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Thursday, 01/16/2014, 05:30 pm

Johny Hendricks: A Hyrbid of Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture?

“I looked up to Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. Two wrestlers who made it work for them. They were two completely different fighters. One was a stand-up guy, one was a control-type fighter. What I learned, if you can mesh the two, you can be an amazing fighter. Control, but have the Chuck Liddell mantra to knock them out.”

In a recent interview with Dallas News, John Hendricks said he’s a hybrid of former Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddel and three-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture. Do you agree?


6 Responses to “Johny Hendricks: A Hyrbid of Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture?”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Big Rig Hybrid….I like it, hybrid of 2 multiple UFC champions, That’s about right…Lawler is good, but Hybrid Hendricks should hold the belt that he already won! I can’t wait for him to beat up kickboxers for years to come, it’s always a great day when that happens, especially if they hail from the Holland…..

    • realfighterfan says:

      Hendricks always comes to fight and i have been following him since his wrestling days. Amazes me how many clowns (GSP fans) that are haters toward Hendricks simply because he beat up GSP and and the was robbed and voiced his opinion about it. Sad day in MMA when GSP REFUSED to give Hendricks a mandatory rematch and then the UFC allowed GSP to save face and give up the belt before they had to strip it from him. Hendricks put a beating on GSP and sent him into retirement (GSP RAN FOR THE HILLS)


      • realfiighterfan says:

        I have great cut/paste skills , hope you are all impressed. All you need to do is hold down the ctrl C key to copy then paste . I use this technique a lot and must admit I usually cut/paste from other forums I have read.
        Deep down inside , I actually love GSP , I am just trying to figure who I love more GSP or John Fitch ? Hendricks is definitely on my bore list of fighters and will never be top 5.

    • realfighterfan says:

      GSP has been boring fans to death since get got Ko’d by Serra so it won’t take fans long to miss him to watch a REAL fighter like Hendricks

      • realfiighterfan says:

        Forgot to mention that I didn’t mean to say GSP was boring myself , I personally love his style and skills. Hendricks IMO only has one set of skills and won’t get past Lawler and pretty much is history after his next boring fight.

  2. disqus_63gIGAaIhA says:

    I like Hendrix, but im with Lawler for this one, been watching him fight forever, if he gets that strap god damn id be happy for him.

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