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Tuesday, 01/28/2014, 11:00 am

Johnson Says Guillard More Dangerous Than Khabib

As a replacement for Ross Pearson, UFC lightweight fighter, Michael Johnson will look to continue his rise through the UFC ranks with a UFC Fight Night 37 booking against Melvin Guillard.

Johnson was hoping for a top-10 opponent the likes of, Khabib Nurmagomedov, but will settle in for his former Blackzilian teammate, Guillard, instead.

Guillard, a known knockout artist, is a more dangerous opponent than Khabib, according to Johnson’s latest interview with

“Melvin’s still dangerous, he’s still one of the best guys in the division. He’s been around for a while, and it’s just another fight that interests me. To tell you the truth, this is a more of a tricky and more of a dangerous fight than Khabib. Khabib doesn’t have knockout power, and Melvin does.”

“I would think he wants it a little more, he’s a little more hungry. He’s trying to get back to where he was not too long ago, and now he’s got to go through me to get to that.”



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  1. Will says:

    Look at the fight Melvin had with Cerrone he tagged him bad and then got comfortable then he got stopped by a headkick. So yea that explosive power is good but get cocky with it you end up makingmmistakes. Khabib is dangerous with his takedowns and conditioning

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