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Tuesday, 07/23/2013, 10:04 am

Johny Hendricks: “Hopefully I can make GSP exciting. That’s my game plan”

“I’ve had just as much success in Canada as he has. Actually more because I’ve finished people in Canada. If I fought him in Canada, I don’t care where I fought him at. I’m happy it’s gonna be in Vegas but it didn’t matter where I fought him. I just want to fight him…. I just want to punch him, punch him in the freakin’ face and see how it goes from there…. Hopefully I can make GSP exciting. That’s my gameplan.”


17 Responses to “Johny Hendricks: “Hopefully I can make GSP exciting. That’s my game plan””

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Gotta love Hendricks confidence and I hope he can KO GSP(bring it back to the USA bitches), but I just don’t see him beating the master, GSP. GSP is a world class wrestler in the skills he has inside the cage, maybe the best in mma. Hendricks closes quick but his setups are simple to detect and therefore, easily defended from that left. I hear from reliable sources that he is working on his right to confuse GSP in the fight as he will be ready for the left. Hendricks better have more than he’s shown or it will be a GSP domination.
    On a side note, if GSP wins, I hope he reitres champ and passes the baton to Mcdonald, et al. He could then fight superfights against Silva, Belfort, Sonnen. etc. Or go to 85 and challenge Weidman for the strap. It’s the only way he can be the All time GOAT. Nobody really close to him that is currently fighting in this category. He has ruled in the BEST division there has ever been in the UFC. Nobody has faced this many great fighters as GSP has as of today.

    • 757 says:

      nobody cares what you have to say, go play in traffic

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:


      • 757 says:

        ^^^^^There it is again some fag using my name. What a pussy to scared to make comments and own them. Sorry Gargoyle that isn’t me it’s one of these other lame asses using my name. Such pussies.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Hey bro…I know you probably won’t come back this far. BUT, I knew all along it was the weasel and NOT you. You’re a stud and you would not do such a lame response. You are one of my favorite posters on here.

    • Omiwan316 says:

      Will have to agree with you Goyle, if Hendricks brings what he has so far it will be a GSP night unless he gets that unexpected hit like Matt Sera did years ago. I don’t really see Hendricks landing that left though, you can see it coming. He may have a better chance with his ground and pound but GSP’s take down defense is kick ass; it’s been really rough hearing ppl rag on GSP claiming he’s a boring fighter, I don’t feel he is – the level of competition that he’s had proves he takes on and beats the best, him not finishing is a testament to them and how good they were(plus who wants to be in a highlight reel).

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Anything can happen like the kick he took from Condit that he never saw, but barring that I just don’t see GSP losing. Hope I’m wrong though. I like both of these dudes, but gotta root for the USAian. GSP has definitely taken a more tactical approach to winning than his earlier career, but he has faced the best in the best division too. Good fight.

    • Dan Korber says:

      So how do his balls taste !!!

  2. jasonp61 says:

    all I know is if what gsp is doing is so easy then why aren’t more fighters doing it?

    Its up to his opponents to push him and put him in deep waters (Condit – third round etc) to make a fight “exciting” (in your opinion) but if gsp is just that much better than his opponent and doesn’t give them an inch how is that anything other than pure domination, imposing your will and gameplan.

    Some fighters live by the decision and die by the decision. GSP has never lost a decision, and if I was him I wouldn’t be too worried about going to one.

    all the shit the mans gotten over the years for the matt serra knockout do you really think he wants to be part of someones highlight reel?

  3. zzzzz says:

    GSP gameplan is no secret, yet nobody seems prepared enough to handle his “redum”….
    GSP is champ without a doubt….

  4. zzzzz says:

    Hendricks = rape victim

  5. Dddddddd says:

    I can’t wait for this fight. I believe whoever wants this one the most is gonna take it. To me it seems Johnny progresses in his wheelhouse and Goerge actually adds to his boxing quite well. I’m interested in seeing if Johnny can hit Goerges and if Goerges can take Johnny down.

  6. FastHands Fain says:

    GSP has the best training and gameplan in MMA.. He never changes his gameplan and always beats his opponents with his high level wrestling.. His opponents know its coming, train for it and still cant do anything to stop it.. But, the good thing about MMA is that a dude with power in his hands like Hendricks, that is also a high level wrestler, has a damn good chance of catching GSP like Serra did.. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.. Unlike Serra, Henricks is a high level wrestler that also has a great stand game up and take down defense.. This should be the most difficult matchup thus far for GSP.. I’m looking forward to it.. :) finally, the guy that actually deserves this fight is actually getting it.. Yes, fans like to see “grudge” matches, but people don’t stop to think about the guy that’s actually fought his way to the title shot and gets passed up.. Did anyone actually think Diaz would beat GSP?! No.. Not for a second.. Hendricks GSP should’ve happened a while ago.. I’m happy to see the “good guy” (Hendricks) get the shot finally..

  7. Steve says:

    GSP has defeated the best wrestlers in the last, gsp just has out standing wrestling, he has also fought opponents that have heavy hands and he wins. He will keep jabbing Hendricks, continue to mix things up SO well which he always does so good. Throw in a few counter takedowns, hold him down and control with a bit of ground n’ pound thrown in and if we are lucky a submission maybe. I am a pretty big fan of GSP he is such a good fighter IMO p4p best in the world and such a humble guy, really down to earth, best champion there is now..

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