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Wednesday, 10/24/2012, 09:48 am

Joe Lauzon on Maynard: He’s Not a Great Finisher | UFC NEWS

“The money’s really nice, but it’s really not the driving factor behind it. The basing is that’s just how I like to fight. I like to go out there and submit guys, I like to go out there and attack. Sometimes I’m a little over-aggressive and it leads to cardio issues and things like that, but I try to have the kind of fights that I want to watch. And I want to watch guys that are going out and being aggressive and attacking, and not guys that are trying to edge out a decision.

“It’s not that I’m 100 percent thinking ‘Oh I’m just thinking about that money’. I’m thinking that if I’m going to have a fight and I’m going to dedicate months of my life to getting ready for 15 minutes, I’m going have fun, I’m going to be in shape and I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna attack. And I’m gonna know one way or the other if I’m the better guy or not the better guy. I’d hate to go out there and try to just win and just coast to a decision. It’s not fulfilling to me.”

“I think if you look at his skill set, I don’t think he’s the best finisher. He hurt Frankie really bad – twice, and he wasn’t able to finish him. I think that in all his fights in the UFC he’s finished one guy. I’m sure he’s trying to finish guys, but he just doesn’t happen to be a great finisher. He’s a guy that always has good cardio, he’s always pushing to the end of the fight, tons of heart, tons of drive, incredibly strong, doesn’t kick a whole lot. I’m sure he’s like everyone else he’s constantly trying to round everything out. But basically, if I had to describe him as a fighter, you’d say a boxer and wrestler which is a lot like Jamie Varner who I just fought. But I feel like Varner had the better boxing, Gray has the better wrestling, but both try to stand. It’s very, very similar to the Varner fight I think.”

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, recently talked to MMA Fight Corner about his upcoming bout with two-time title challenger Gray Maynard.


9 Responses to “Joe Lauzon on Maynard: He’s Not a Great Finisher | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jasplanet says:

    Do u think keeps showing that picture of Lauzon to send a subliminal message to girls. To make girls think of crabs when they think of him, so the next question is, wich one of u guys girlfriends did he stuff? Jus say it noone will make fun of him for real. Theres only respectable people in this forum so dont worry bout it bruv 😉

  2. T.DADDY says:

    Maynard will destroy you

  3. rcs says:

    I’d have to disagree, Maynard finished two people at the same time. You’ve got mad skills when you can knock yourself out.

  4. JP says:

    J-Lau is the man… All of his fights are awesome. I was so pumped when he beat down Gabe. Even after getting knocked out by Pettis, he saw the light in it and was posting funny shit on twitter afterwards.

  5. Sugar Ponybear says:

    J-Lau is a great fighter and always fun to watch. I think he’ll beat Maynard.

  6. MooreUSMC says:

    Lauzon is a good fighter but Maynard is better. As much as everyone loves Joe is a good distance behind maynard in this one.

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