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Thursday, 05/03/2012, 12:26 pm

Lyoto Machida Was Ready To Drop To 185 To Stay Active | UFC NEWS

“I was ready to fight but the opportunity was not there. The division is lacking, it’s a bit mixed, and I didn’t know, right (who would be my next opponent)? I even had the intention of fighting at 185lbs so I wouldn’t lose the opportunity of keeping busy. I spoke to Ed Soares and (Jorge Guimar√£es), but they told me to be patient. Look, I’m a guy that usually weighs at most 96kg (21lbs), so I don’t think there would be a problem fighting (at middleweight). My objective is to fight at (205lbs), but to make a fight at middleweight would not be a problem. Anderson is a comrade of mine, a friend in my team. (Middleweight) is his, but I would take a fight to keep me busy. The important thing is to keep fighting, it’s the adrenaline. I would like to fight there, but only with the objective of keeping me busy.”

In a recent interview with Brazilian media outlet El Globo, former UFC light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida discusses his motivation to stay busy.

While there would be plenty of challenges for him in the middleweight division, the Karate based practitioner just booked a fight with Ryan Bader for UFC on FOX 4. But could he have found success against the divisions elite fighters?



25 Responses to “Lyoto Machida Was Ready To Drop To 185 To Stay Active | UFC NEWS”

  1. A.James says:

    No one at 185 could take him minus Silva. Even then he might be a problem for Silva. Of course they would never fight.

    • Ly-er says:

      It’ll be an easy fix tho! Machida goes down to MW & Silva can finally make the move to LHW! So many opportunities & possibilities would open up for both fighters, while still not fighting one another! =D

      • Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

        Except the fact that he’s almost 40… It would take a lot for Anderson to move up weight and fight bigger and stronger guys. He’s already almost at the point of retirement.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Machida vs Lombard

  2. Cody says:

    Jon jones is driving all the best guys outta the division he needs to just move up so 205 can be fun again

    • Mike McMack says:

      I agree but there are a few more guys Jones needs to beat before he moves up. His height and reach are HW caliber, he’s got 10 inches of reach on LHW’s and it’s just too much of a disadvantage for the 205ers. Of course it’s not Jones’ fault that he has that freakish frame, the guy makes weight and thats the only thing you need to do to fight in a certain weight class. Other than Frankie the former champ and JDS all the champs are huge for their respective divisions, it is what it is size matters in MMA.

    • hayden says:

      sure bro its not like machida had jones hurt or anything

  3. Night-Wind says:

    I can already see Machida VS. Sonnen.

  4. Kingron84 says:

    I hate Chaels antics but he is an amazing MMA wrestler but with that being said Machida is a really good strike and just as allusive as Silva but with WAY better TDD. I think Chael would get close to sniffing a takedown on Machida especially for the fact that I don’t think Machida would worry about Sonnens KO skills because they aren’t there.

  5. Zack says:

    Chael will use this to after he loses to silva to try and get one more big fight

  6. Lol says:

    Machida would smash everyone in mw except maybe silva. Oh and last time i checked chaels suppose to quit the ufc when silva beats him!!!

  7. Kayce says:

    Anyone that credits Sonnen for being a good fighter is out of their mind….. The only reason he’s even getting title shots is because he can sell a fight and Dana wants money.

    Sonnen is a horrible fighter and Busping showed us that. And for those who comment he beat anderson for 4-5 rounds, go educate yourself. Silva had broken ribs, that’s the ONLY reason why Sonnen didn’t get KO’d. Because Sonnen insulted the Nog Bros( who Anderson trains under) so silva wanted to submit him.

    Anyways…. Belfort vs Machida would be dope. Belfort is the #2 guy under Silva in the middleweight division.

    • Kingron84 says:

      Im in total agreement there. Although I think Machida would have a good shot against Silva if they ever fought but it be a boring fight because of their styles.

    • T.Daddy says:

      How do you know silva had injured ribs?? You ever think his camp might have made that up cuz even though he won sonnen destroyed him for 4rds… Silva is the man but I think sonnen has his number… Anyways can’t wait for this one

      • Xaninho says:

        You can see Silva injure his rib in the documentary ‘Like water’ about Anderson Silva and in particular his road to the Silva-Sonnen fight.

        In the same documentary Silva promises Nogueira to submit Sonnen. Nogueira said he should just knock him out, but Silva was determined to submit him.

    • James Leonard says:

      You don’t know shit Kayce!!! Only thing you know is how to go deeper on Anderson’s dick. Go look at the stats to that sonnen/bisbing fight and tell me he won. You need to go educate yourself idiot.

  8. T.Daddy says:

    Bader is going to sleep

  9. Shawn says:

    It would be a smart thing to do for the sole purpose of keeping busy. Long layoffs has always been a factor in a fighters ability to do as well as he can.

  10. joshuah says:

    Why can’t machida leave rich alone? Lol always tryin to follow & pick on him

  11. Mike McMack says:

    I’d love to see Machida at 185 once Spidey retires, he’s an elite fighter but he’s in a stacked division with Jon Jones sitting atop it.

  12. KIDD433 says:

    To stay active,it would be a smart move.The worse think a pro fighter can do is take too much time off.There is alot of really good match ups for him at 185,Even better match ups for him than 205 in my opinion.Vitor,Hector Lombard,Brian Stann,Wanderlei,would be bad ass matches for him.Cung Le would be a fucken dream fight.Karate vs kung fu (san sho)…but 205 couldnt expend him right now.That division wont be running right til Jones goes to HW.Nobody will a get a fair shot at the belt because the title fights will be a mismatch fighting Jones,because of his freak reach advantage.Until he does 205 will remain toggled up.Dana White is allowing his 205 division to get weaker to just to build jones up.We wont see what jones is really about til he goes to HW.knowing he wont,hes loving the unfair fights,205 is just gona get more fucked up.

  13. Jorge Rocha says:

    Lyoto Machida vs Anderson Silva !

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