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Tuesday, 09/10/2013, 10:29 am

Johny Hendricks: ‘GSP threw me under the bus with shady VADA Testing’

“I don’t know GSP and for him to say ‘yeah, let’s go take the test over here and nowhere else that I suggested or that even the UFC suggested,’ that’s a little suspect to me. My career is held in his hands and here he has a foot in the door with the VADA group.”

“That’s like if you’re trying out for a job, and a guy says, hey, we’re both trying out for the same job, you both gotta sign up for a drug test. And he says ‘hey I’ve got a really good guy that you can drug test over here.’ Are you going to take that drug test over here with someone that he knows, or are you going to get someone you don’t know, so that way it’s on equal grounds?”

“I’m not willing to say ‘You know what GSP, you might be correct, they may not be shady, they might do it 100 percent correct. But you’re talking about, I beat GSP that’s millions of dollars. If I do this drug test, and they do do something to where I don’t get it, now it might cost me millions of dollars, I’m not willing to risk that for GSP just to sit here and push VADA.”

“My manager, his management group and the UFC and the Nevada commission, they got on the phone and they talked an hour or so. I wasn’t on the conference call. We said yeah, we’ll test for anything, but we don’t know how deep and we don’t still know if GSP is in with VADA.”

“Once we found out it was a little suspect, we said, let’s still do the drug testing, but let’s take it a step further. Let’s go to WADA, the world Olympic testing. The Nevada commission, they picked WADA, they had nothing but good things to say. … We wanted to do WADA. When the UFC said let’s do WADA, I was 100 percent ready for that.”

“Then all of a sudden a week later after the conference call, I didn’t know GSP was going to be doing a drug test, then it comes out that ‘Johny denied it. I said hey, you didn’t even tell me you were going to do VADA. The last I heard from my management and the UFC was WADA. Then GSP just went and did VADA on his own and threw me under the bus to clear his name.”

Johny Hendricks fires back at UFC welterweight champion GSP for ‘throwing him under the bus’ and claiming he didn’t commit to doing the VADA drug testing program in the lead up to their UFC 167 main event title clash.



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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Oh shut the hell up! I dislike VADA too but when people want to do it outside of the commission so far they’ve turned to VADA testing! People were shitting on the people who refused to take VADA testing before but now?!

  2. BX81 says:

    @ufc 84
    The whole discrepancy is that GSP has some connection to vada. So to nullify any chance of favoritism it was discussed between camps/ufc/ Nevada state athletic commission to use Wada, the Olympic testing and Hendricks agreed to it. Gsp’s camp how ever wanted to know if Wada was used what testing was to be done and when. This is according to Steve keiser of the Nevada state athletic commission. If you ask me the Olympic is the best of the best. You have Hendricks saying lets do it, then Gsp camp saying if we use Wada we want to know when what and where. Then he uses vada any way. Hendricks didn’t decline testing.

  3. So let them... says:

    use different labs. GSP use VADA and Hendricks use WADA. Why gotta be the same lab? I am in no way a GSP fan and certainly don’t know his connection (if there is one) with VADA. But to say VADA is crooked is wrong when no evidence has presented itself. I would like both fighters to use WADA to get rid of all perceived doubt, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. So let the two labs test each fighter. Done.

  4. maddkillah says:

    so first gsp is dirty, now he’s in with VADA? what if he does WADA? then y’all would say he’s in with WADA? come on..y’all started this by accusing somethimg you can’t afford to prove so deal with it..

    • krafty11 says:

      The NSAC even said GSP is being a bit shady.. Its not only Hendricks saying it.. Why does GSP need to know what WADA tests for?? Why did his lawyers need to know when and what WADA tests for?? If you arent taking anything illegal or doing anything wrong, why would you even care what substances they test for? You should have to worry.. But GSP is worried.. He hasnt tested positve before, but neither did Lance Armstrong..

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

      EVERYONE has always known GSP is dirty. GSP is on steroids that there will be no testing for over 10 years

      old news about GSP and his boy Nate “THE CHEAT”

  5. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" marquardt says:

    Anyone who thinks GSP is legit is either a Canadian or a UFC fanboy who believes NOONE is JUICED in UFC. NOONE other than say Overeem, Carwin, Marquardt, Sonnen, and maybe a few others have been under more suspicion for being DIRTY than GSP. NOONE has been tested less than GSP and he has been able to hide out in Canada most of the time and anyone can pass the B.S. state testing like in Nevada. Without blood testing its a waste of time to hand a fighter a cup and go into the stall. ANY fighter can put whoevers piss he wants in the cup. All the GSP nuthuggers saying stupid a’s shit like GSP has nevr tested positive means absolutely nothing . There is a 1000 ways to beat simple piss testing when NOONE watches you piss in the cup not to mention not one commission tests for what GSP has been on his entire career which is EPO’s, HGH, synthetic test, blood doping. Lance Armstrong beat the most stringent testing on the world where they tested BLOOD (IOC) back in the late 90’s and beat every test. GSP has the resources to beat any test out there. I would anything if there was a blood sample out there saved by a lab from back 5 years ago from GSP and it was tested now it would dirty for all the same things they found in Lance Armstrongs old blood samples. HGH, EPO’s which is the best PED’s in the world for MMA, EPO’s gives you that cardio that helped Armstrong win what 7-8 tour de france. GSP has never once EVER been tested for HGH or EPO’s and he probably never will as he is getting ready to get out because the testing is getting too good now that WADA is in the picture. Canadians commissions are the biggest joke there ever was. Allowing GSP to miss weight for a title fight only proves everyone’s suspicion that they would do anything to cover up GSP’s dirty a’s all these years. I mean its no different than Ben Johnson EVERYONE in Canada knew Ben was DIRTY but all they cared about was him winning. GSP won’t be the same fighter without EPO’s mark my words and if Hendricks beats him the rematch will bein Canada and then we will all see a 100% JUICED UP GSP with all the EPO’s HGH, and best PED’s money can buy.

    GSP is the closest athlete in world to what IVAN DRAGO was in the movie Rocky. GSP was created in a lab

    GSP is the 2013 version of Ivan Drago except GSP is “REAL” and not a fictional character. GSP would the be the closest athlete in the world to what the Movie tried to portray about an athlete who ahs every possible state of the art facility and testing and labs to create a “super athlete” with PED’s. GSP IMO is nothing more than a lab rat

  6. Nate (GSP's best buddy) ROID CHEATS says:

    I’m amazed that even one fan actually believes anything that comes out of GSP’s shady a’s’s camp. I mean lets be honest here NOONE is more shady that Firasi habababiabaibaiabaib. Then you throw in Greg Jackson who is the biggest sleazebag to ever set foot on gods green earth. All these sleazebags are trying to do is screw with Hendricks mind so he will be off his game and be emotional and fight stupid. They know Hendricks has the skills to knock GSP’s a’s out and they are going to pull every possible sleazebag thing they can. My guess is GSP will drop out of the fight about a week out and ROIDY will step in as planned and then we will find out later that ROIDY has been training the entire time to fight Hendricks. Hendricks on the other hand will have prepared for GSP and be at a huge disadvantage

    How could anyone trust a champ that missed weight and had it covered up?

  7. Jimmy Lumpkin says:

    This is a crock of shit. Any one falling for this from Hendricks is basically a sucker. VADA was good enough for BJ and now suddenly is a corrupt operation? GTFO.

    The whole bullshit about the manager/lawyer asking question is fucking retarded. Guess what? It’s that persons job as an agent for GSP to ask questions. When that person goes back and informs GSP of the proceedings and GSP asks, “What does it involve?” because they have done their fucking job they can now inform GSP of the process instead of being like a fucking moron and saying, “Gee I don’t know GSP I didn’t ask cause I’m dumb as fuck derrrr”.

    Asking questions doesn’t mean shit just like Hendricks now acting like a retard doesn’t mean shit. It’s funny how quickly people are to jump all over a fighter when the slightest shred of evidence (in their own mind) comes up just so they can confirm their own bias.

  8. krafty11 says:

    Why does GSP need to know about testing times and the specific substances the tests look for? Like Hendricks said, if you are clean, then you have nothing to worry about..

  9. Ddddddddd says:

    They had to make it interesting some how. What’s real?

  10. Greg says:

    WADA does not test and only certifies labs where as VADA uses WADA accredited labs. So far that’s what I see on the internet so correct me if I’m wrong. Not sure what the issue is here of using VADA even if GSP has a relation with them. BJ Penn and Roy Nelson are big supporters of them as well.

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