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Friday, 09/06/2013, 12:36 pm

Johny Hendricks has reportedly not followed through on VADA testing

French Canadian outlet, TVA Sports, is reporting that UFC welterweight #1 contender Johny Hendricks (15-1 MMA, 10-1 UFC) has yet to fill out the proper paper work for the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA), prior to his scheduled main event bout with Georges St. Pierre (24-2 MMA, 18-2 UFC) at UFC 167 on November 16 in Las Vegas:

For now, the American has not filled out the paperwork that would give the green light to the anti-doping agency VADA to monitor drug levels by the fighters preparing for teh confrontation in Quebec this fall. Dr. Margaret Goodman, President of VADA, confirmed to TVA Sports on Wednesday that Hendricks has not taken steps to become a “member” of the organization. Meanwhile, St.Pierre is submitting as promised to doping tests. On Wednesday TVA Sports witnessed the champion submit to a check in the middle of a workout. GSP is paying for the testing out of pocket; the bill amounts to more than $20,000.

When asked initially if he would be willing to participate in VADA, Hendricks agreed, with good humor:

“Heck ya,” said Hendricks in an interview with UFC Central Radio on Sportsnet 590 The Fan in July. “The worst thing that they’re going to find is a little bit of protein in my diet. If eating wild hogs and organic deer meat and a little bit of glutamine is bad for the ol’ system, then I might fail.”

However, VADA requires an eight week window for testing, meaning “Bigg Rigg” has until around September 22 to fill out and submit the paper work.

GSP likely decided to enroll in VADA testing in order to exonerate himself from past accusations from fighters such as B.J. Penn and Nick Diaz, who both stated that they thought the longtime UFC welterweight champion was on PED’s.

Whether or not Hendricks will submit to VADA testing for his fight at UFC 167 remains to be seen.


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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Interesting; doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all. But very interesting.

    • Guss says:

      Only if you can apply the same logic and reasoning for GSP. 😉 If St.Pierre had not taken the VADA testing, would you have felt it didn’t mean anything at all, or do agree with the haters saying GSP is on the sauce?

      • UFC 84 Forever says:

        I never thought GSP was on the juice to begin with; he has a thick frame from working on the farm all his life. I believe that’s where Hendricks gets his back and therefore punching power. If GSP hadn’t done the VADA (considering it goes against his personality entirely) I might have had to question GSP. not on his frame or size but because it completely contrasts who he is as a person and athlete. I don’t believe GSP has ever been on PEDs but all haters seem to think so.

      • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANKS DANA says:

        Anyone can clean up for VADA testing. NOONE has the resources to skew or manipulate test results than GSP. I would be worried about GSP paying for my testing. God only knows he could afford the get anything he wanted to be put down on Hendricks results. Hendricks is the last fighter that needs or has used PED’s. Hendricks has been a freak athlete since he was 5 years old.

        All I can say is don’t trust anything Firas/Tristar has the power to manipulate. Then add in the sleaziest person in ALL MMA Greg “NO ACTION” Jackson the sports killer and god only knows what they are up to f’ ucking with Hendricks. Besides don’t ever trust a towel head

  2. jason says:

    $20,000!! Fuuck that, maybe if he gets the belt, he could get it for his next bout lol that’s a lot of money man.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    WTF Johnny!.. hurry up and submit the paper work already.

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Don’t know why I can’t reply to Dave but Dave check out his documentary with David Loiseau – he says himself with a picture of a lil’ GSP working with an axe I believe.

    We’re talking young young boy to be fair but it makes a difference; past generations also worked on a farm for many years which makes his genetics top notch. It’s a bit of a touchy name but I’ve heard people say “Look at that slave body” when referring to extremely ripped black people. The same idea applies there; natural selection allows the conditioning of the body for some people to be significantly easier while others have a much harder time.

  5. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Those stupid ass CANUCK sports writers know damn wekk GSP has been on sauce his entire career and Tristar had planned this for years for him to get clean once in his life for this testing. Besides Hendricks has until 22 of sept to file the paperwork. Come on people look at Hendricks and look at GSP who is the least tested fighter in all MMA. If Hendricks didn’t like to eat so much he would be fighting at 155 lbs. GSP has a FREAKISH 76″ reach which is same as Gusto. Most natural 170 lbers are lucky if they have a 70″ reach. GSP uses his reach advantage in most of his fights just like Jones does.

    Let’s not forget one of GSP best buddies in the entire world is the biggest ROID CHEAT in UFC history one Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

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