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Monday, 02/03/2014, 08:01 am

Joe Rogan and his use of the “R-Word”

The main event of UFC 169 had its fair share of controversy, particularly with what many believed to be an early stoppage by Herb Dean. However, the oddness did not end there. During the post-fight interview with Urjiah Faber, long-time commentator Joe Rogan suggested that Chad Mendes could have the next shot at the Bantamweight title. When Faber pointed out that Mendes was in a different weight class, Joe Rogan responded with “Oh that’s right, I’m retarded.”

Rogan’s choice of words have sparked a tiny amount of controversy. But is it really that big of a deal? Using the word “retarded” in the way he did was obviously not the ideal thing to say. He’s a professional commentator for a billion-dollar sporting organization that was broadcasting on national television. It’s very possible that his words reached a few people that were offended, and Rogan made himself look silly. There were any number of things that he could have said that didn’t potentially insult or offend others.

That being said, it was a clear case of Rogan simply saying something without thinking, and it was highly doubtful that there was any kind of malicious or insulting intent towards people with mental disabilities. Rogan has called thousands of UFC fights, and has done fairly raunchy stand-up comedy for well over twenty years. The fact that he has only slipped up a few times is actually pretty impressive. This instance wasn’t even the worst mistake he’s made during a broadcast. Back at the prelims on UFC 146, which were televised on FX, Rogan exclaimed that Diego Brandao was “getting F****ed up.”

Rogan should not have said “retarded” in the way that he did, and that should go without saying. But this is not an issue that people should really even see as notable; this was a silly slip-up, and everyone makes them. Rogan just happened to make his on national television, where everything is hyper-scrutinized.



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  1. Joe Daddy says:

    During the Diego Bradao fight he said “thumped on”, not “fucked up.”

    • seminalcacti says:

      they should just say fucked up… it’s a fight.. it’s adult content so adult language is appropriate. if you’re watching a fight and get offended by adult language, go fuck yourself. that wasn’t directed at you Joe Daddy.

  2. pete says:

    its no big deal, meaning, dont waste time writing a dumb story on it.

  3. Robert Aldrich says:

    who cares!!!! This is all retarded. Sensitive dumb asses. It was in reference to himself not the mentally challenged. Man, this shows the direction our society is headed. Can’t say or do anything anymore.

  4. ChampDaily says:

    Joe Rogan IS retarded. Glad he can admit it,

  5. Derpedy Derp says:

    I like the part where you say it’s sparked a tiny amount of controversy, then ask if it’s a big deal.. yet you’re writing about something that isn’t a big deal. Also, it wasn’t on national tv. Derp.

  6. Andrew Brown says:

    The only person bring this up is the retarded author of this post !

  7. RynO says:

    Ok look if your offendedyby the word retard in the time and world we live in where violence beyond ufc is viewed daily on cnn and any other news source then fuck it. Your dumbass needs to shoot ypurself in the face. Why fuck you thats why. There are more offensive things going on other than this. Joe Rogan is an awesome commentator. He more than likely was a lil stoned and confused.

  8. kimmers43 says:

    who gives a crap??? retarded means “slow” or “backwards”. since when is it the “r-word”…stupid and RETARDED

  9. Billtron says:

    Yeah I read that and told myself no more UFC because Joe offended me with his comment.

    Yeah right. Gethefuckouttahere with this s***.


  10. G-dog says:

    Herb Dean can make a mistake, so can Joe. Rogan is one of THE most sensitive broadcasters out there – in his podcast they joke and melee, but he always make sure to point out when he messes up and rights the wrong. Bad choice of words, ok, heat of the moment, I would be very surprised if he makes the same mistake twice. As for the Brandao comment, he was right on – Dustin Poirier f*d him up!!

  11. Gojira says:

    I grimaced as soon as he said it, and i’m sure he’d take it back if he could. For anyone who thinks throwing that word around loosely is okay, I suggest looking at yourself and at how fortunate you are to not be disabled. Truth is, the word is now becoming much more associative with the people who use it, then the people who the term was initially created for.

  12. vatoDETH says:

    You can tell Rogan caught himself when he was saying it. His voice tapered off, going quieter and mumbling at the end of it.

    Goldberg and Rogan made a lot of mistakes that night! They were both really off!

  13. Dustin Hehmann says:

    I’ve done this exact thing (calling myself retarded for a dumb mistake) while working for a sandwich shop, the manager acted offended and I was oblivious, it was normal to me.
    I’ve also done this with the phrase “getting Jew’d” when I was younger.
    Another one is “getting raped” in some context of competition, being dominated, ect.

    I understand both sides, it is ignorant to use foul and/or offensive language like this, and sometimes we develop these habits early without much thought or concern for what we’re saying.

    On the flip side I think people need to use common sense at all times and if there is clearly no malacious intent there shouldn’t be an issue, or people over reacting as if they’re offended. We need to stop letting words be magical where they can control our emotions, thoughts, actions, ect.

    Prime example is the “c” word for women, this is notorious for giving any women the right to go bat sh*t crazy in 1 second flat. The “n” word probably being a fairly close second. People are rarely as offended as they pretend to be, and more often just wanted an excuse or rather jumped at the chance to be offended, and engage in a dispute. And even if we are truly offended, again, I believe it goes back to common sense, if they didn’t mean harm, you shouldn’t be mad at them, and in general, even if they did intend harm, its a word, choose not to let it dictate your state, emotionally, mentally, or physically, be the “bigger man”.

  14. seminalcacti says:


  15. Doc says:

    My son is retarded. I am not offended in the least by that word, or anybody’s use of it. I say it all the fucking time. People need to get over this stupid bullshit sensitivity. America continues to pussify itself with these dirt bags who cry over a words.

  16. seminalcacti says:

    the writer of this article is the type of bitches holding society back. The Al Sharpton of the retards.

  17. Kenzo says:

    Whoever wrote this article slipped up twice when they had plenty of time to think and proofread and check the facts. Joe Rogan did not interview Uriah Faber on “National Television”. It was a PPV broadcast.

  18. onlyrealmen says:

    Watching people get bloody battered. .arms and face bashed in..that don’t offend you ?? But the word retard does?? You are completely ass backward..and should start watching figure ain’t no business kicking with the big boys..Mr Rogan proceed.

  19. Robert-Lee Limbaga Manzano says:

    From what I heard the term for those who are mentally handicapped is developmentally disabled. When the movie Tropic Thunder came out there were folks who protested the movie because of the use of the word. Does Joe Rogan have a disdain for those who are disabled? I don’t think so.

  20. MMA_huligan says:

    Does no one remember the retard strength rant he did? Joe Rogan is the man

  21. dumbass non-story bullshit says:

    these stupid ass articles are really getting old, every damn thing someone says doesent have to be a newspaper headline, who gives a shit what rogan or anyone else on the roster says

  22. cesar saenz says:

    this is the dumbest shit ive ever seen. who cares

  23. Ipo Kahulamu says:

    I don’t think its a big deal. I know this skinny guy that calls himself skinny and this blond girl that calls herself blondie.

    Self realization is ok.

  24. King Zombie says:

    soon as he said it i knew the vultures would circle…..this country is full of P words! that’s Pussy for all you sensitive types.

  25. c3ns0rd says:

    The author here is very dumb. (retarded)

  26. Chris says:

    If you’re offended by a word that wasn’t used in an offensive or insulting manor towards another person then you really have issues.

    Let parents spank kids, let schools bring back caning. Seriously, the latest generations are whimpering, moaning pussies since they stopped getting a good beating.

  27. homebrand says:

    Rogan got it wrong-he’s a fucktard, not a retard

  28. Rowan Christie says:

    the only people offended by this are the frigging liberals, get over it and look up the defination of the word retarded!!

  29. Bruce Boyington says:

    Its no big deal and no, im not inconsiderate of others, specially the mentally challenged and I assure you, neither is Joe Rogan. Im certain he is compassionate towards them…his comment had nothing to do with them and it was a figure of speech. People need something else to do, they have nothing so they stoop so low for anything to write and complain about. Joe Rogan is a staple in UFC and a huge part of its wouldnt be the same w/out him. People shut up!!

  30. anyone22 says:

    Its no big deal and no, im not inconsiderate of others, specially the mentally challenged and I assure you, neither is Joe Rogan. Im certain he is compassionate towards them…his comment had nothing to do with them and it was a figure of speech. People need something else to do, they have nothing so they stoop so low for anything to write and complain about. Joe Rogan is a staple in UFC and a huge part of its wouldnt be the same w/out him. People shut up!!

  31. Nick Wälde says:

    How retarded do you have to be, to get offended by this? Better let them use those “strong” words to express their feelings. Otherwise it will end like the german commentating where you get fired if you even scream after a goal, or something simular

  32. TheNeen says:

    we cant imply retards are stupid, and we cant imply retards are retards? lol why do i follow this site? Such satire!

  33. Solid says:

    People really dont have anything better to do but to make a big deal out of nothing. Retards….

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