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Joe Warren on Bellator’s “Fight Master”: “Some of These Guys Will be Household Names in the Future”


| Last Wednesday marked the premier showing of Bellator’s new MMA reality series, “Fight Master”. The debut impressed many fans and received a nice  reception from the critics and fight fans. The show, which pits 32 welterweight fighters against each other in a tournament, offers each winner of the opening round a chance to choose to train with 1 of 4 legendary coaches; Greg Jackson, Randy Couture, Joe Warren, or Frank Shamrock.

The opening show featured first round bouts that displayed great talent throughout. The potential for this show definitely shinned bright following the premier episode last week. The show airs every Wednesday night on SPIKE TV.

Joe Warren, who is a former Bellator tournament winner, MMA champion, and now a coach on the show, recently spoke with MMAJunkie Radio about the potential that the TV series holds and how it will affect the future of the sport. He believes that it is not only going to open the doors for future fighters and athletes but he feels that it is going to open the eyes of all the fans and spectators to what the sport is really all about. Warren explained, “I believe it’s the most educational fight show there is.”

Following the first episode Warren was also highly impressed with the talent level of the fighters. “They all had a lot of heart and gave everything they had,” he said. “It was an honor to be coaching some of these guys. Some of these guys will be household names in the future.”

Although Warren wasn’t the most popular name among the available coaches he still feels that he’s gathered enough talent on his team to compete and hopefully produce a tournament champion. Warren, who knows the ins-and-outs of the Bellator tournament system, understands that it’s anyone’s game at this point. “You never know what you’re going to have until you put two men in a cage,” Warren said.

Bellator’s “Fight Master” airs on SPIKE TV every Wednesday night. Check you local listings for times and stay posted to for all the tournament news and updates. 

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  1. GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:


    Nothing but a 38 year old man trapped in a little kids body and about a 12 year olds brain

  2. Where's my TRT says:

    Joe Warren reminds me of John Gruden in a way kinda looks like him too. Talking about over hand rights and takedowns.

    Then blasting Randy C and Frank S saying they have been champion before but not a Bellator champion…well both of them retired before Bellator even started

    On a sidenote Frank Shamrock plays a crazy game up there trying to toss crap fighters to greg jackson but at the same time paying respect to Jacksons skills

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