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Tuesday, 06/05/2012, 07:45 am

John Albert Talks Kim Winslow Referee Controversy | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Bantamweight John Albert discusses the controversial stoppage of his fight by Kim Winslow at The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale.

Albert was in an armbar and seemed to be manoeuvring his way out of the position when Kim Winslow jumped in and stopped the fight.

Albert states he did not tap and his arm was not in danger of breaking.

Here is what he told

“I didn’t verbally say, “I quit,” “stop” or “I tap.” Those are the only things you can say to end a match. Just because you grunt, are you gonna stop a guy in the middle of a fight because he grunts for a takedown? I don’t know how else to explain it. I grunted because I was trying to get out of the position.”

“There were two more inches to bend before my stuff started hurting. There was absolutely nothing wrong during that position.”

“My arm didn’t hurt after that position. It’s just a sad story, unlucky call.”

In relation to the stoppage.

“I understand that your body might be taking over, but I don’t know. In my opinion, you should never stop a fight unless someone says, “I stop” where the fighter is cognitively choosing to stop. Just because I go “Ungh!” that’s not me thinking I want to stop.”

He also states that the lack of MMA or grappling experience by the referee may have been a factor in the decision to stop the fight.

“If you’re training and understand the sport, she could have seen that I was working to get out of the position. I wasn’t going the wrong way so that’s where the controversy comes in where we need people that understand the sport, not just taking a 30 minute class and becoming a ref.”

On Dana White giving him his win bonus.

“It helps a great deal, at least mentally. This is my livelihood. The win bonus really helps you out when you start in the UFC.”

When asked if Kim Winslow offered any apologies to him or his corner after the fight.

“No, none at all. There was nothing at all. All I know was the story of I grunted trying to get out of the armbar, she stopped it, I kept yelling “I didn’t tap, I didn’t tap!” and she said, “You verbally tapped,” and I yelled, “No I didn’t, no I didn’t!” and Dennis Hallman, being the good coach that he is, went in and started yelling at her and after the fight brought her down to the commission and said, “Explain to me what happened? He didn’t tap” and she goes, “Well he didn’t verbally tap. I was afraid for his arm.” Those were her exact words in front of the commission. It’s however they want to take it.”

Albert plans to contest the decision.

“I’m gonna contest it because I don’t want that loss on my record because it shouldn’t be there. It just shouldn’t. I feel bad for Perez because he earned that chance to get his W now they’re gonna take away his W. He didn’t technically win. It robs both of us of what the outcome would eventually be. I don’t know, he could have beat me in the second or third round. We were only 45 seconds away from the end of the first round. You never know what could happen or I could have beaten him. It sucks for both parties. I think the best thing to do is try to get a rematch. The thing with a rematch is it won’t be the exact same fight. Maybe he’s the better fighter or I’m the better fighter. It’s a really shitty situation.”


47 Responses to “John Albert Talks Kim Winslow Referee Controversy | UFC News”

  1. Inconvenient_truth says:

    Example why a woman should not referee….she’s terrible

    • Rick says:

      Every time I see her in the Octagon, I expect her to screw up. Not because she is a woman, but because she is a bad ref.

      • CanILive says:

        i expect both fighters to stop, and start beating her

        • Numba1Ghani says:

          she looks like Jack Skellington she’s almost as horrifying as the old tribe woman from the King Kong remake and on top of that she literally has no outside experience of any concept of this sport she literally just took a fuckin class to get the job get her creature ass the fuck up outa here bring in fools like Almeida

        • Carlos says:

          funny that almeida did a bad judging call on koscheck vs hendricks when all the judges gave it to hendricks except almeida. now why would that be?

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      What was the chick doing out of the kitchen in the first place….

  2. Wrestler66 says:

    The part where she says
    “I was afraid for his arm”
    kinda sums up that she’s maybe too emotional to referee also THATS NOT YOUR CALL BITCH …… On the other side of things she let King Mo beat the shit out of Larkin for a bit too long !

  3. Jigga says:

    4 realz she is the fuckin worst

  4. Bigtittiesandthekids says:

    All the refs screw up, let’s not put a spotlight on the female just because she made a bad judgement call. Yamasaki screwed erick silva back in brazil. When rumble fought belfort Dan mirgliotta stood them up very premature after rumble got the take down, and if you were lucky enough to watch mayhems last “fight” cb dolloway practically took a nap on mayhem. These officials as a whole group need to improve and us fans need to demand it if your willing to drop $55 every pay per view.

    • CanILive says:

      noooo this woman has been making terrible calls left and right!!

      • Not You says:

        Yeah, Yamasaki is horrible. Fighter safety is the number 1 concern. So, unfortunately for John “BooHoo” Albert, Windlow can make that choice. Just like Yamasaki did in one of Rousy’s fights.

    • Xaninho says:

      I thought Mirigliotta did great that fight. All refs should take notes. Most of them let the Lay n Pray go on way too long. 30 secs of inactivity should be enough to stand them back up.

      This Winslow woman has messed up before, she is just not good enough for the job. She clearly has little fighting experience herself.

      Referee’s should be experienced fighters themselves. Maybe getting more retired fighters to become referee’s is a good idea?

      Just think: Buffer announcing: “And your referee for this bout is Chuck ‘the Iceman’ Liddell”

      • WrestlingRules says:

        It’s a good idea in theory, but fighters would make terrible referees. Their mentality just does not lend itself to observance. Fighters are way too aggressive for a refs role. Ref’s though should be requirement to train some and at least observe training.

        • Xaninho says:

          I think an ex-fighter has more knowledge and experience to see when a fighter is in trouble. Yes I agree fighters are aggressive, and yes they don’t want to quit or tap. But it’s different once you’re not fighting yourself.

          I am aggressive inside the ring, but when I’m coaching I’m much calmer and more observant, the usual aggressiveness doesn’t play a role when I’m coaching at all.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You have good points here but I would argue that perhaps you are not a full time fighter first but rather a coach first and then a fighter second…would I be Wrong?? Assuming I am right, I would debate that you are probably better at not having a fighters mentality in the ring and more of a coaches mentality because you do this primarily while you are coaching. Would you say that a fulltime fighter would have a harder time being disengaged and a referee than someone like you. I would argue that someone like you who trains and fights but primarily is a coach would make a better referee than a fulltime professional fighter, No??

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Wrestling rules…. Nobody understands fighting ….. Like a fighter……period… think otherwise… Tells me alot about u….. Tells me your afraid of pitbulls…. Tells me you can scrap like … Anybody… With 911 on speed dial…. Tells me alls u can do in a fight is observe…. Most likely someone else whoopin ur ass…. Ahaha

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Listen Up dipshit..I NEVER said fighters Don’t understand fighting. WHAT I said was fighters would not make good referees because they are too aggressive and perhaps don’t have the patience to do it. If they did we would have ALOT OF FUCKING FIGHTERS as ref’s and WE DON’T. So what this tells me about you is your a piece of shit who knows nothing

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Lmao.. See what I mean.. Ladies…. Spineless jelly fish- minus the sting… Spoken like a true observer…. People like u who have no warriors code… Or soul… Are clueless … People like you are why we have so many bad calls… From the ref… From the judges…. Your all fuqn clueless…..talkers .. See the world thru the eyes of a bitch..lmfao

        • WrestlingRules says:

          So what’s your point Mr. Mike?? All you have is ad hominens? You got proof? Where are the ex-fighters as refs at? Why the hell aren’t you a ref? Are you an ex-fighter?? What we do know here is that a piece of scum like you who uses nothing but ad hominens to make a point is a soulless bitch that you are.

        • Mike cannon jr says:


        • WrestlingRules says:

          Another ad hominen……go figure….

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Perhaps… U don’t know your ass from a hole n the ground… Shit from .. Shinola… Lady…shouldn’t u be n the kitchen…

        • WrestlingRules says:

          more of the same… about answering my questions Mr. Ex-fighter referee. all u got in that soul of yours is insults? do you have a heart in there or our you an empty shell?

        • Anthony says:

          Ex-Fighters or trained fighters that referee:

          Big John McCarthy, Josh Rosenthal (BJJ), Herb Dean, Mario Yamasaki (Judo and BJJ),…

        • WrestlingRules says:

          What top level fighting have they done? These guys play martial arts. and they are probably the best. Right??

        • Wrestling brings men closer says:

          How many Olympic boxers went on to become refs…. after a long career in the gauntlet?….. And when some one brings up a few… You ask what hi level fighting …. You are a fool… double talk with your forked tongue…. You’ve proved your estrogen cycle is in third gear.. Queer

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Do you wax your eyebrows??? I have discovered eyebrow waxers usually are a bit annoyed by me….Oh and homosexuals as well.

        • JiuJitsuRules says:

          ladies don’t get off topic the point is the women must stay in the kitchen at all times unless they are buying groceries they will always be in the kitchen.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          No WrestlingRules, then boxing, then kickboxing, then all the other striking arts and then Jitz. But I could be wrong too…

  5. MrGrooveSSC says:

    I think she’s bad. Yes, Yamasaki did make a bad decision on the Silva fight but refs are going to make some bad calls in someone’s eyes. It could be a bad stoppage but in reality might have been the right stoppage from their view point. I do agree that refs should have some sort of MMA training to understand positions and know that the fighters are not in danger if they are put in that position to make the decision to stop the fight or not.

  6. Wrestler66 says:

    I think Rozenthal is a solid ref Herb is decent too

  7. Nick says:

    She’s worse than Mazzagatti.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      I’ve seen too much 3rd man in the ring action… Over the years… Just shy of 19 years of em… Ever since ufc1… Been on board since day one…. A fight isn’t over .. Till it’s over… I hate bells… And the third man…. I think only fIghters… Are the expert enuff to judge… And be the 3rd man.. In the ring….period…. Only a warrior … Who understood honor … Could possibly understand… What I’m talking about….. The facts are.. Observers .. Are not participants…believe me… Theirs a whole worlds worth of diff.. Between really knowing what’s going on.. First hand…. And observing .. What you could never do… Speculators are just that.. And nothing more… Driving by an accident .. And slowing down to look… Isn’t the same as being in the ditch…. Idiots

      • Mike cannon jr says:

        Theirs alot more… Going on… Than what meets the eye…. Announcers are suck…. Unless they know.. What a fist and foot taste like…. Otherwise… They let their mouths run away with their asses… And we get this shit….. It ain’t fuqn rocket science…..Learning about fighting is not the same as eating those punches.. Wake the fuq up … Observe …

  8. vivapoo says:

    Don’t even go there…there are many women who are perfectly capable of doing that job. Maybe he did tap verbally…if she had not stopped the fight and his arm would have been injured or broken then she would have been blamed. The fighter was in distress and she made the call before any permanent damage was done…that is her job! Keeping the fighters relatively safe so that they may continue to fight in the future. By the way…I’ve seen male refs make worse calls so what now??? Stop hating…

    • Shh Calm Down says:

      Its not because she is a woman. its because she is a bad ref she makes terrible calls in all of her fights in multiple organizations. she is the worst ref in the sport by a long long long shot

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Shut up bitch…. Go make me a fuqn sammich

    • Anthony says:

      Did anyone blame the referee when Nog’s arm was broken? Or when Silvia’s arm was broken?

      I only remember Silvia complaining about the fight being stopped when his arm was snapped.

    • Xaninho says:

      Women are too emotional to be referee’s. There was no ground to jump in there and stop the fight.

      Let’s just accept the simple fact that men and women are different. It has nothing to do with discrimination, it’s a fact that women react differently in certain situations than men.

      Men and women are not equal.

  9. vivapoo says:

    Some fighters are idiots and would rather die that tap…that’s a great quality to a certain point. A great fighter is not afraid to admit defeat…and will learn from it. Who wants a one fight fighter?? What good is that to the sport of. MMA? You people better recognize. Better to live to fight another day, than never again…foos…

  10. Brend0magic says:

    Mazzagatti and her are the worst. My fav’s are Dean and Rosenthal.

  11. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Bring in Earl Hefner to replace her.

  12. titanjz81 says:

    I think both the refs and the judges need to stop srewing up matches. It’s not a bad idea to have both groups be ex fighters. My fav is “smoking” Herb Dean, a once aspiring fighter.

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