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Wednesday, 10/19/2011, 11:16 am

Joe Lauzon: "If they want it to be Anthony Pettis, I’ll fight Pettis"

“I think it would be an exciting fight. It doesn’t matter to me who I fight. Whoever the UFC says they want me to fight, I’ll fight. If they want it to be Anthony Pettis, I’ll fight Pettis. It doesn’t really matter to me that much. I’m up for whoever. I’m not sure why people are calling me out, but I’m fine with it. I have to be doing something right if everybody wants to fight me. I definitely don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s awesome getting called out by guys like that, that are doing really well.”

A few days ago, Anthony Pettis called out Joe Lauzon stating he wanted to fight him on his way back to the top of the division.

As always, never one to sh away from a challenge, Lauzon took to The Boston Herald to respond and say emphatically that he will take the fight, or any other fight the UFC has to offer him.

If that fight gets booked between Lauzon and Pettis who do you think takes the “W” home?


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