glad Hendricks isn’t the champ, he was a whiny bitch before the fight and continues to be one after the fight, does that really sound like a champion? Take a leaf out of Gustafsson’s book and suck it up and come back stronger. Stop trying to claim you are the champion when you clearly don’t have the belt, maybe you shouldn’t have hit him with 100% rather than the 70 you said.

  4. Dave says:

    Hendricks is nothing more then a sore loser. Did you see Shogun crying he was the champ after his first fight with Machida? Do you see Gus saying he is the real
    Champ after his fight with Jones? Hendricks you will never be an MMA champ because you don’t have the right attitude! Once GSP steps aside the Natural Born Killer will
    Have is regin.

  5. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

    GSP is much bigger fighter naturally. Hendricks doesn’t use HGH and walk around ripped looking like Ivan DRago year round. Hendricks is only 5’9″ and has a 69″ reach where as GSP is 5’11” and walks around RIPPED at 195+ lbs. saying hendricks is bigger because he lest himself get heavy between fights is the most stupid thing i ever heard. Hendricks has wife and 3 kids where as GSP FREE as a bird. I can’t respect the FACT GSP has been on steroids hsi entire career and he decides to clean up for one fight and look all saggy and drawn out. GSP “GET CLEAN” for one fight before he runs for the hills back fired on him IMO because it made it more obvious eh has been using PED’s which al fighters have always accused him of and most fans

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