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Thursday, 10/31/2013, 11:51 am

Jessica Eye Discusses The Downside To Being A Fighter: No Boyfriend, Needs Not Met

In an interview with MMA Roasted’s Adam Hunter (which read more like a Craigslist ad, rather than an actual MMA interview), “Evil Eye” discussed a myriad of sexually charged topics, ranging from her troubles finding a boyfriend, to her opinion on random hookups, to whether or not she has a UFC boy “toy”:

Eye: “Cleveland knows me… I went out last night to a little retro-bar and I have this nice shiner. So someone kept looking at me, and the next thing you know, they came over and he was like, ‘You’re Jessica Eye, aren’t you?’ So, for the most part, Cleveland really knows me and how I am, or who I am. So I think that’s what kinda keeps me back from dating. Because now I’m in that position where I feel like when every time a guy talks to me it’s only because of who I am, and not really who I am, if that makes sense.”

Hunter added “right, they want to be known as the guy who hooked up with the UFC fighter.”

Ain’t no man going to have that on me,” said Eye. “I’ll tell you what, there is no man running around Cleveland like, ‘Oh, I hit that!’ No you didn’t, you liar, because you ain’t getting none from me.”

“Wait, so you’ve never had sex before?” asked Hunter.

Oh no, I never said that,” replied Eye. “But never out of a relationship… I don’t randomly sleep with people.”

“So how are you taking care of your needs? You’re a 27-year-old girl, your estrogen level is probably up,” said Hunter. “You probably have a lot of extra, you know, juice flowing around. How do you take care of it?”

She answered, saying “Well, let’s just, you know, I’m not going without my needs being required or met at any point, so...”

“So,” Hunter asked, “do you have a UFC vibrator?”

No,” she explained. “I think that might be a little creepy considering I don’t think most fighters are very attractive. So, I mean, I don’t, no… no.”

Hunter then asked Eye about a possible title for the interview.

“So Jessica Eye is single and horny, is that what we tell people in the heading?”

Sure!” she replied. “Sure, sure, 100 percent.”

Men of Cleveland, take notes… and Godspeed.




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  1. chris seth says:

    Shoot…. I’d take the Evil eye up on a relationship… She looked great at the weigh in at UFC 166…. Was there at the fight and yelled and screamed her name for the whole fight. Was a tough fight but she won.

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