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Wednesday, 02/05/2014, 11:44 am

Joe Lauzon: A $15k purse doesn’t leave much money after

UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon recently held a Q&A on Reddit, where he explained how a $15k fight-purse doesn’t leave him with much money after expenses.

His words:

“Lots of variables. Sometimes coaches get paid on a percentage, some are flat fees. Flights vary quite a bit in price… when I fly to Vegas its like $350 per flight, for Japan it was over $1400 per flight. I always take care of my coaches with flights (not giving them shitty/cheap flghts), etc.

“15K for a fight does not leave much money by the time you pay coaches, flights, medicals, taxes, etc.”

Lauzon was asked if the UFC paid for the flight, to which he replied, “UFC pays fighter plus 1. I have 3 corners and some other coaches/training partners though.”

In regards to his post-UFC future, Lauzon stated that he wants to “Play video games and eat terrible food. Yes, it’s the same thing I want to do now.”

“J-Lau” is one of the nicest guys in the “fight game” and it was good to see him give an honest assessment of UFC fighter pay and the expenses that go along with it.

By Chris Taylor


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  1. K3vbot says:

    My big deal with UFC is they don’t comp the fighters for anything. Why do they have to pay for the flights for their team themselves? They are well aware they have to pay their team, just be courteous and pay for basic expenses for them to be at the fight, and stop skimming so much off the top of their sponsor money

    • Dkong says:

      They don’t have to pay for the flights. He said “fighter plus 1″ is covered. He chooses to pay for the extra coaching staff. Still a pretty shitty way to make a living unless you are in the top echelon.

      • Michael Johnston says:

        Haha, why if you’re a top athlete go into this sport? The pay is pathetic. Even if you are a top contender you still don’t make millions like in other sports.

        • seminalcacti says:

          “millions like in other sports”?—- dude you have to a top player in other sports to make over a million per year. I believe the majority of NFL players get less than 500k per year.

        • Michael Johnston says:

          seminalcacti, that’s absolutely inaccurate. The NFL league minimum salary is 685,000 dollars a year. Every player, even a backup kicker gets that. The NFL average salary is $1.9 million annual. In the NFL, the trainers, coaches, nutritionists, facilities, all paid for by the NFL and owners. UFC is a fucking rip off. I hope to God that another promotion comes out strong. I really feel bad for these guys who are entertaining millions, and getting paid shit after taxes, training costs, and travel expenses.

        • seminalcacti says:

          ok if you read into all the stats you would have compared the ticket prices for NFL games vs UFC fights. also there’s 70k+ people who show up for each NFL games vs UFC’s 15k most ticket sells for UFC 148. so NFL games sells 4 to 6 times more tickets with each ticket costing twice as much on the average. Do the math, UFC fighters get paid a crap load for a sport that’s only been around for 20 years. Then some ppl want to compare boxing salaries with MMA fighter’s salaries??? Boxing has been around since 700 B.C…… UFC only 20 years….. if UFC was around since 700 B.C… their salaries would be 10000x more than the boxers of today.

        • Michael Johnston says:

          More bullshit seminal…..Still defending the UFC are you? Why? This company has an annual revenue in the Billions. Poor UFC right? People need to start learning a little more about how revenue is distributed in pro sports in general. NFL, NBA, MLB, the revenue is split almost 50-50 between the owners and the athletes. This is only because the athletes have been smart enough and organized enough to form unions. If it were left up to the owners, the athletes would be making UFC money most likely. If you want to argue about the the age of the UFC, how young of a business it is, then you can compare it to MLS. Even in US pro soccer the owners share 25% of the revenue with the athletes. By the way, MLS is far less successful and brings in far less revenue than the UFC. And then there’s the UFC, where Dana “Irish Claw” White and his mob boss overlords share an estimated 8-10 percent of their revenue with their athletes. Hey man, when you leave it up to the businessmen to pay their talent, this is what you get. And every extra discretionary bonus, fight bonus, win bonus, those are all Dana White just being the extraordinarily generous boss that he is. If you complain, he can take away those “bonuses” at any time. Or just drop you from his fight card.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    15K is an ok regional purse if the fighter doesn’t have to travel far, but it sucks for a travel purse and after the Gov’t takes their big bite out of it.

  3. sawbuck says:

    I guess there’s no room for the fighters on Dana’s private jet.

  4. team backfist says:

    The gym/ camp/ coach/ management fees… flight/ hotel/ food for additional coaching… corner licensing… equipment/ supplements/ quality food… in country -AND- out of country earnings tax (Brazil is 27%) … what’s left goes towards rent, car, family, credit cards, etc.

  5. Michael Grace says:

    Fighters need a union, bad/ Someday, the government is going to step in.

    • Chris Brooks says:

      That absolute last thing that needs to happen in combat sports.

      • Michael Johnston says:

        Disagree. The NBA, NFL, MLB are doing just fine with the athletes getting paid. In fact, a union and better money would bring another level of athlete and talent to MMA. Imagine if fighters were making Mayweather type money. You’d have athletes like Adrian Peterson fighting MMA. If you wait for that bald fuck Dana White and his mob bosses to share more UFC wealth, you’ll be old and cold before that happens.

        • seminalcacti says:

          better talent doesn’t just show up out of thin air because you’re offering more money. Strikeforce and Affliction..remember them?

        • Michael Johnston says:

          Who’s talking thin air? I’m talking about athletic people deciding to go the MMA route in the future because they see that you can be a rich and famous celebrity fighting in the octagon. Right now you can be famous and broke in the UFC.

  6. Steve Richards says:

    It’s the 1%er’s that gets the money! It’s like that everywhere!

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