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Tuesday, 11/26/2013, 10:06 am

Johny Hendricks: I Will Finish GSP Next Time

Johny Hendricks, who came out with the short end of the stick in a controversial split decision loss to UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, is now past his loss, and is looking forward to his next fight.

As Hendricks told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, “I’m over it, I’m looking forward to the future. It’s all I can do at this point… Just move forward… I know I’m going to get him again if he doesn’t retire,” Hendricks said. “Next time, I am going to make sure it doesn’t go to judges. There is a couple of things I am going to take into my hands, literally, and I’m going to do things differently to finish GSP. I had him rocked in the second round and I am going to finish it next time.”

St. Pierre has been the victim of many rumors after he decided to take time away from the sport, including a rumor that he impregnated a woman, and that his father was near-death. Whether these rumors are true or not, Hendricks doesn’t have any sympathy for St. Pierre.

“All he has on his plate, realistically, is being a fighter. Everybody goes through life problems, that’s what life is all about. It’s balancing them trying to get better, trying do this or trying to do that. There were nights that I got two hours of sleep, four hours of sleep,” Hendricks said. “But, like I said, it is what it is, who cares? I don’t know, that’s just the way I look at it. Everybody’s got a hitch, how are you going to overcome that hitch? How do you balance those problems in your life?”


24 Responses to “Johny Hendricks: I Will Finish GSP Next Time”

  1. magoo says:

    I got a feeling Johnys the one that will get finished!

  2. Aloha says:

    ^ Agree with Mr. Magoo.

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    GSP will come back healthy & make this guy look like a fool.

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

      Even if GSP gets all JUICED back up and only fights in Canada Hendricks will stil take him out.

      Too bad GSP is running for the hills with his “GIFT” decision.

      How is it one fighter beats the hell out of the other fighter and does 99.9% of all damage but loses the fight.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      Hendricks lost to an unhealthy champ. & now he’s injured and out for months. GSP is chillin’ on a beach somewhere. I want to see that fight before he hangs em’ up, and I guarantee he’ll win again.

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    HELL YEAH HE WILL….then we’ll feed what’s left of GSP to Askren, so he can learn what REAL wrestling is……jk minions….Laugh, GSP has been the best WW of all time, but that day is done now. It’s the time of WRESTLERS who can box!!!

  5. allmightysandman says:

    sure you will johnny…sure you will.

    IMO, GSP learned that he can take johnny’s shots and hang in there. That fight came down to one round (rnd 1) and next time GSP will likely not lose any rounds and if he’s 100% he’ll dominate like he has against every “next big thing”…”wrestlers that can punch” like askren or Hendricks, or koscheck, have been the “magic bullet” to finish GSP’s reign for a looooong time. nuthin new.

    GSP will beat him again and will hopefully finish Hendricks instead.

  6. Dddddddddd says:

    That’s obvious. Johnny will destroy GSP again but him finishing GSP will be oh so sweet. It sucks that Johnny got ripped because it screwed me out of my prediction that American fighters would be holding damn near every belt.

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