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Monday, 08/20/2012, 01:48 pm

Joe Lauzon vs. Gray Maynard set for UFC 155 | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

UFC officials announced today that a lightweight bout between Joe Lauzon (22-7 MMA, 9-4 UFC) and Gray Maynard (11-1-1 MMA, 9-1-1 UFC) has been targeted for UFC 155. The event has not been made official by the UFC but it is expected that UFC 155 will take place December 29th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lauzon earned “Fight of the Night” and “Submission of the Night” bonuses for his UFC on FOX 4 win over Jamie Varner earlier this month. Joe has now won three of his past four fights, with all three wins coming by submission. Prior to the Varner bout, Lauzon had scored victories over Melvin Guillard and Curt Warburton. Lauzon is now the sole leader in terms of “fight night” bonuses with 11 total to his credit.

Gray Maynard is looking to build off a June victory over Clay Guida. The former #1 contender, Maynard, has challenged for the UFC’s lightweight title twice, both times coming up short to former champ Frankie Edgar. The American Kickboxing Academy fighter holds notable wins over Kenny Florian, Nate Diaz and Jim Miller, in the past couple of years.

The latest bouts slated for UFC 155 include:

  • Champ Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez – (Heavyweight title fight)
  • Forrest Griffin vs. Chael Sonnen
  • Joe Lauzon vs. Gray Maynard


29 Responses to “Joe Lauzon vs. Gray Maynard set for UFC 155 | UFC News”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever ) says:

    Fitch by KO

  2. deathsquad says:

    This is gunna be a sick fight!

  3. Josh says:

    this card looks sick already!

  4. Me says:

    My hopes were set so high for Maynard/ Guida and I was disappointed… I’m 100% this fight will be a great fight the last 2 cards off the year are looking great, Can’t wait!

    Also Get Rid Of Fitch I thought you can’t post anymore lol

    • bjpenndotcom says:

      he’s out on good behavior.

      • EP says:

        @BJPENNDOTCOM … anyone who trashes the LEGEND … THE PRODIGY BJ PENN on his own site should be banned for life. just my opinion. If these piker wannabe newbee mma fans want to trasha legend, a future hall of famer and one of the greatest fighters to walk this planet…. they can do it elsewhere. TEAM PENN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for Rory to catch the worst beating of his entire life on Dec 8th. kid is going to destroyed so badly its almost sad to think about, BJ is going to basically murder this kid inside the octagon. Mark MY Words.

        • brandon says:

          rory will beat bj down just like gsp did,maybe worse, only this time he will probably quit in the 3rd instead of the 4th rnd. he should have stayed in that fight and took his beating like a man after all of his trash talk. bj is way overated by the fans on this sight, but that wont matter much longer because rory will beat him into permanent retirement

        • nick says:

          gsp didn’t beat down BJ.. BJ broke his nose, made him ugly, and it was a close fight. Gsp is also on another level compared to rory.. We’ll see what kind of shape bj shows up in, that will determine everything

        • EP says:

          @Brandon do yourself a HUGE favor and shut the fk up bro… go log on to GREASE ST PIERRE’s webpage and cry and bitch on there please… you obviously have No clue what youre talking about… and you probably havent been following MMA for too long bc like @Nick said at UFC 58 BJ beat the fk out of GSP… it was EASILY a 10-8 first round maybe 10-7, he broke his nose and shattered his face, and then what happened GSP layed and dry humped him for 2 full rounds and did ZERO, i repeat, ZERO damage…. and of course The split decision went to GreaSP, hahahahaha dude GSP had to go immediately to hospital to get reconstrcutive facial and nose surgery while BJ left octagon without even 1 scratch to go party with fam friends and fans.. IDIOT! …. so any REAL TRUE MMA fan including president Dana White said BJ won the first fight, so yeah on paper, gsp is 2-0 on bj, but real mma fans know its 1-1…. plus BJ literally destroyed him that fight. to this day it was worst decision ive ever seen in mma history. Moving on to the rest of your bullshit post and nonsense …. about Rory beating BJ … again IF you followed the sport, which u obviously DONT… you would know your butt buddy Rory Mac… has never even faced a top 10 WW in his career…. the best win to date was Nate Diaz who was fighting at 170 above his weight class and he wasnt considered top 10 WW… so who else did Rory beat Mike Pyle and Che Mills HOLY SHIT … those guys are awesome… yeah now he is going to crush a 2x WORLD CHAMPION in 2 DIFF DIVISIONS, A LEGEND TO MMA, A FUTURE HALL OF FAMER and ONE OF GOAT… yeah sounds about right ? right? NOPE sounds like a fkn retard is more like it. Also final conclusion to know you have absolutely no clue about this sport of mma whatsoever, you can say MANY things about BJ PENN… but to say he is Over Rated is absolutely the most dumbest thing ive ever heard. If you knew what he accomplished and did for the sport (read some of things i listed above) then you would never say that regardless what you think about him. He has done so much for this sport to help it grow into mainstream phenomenon , he is a true warrior and fighter and when everything is all said and done , he will go down as a legend and one of the GOAT and will have accomplished (which he already has) more than both rory and GreaSP could ever dream of. so with that said, do your HOMEWORK on the sport of mma and the fighters before spewing bullshit and trash talking legends to the sport. Have a wonderful day, piker. Next douche bag that wants to rip BJ PENN and knows nothing about MMA, your up…

      • EP says:

        im just sick of all this BJ bashing on here. its fkn disrespectful and disgraceful … these keyboard warriors and losers come on here to trash one of the GOAT on his own webpage. Get the F**K OUTTA HERE with that bullshit. Go on GreaSP , Roid Head, or some other page to trash talk and go on meaningless rants about nothing. Thank you, Sincerely, ERIC P.

        • brandon says:

          bj is way overated by his fans on this sight, he can barely make it 2 rnds without needing an oxygen tank. rory will finish his career.

        • EP says:

          its pathetic fkn losers like you that make me hate coming on this website. get lost piker boy. TEAM PRODIGY > team GreaSP/Roiid Head ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Tristar sucks balls. bunch of cheaters , juicers and Loser point fighters. TEAM HAWAII = REAL WARRIORS TRUE FIGHTERS. Get with it, punk.

        • brandon says:

          @eric p (penn) because you have to be a relative of his to suck such and ass licker. you sure said alot about bj and gsp’s first fight but i didnt here u say much about the 2nd one, you know the one where bj quit, threw in towel, gave up. i know your an excuse maker like bj and will say gsp used vaseline, there is nothing worse than a sore loser making excuses after the fight. why didnt bj say something about the vaseline before the fight was over, may in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4thrnd, u know the rnd he quit in. he just had to come with somekind of excuse not to look like a total jackass after all his shit talk. after rory beats him he will say it was because of steroids. he learned from the gsp fight to make his excuses pre fight because he knows rory will beat him most likely.

        • EP says:

          @brandon , i am not a relative or family of Bj at all. i have been to hawaii to surf and train mma but im from New York actually. In fact i have only met BJ once in my life in NY when he promoting his book. And bc of my business, i have to refrain from using my full name on any blog, website etc…. otherwise i would have no problem giving it to you… Maybe its you who is the relative or fam of Grease St Pierre or Rory??? bc ur up their ass so far u cant get out of it,… thats like me going on gsps website and talking shit all day, thats called having issues and being pathetic… the reason im on Bjs website is because yeah BJ is my favorite fighter and i love and train mma, so i come on here… i dont go on other fighters websites and bash them. shows a lot about you. anyway back to what you said, the reason i brought up the first fight, which u didnt even know about, is bc in ur original bashing comment, u Never mentioned the first fight, so i thought i would give you some much needed details and as far as their second fight, yeah BJ gassed in 4th, but GreaSP greased up and BJ could have subbed him in 1st round… anyway, thats in past, and besides BJ already sent gsps bitch ass to hospital first fight, thats way worse then gassing out in a fight. u should try to watch some older fights instead of only fights Post TUF 1 Finale. Lmao. As far as rory doing steroids, i mean he is, he is ducking the test… but its doesnt matter Penn is going to fkn murder this kid so bad its not even a joke. I cant wait to see you on her Dec 8th. Lets see where you will be then… i bet anything u dont show ur bitch ass on here … Guaranteed. Listen man i know ur a piker, but Im just gonna say this one last time, there is NO WAY BJ loses this fight, he is finishing Rory in Round 1 or 2 via RNC (lights outs), or brutal TKO / KO. its going to ugly …. Then he is going to get his belt back 1 more time and solidify his legacy. Either way rory is going get destroyed dec 8th and he is the one got a little cut and back down out of fight and is being the bitch. BJ is ready to go to war, this kid mad a huge mistake and u and him will find out in Dec. until then, just shut up bro, ur annoying and pathetic, go on another website where people might care about what ur saying. . .

        • brandon says:

          @eric p, i will be on here dec 8, we can see who won and here your excuses why bj lost. and by the way i have been watching ufc since it started and have seen every card they have had, besides the ones one fuel, and i have seen the 1st gsp and penn fight and agree it was close but that was a long time ago and bj hasnt evolved in the sport like some fighters, he is no where near gsp’s level now and never will be.

  5. this card looks amazing!, I’m rooting for JDS, Chael sonnen and lauzon

  6. stevo the great says:

    Sweet….shaping up to a great card.

  7. 757 says:

    Great card already. The 155 ers are going to be a great fight. Let me also apologize to and to all of the other people who comment on these stories. I have not always conducted myself with class and have allowed myself to engage in verbal exchanges when I should have let it ride. I do apologize to all.



  8. maurice says:

    this is actually a good match up that either guy can win. i think gray could beat lauzon, but judging by grays last 2 performances, i wouldnt be suprised to see him get stopped by lauzon. either way great fight. pullin for gray. chael vs forrest co main event?? WTF? let those 2 sorry ass trt abusers fight on the prelims.

  9. Yo says:

    I’ll be rooting for Lauzon but honestly I see Maynard getting a KO.

  10. John M says:

    I got Lauzon, Sonnen and Cain winning

  11. EP says:

    Lauzon will take this fight. Gray is stronger than him but Joe has too many weapons in his arsenal. I hope Sonnen ends Forrest Griffens career as well. I am not and never have been a fan of Griffen aka boring ass point fighter and a cry baby. The only fight i give an credit and respect for is TUF 1 FINALE bc of what it did for UFC and Mainstream MMA. As far Cain / JDS tough fight to call can go either way. Cain is very hungry and wants his vengence.

  12. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Hope JLo comes in prepared, I like the kid, he trained with BJ…

  13. 97 says:

    Either Stann or Bisping depending on who wins. If he beats the winner of that fight and GSP beats Condit have George and Anderson fight

  14. Hmmmm says:

    In a world without injuries I would really get my hopes up over an amazing card announcement. I wonder which scheduled bout will be the first to be mutated after being bit by the injury bug. Anyone want to make an uneducated guess? Care to wager that perhaps? I kid, I kid (about the wagering of course).

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