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Saturday, 09/07/2013, 11:42 am

Joe Rogan: ‘We have a problem’ with the judging in MMA

“Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges’, proclaimed UFC President Dana White on multiple occasions.

But why? Why would the face and president of MMA’s most successful franchise always remind his fighters to keep their fight out of the hands of the three ringside officials?

It’s because they are terrible at their jobs and often get the scoring wrong due to an inability to comprehend the nuances of the fight in the grappling range.

This causes many controversial decisions on a scoring system adopted from another sport made by judges who have also been adopted from that same sport.

In a recent interview with, Joe Rogan touched on the topic of poor judging in MMA.

“I think that in order to be a judge in mixed martial arts at the highest level, I feel like you have to have some deep background in martial arts. You have to have been hit in the face. You have to have been strangled. You have to have been arm barred. You have to know what it feels like. You have to know what is a danger and what’s not. There are certain scenarios a person can get put into where they’re not in danger, but to a person who is uneducated in martial arts it might look like they are, and that can f— up scoring.

We have a problem, and that problem is pretty deep. First of all, judging is on a ten point must system, which is completely stolen from boxing. The system that we have in place right now is ridiculous. Doc Hamilton had a really interesting fix to that system, which was a half point system, which I like better. I think Doc is a very wise man, and he’s also a long time martial artist. He’s been involved in martial arts since I was a baby, probably even before then. I respect guys like that who have been around for a long time. He has an educated take on the current situation that I think should be respected. I think the scoring system needs to be revised, and the way we decide to score things needs to be better defined.”


21 Responses to “Joe Rogan: ‘We have a problem’ with the judging in MMA”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I still don’t get how it’s still possible that there are three judges cageside and one can see the scoring the complete opposite way from the other two. I mean how? How can a supposedly educated man or woman see a fight completely wrong and still gets asked to judge fights the next time? Shouldn’t there be some sort of quality monitoring system in place so moronic incompetent judges don’t get appointed to judge fights anymore?
    If you’re unfit to be a judge then get your useless ass out searching for another job and quit ruining fighters careers and the fighting events fans have paid good money for.

  2. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Judging obviously sucks but whats even worse is listening to Rogan and Goldie tell the world Sonnen was an Olympic wrestler or that Jon Fitch is a world class wrestler or how Jake Sheilds is best grappler in world. The crap all out bullsh’it lies that come out of Rogan’s and Goldie’s mouths during UFC’s has gotten so fricken old its better to just turn down the damn t.v.

    NOT ONCE has Rogan and Goldie ever mentioned how bad Sonnen cheated with massive levels of testosterone in the first Silva fight but instead everytime Sonnen fights they talk nonstop how Sonnen beat up Silva like it was the biggest thing that ever happened in all MMA. Sonnen should have been banned from the sport for cheating in a title fight or at least they should have stripped him of his LEGAL JUICER exemption that he completely 100% ignored and instead shot up massive amounts of JUICE in his a’ss

  3. Guss says:

    You don’t get a plumber to fix your car. He may have some knowledge, but he’s not a mechanic. No different than boxing judges being used to score MMA bouts.

  4. mike says:

    No rounds, no judges, fight till a finish.

  5. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    MMA rules need to make Lay n pray ie: Fitcing illegal, WALL n STALL, ;point fighting, backpeddling/running away, if you turn your back like Condit did in Diaz fight should be a DQ like in boxing. Octagon needs to be smaller for lighter weight classes. need to bring back yellow cards

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