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Thursday, 02/20/2014, 11:17 am

Jessica Eye Blames Second Hand Smoke For Pot Testing Failure

By Evan Stoumbelis

If you’ve been following the controversy surrounding womens UFC fighter Jessica Eye, you would know the story has been anything but consistant. First Eye tested positive on her drug test, but the Texas commission didn’t reveal what she tested positive for. Then Eye made an appearance on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and denied that she used an illegal substance. Just 4 hours after her appearance on Helwani’s show the Texas commission said she tested positive for marijuana.

New details emerged today regarding the levels of marijuana in Eye’s system. Dana White explained that Jessica Eye had 16 ng/ML marijuana metabolites in her system. The Texas limit is 15. Most states are 50, and Nevada is 150 ng/ML. These numbers indicate Eye tested positive due to secondhand smoke.

The Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs set their limit at 50ng/ML. While the World Anti-Doping Agency sets it’s limit at 150ng/ML.

Eye is set to face Alexis Davis in the prelims of UFC 170 this Saturday. posted a letter obtained through a request, from Eye to the TDLR. Check it out below,

Dear Mrs. Winston,

I am writing you today in regards to my recent test results from UFC 166 in Houston. I first wanted to thank you in advance for your time and for allowing me the opportunity to explain my position. As one of the few professional female athletes currently competing in the UFC, I can’t express you how upset and more than disappointed I am in myself for even being in this situation. I have worked extremely hard at my craft over the last 6 plus years to put myself in a position of influence where I really feel I can make a difference in not only our sport but beyond. I consider myself a role model and understand that as a professional athlete who is competing at the highest level of his or her sport, that I also have an obligation to be a leader and positive role model. The reason I tell you this is so you can understand how crushing this has been for me. Beyond the opportunity to make a living doing something I love to do, to me its more important to have the opportunity to continue to be a role model and affective people in a positive way.

Mrs. Winston, I assure you that I am not nor have I ever been the type of person to put anything unhealthy in body, let alone and illegal narcotic. In addition, I am well aware of the other athletes who have thrown away their careers over substance abuse issues and I could never understand how someone in that position would risk jeopardizing their career over drugs or alcohol.

I am not the type of person who makes excuses and can admit Im wring when Ive made a mistake. In this case, the mistake I made was trusting my family and not trusting my instincts sooner. From the time I was a teenager, my father and I have not been on the best of terms due to his own substance abuse issues which I was forced to move out of his home when I was a 18. As a young girl I saw the damage and destruction drugs and alcohol can cause and how it can tear a family apart. Well my family was not immune and unfortunately it took a very ugly incident recently to finally allow me to move forward with my life without my father.

Approximately 4 weeks or so prior to my UFC debut in Houston, I had decided to give my father another chance to get back into my life. As you can understand, I was very emotional leading up to my fight and was eager for any support I could get from family, friends and especially my father. After numerous apologies and attempts to make amends with me, I finally decided to give my father another chance and attend a family get together in my honor which he hosted at his residence, The get together involved mostly family members form his side along with many of my friends and even a few of my sponsors who had all come together to watch the fight the evening. What transpired that night , will be with me for my entire life and is what I feel may have led to the traces of marijuana that were found to be in my system.

Upon arrival at my fathers house, I noticed immediately that they had been drinking. Against my better judgment, I decided to stay and avoid another confrontation with my father especially with anyone else in attendance. As the evening progressed, the alcohol would eventually turn into marijuana. As my father and several of his friends began to smoke in the living room where we were watching the UFC, I politely asked him to stop smoking or id be forced to leave. Not only did he refuse, but he became irate and began to physically attack me in front of all of our guests. Luckily my friends and brother were able to separate us and get m out of there relative unharmed, but this would surely be one of the darkest and most humiliating moments of my life. Needless to say, I did not call the police in order to avoid this getting out in public as I knew I need to be distraction free heading into the biggest fight of my career. Looking back, I truly wish I would have filed a report not my benefit, but to share my story with others in hopers of stopping this from happening to even one other person. I sincerely feel this is what led to my test results as I have been around any other smokers for years prior to or since that night.

Mrs. Winston, I am not claiming to be completely innocent and realize I am in this position because of my actions. But I will tell you with all sincerity that I would never, ever gamble with my career or take for granted the opportunities I have in front of me. I would even ask you to contact Ohio Athletic Commission Executive Director Bernie Profato who Im confident will validate what I am writing you as far as my family history and this particular incident. Since then, ive actually gone public with my story and did an in depth interview with a reporter who went ahead and published an article about my relations with my father. Id be happy to forward this article to you upon request.

In closing, id like to thank you again for your time and consideration with this matter. Please get back to me or my manager Greg and let us know what the next step in the process will be. I am eager to put this behind me and start the next positive chapter of my life and what I hope will be a long career with the UFC.


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  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    See what weed does? It destroys families and cause’s violence, A gateway to alcoholism and hard drugs. It’s a scourge this self poisoning. Stay away form the heefer, jo hogan – Renato Laranja, The Great.

    • Kenny Powers says:

      How about we start with cigarettes and prescription drugs which are legal, that each cause thousands more deaths than meth, heroin and crack cocaine combined. Then we can focus on getting rid of the other hard drugs i just named. Then lets get rid of the junk food which leads to heart disease which kills more people in America than anything. Then u can waste your time on a plant that has never directly caused a single death.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Dude, ITS POISON in any form or amount. It’s as bad as all the other stuff you mentioned. Why do you need it? That’s the question you should ask. I don’t need it. so am I just stronger than a dope head?

        • A Realist says:

          Are you aware we have a natural THC level in our bodies? So considering the things youve saif that means that we are all walking poison. Youre small minded and sound ignorant. Also, how many deaths a year does marijuana contribute to? Do some research before you open your loud/ignorant mouth.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Hey dumb dumb, I see you have eaten the bullshit so-called “research” propaganda to justify the fact that you poison yourself. Wake Up dummy! Can’t you use your common sense to realize that you are sucking in poison smoke????? Ignorant stoner. For you to believe that the human body has THC in it normally, tells me that you are a weak kid. Now listen and learn, THC DOES NOT EXIST IN A HUMAN BODY UNLESS YOU INGEST IT!!! That’s all you need to know asswipe. You ever heard of Anandamide? Go do some research stoopid. A Realist, more like A Confused Dope Head.

        • JJErler says:

          LOL cannabis is not poison and saying so shows you know absolutely nothing about it. Your body has receptors designed specifically for it.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Oh man have you drunk the koolaid or more speifically, smoked it. There ARE NOT THC receptors. There are PROTEIN receptors. You are believing falseness. Quit trying to justify the fact that you poison yourself. Eveybody I know that is over 50 that have been habitual stoners are either dead broke or dead. yah, it’s not poison! wake up.

        • ugh, vermin like you says:

          yea well… without drugs we wouldn’t have nice things like apple products. do you own anything made by apple? because steve jobs did hella lsd to get as successful as he was. in fact, he claimed everyone should do lsd.

          heres the link:

          its ok that you dont make that much money at your current job, (its obvious you arent educated with a college degree), but before trolling on this forum realize that you are the minority in this discussion, and your argument is just as strong as the minority of a little group called westboro baptist church…. so if you can put 1 and 1 together, now you might understand that a minority opinion in this matter holds no weight. I stick to the information scientists and researchers come up with… and the fact that you seem to challenge people with REAL education and REAL research makes you so ignorant. But for someone as old and poor as you, I understand your bitterness.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          First ugh…you are definitely clueless about me, just like you are clueless about poison. Just admit it, you want to believe that it’s ok so you won’t have guilt over the fact that you are poisoning yourself. Go ahead and delude yourself. As far as education, I will stack up my curriculum vitae to yours any day. So how old and how poor do you actually think I am? Dude you are batting .000. That;s called failure. Do you feel like you are a failure?

          Lastly, are you stoned now? What is all this bs about Jobs and apple and lsd and westboro baptist church? Are you in lockdown or in the mental ward?

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    The sheer idea that there would be enough second hand smoke to cause this is… pretty stupid… I highly doubt that… But I’m not a doctor nor a scientist so who am I to say otherwise.

  3. Guest says:

    Oh FFS. She must think we’re the ones smoking pot to believe that BS.

  4. team backfist says:

    I don’t care if she said Keebler Elves held her down and blew smoke in her face… her levels were so low that she could’ve had 3x the metabolites and still passed a Federal drug screen… f’n joke.

  5. A Realist says:

    Get off her dick. Its none of anyones business what she chooses to do or not to do. Ive watched her fight, shes a hell of a fighter. Do I give a shit about what she does in her free time? Hell no. Everyone needs to mind their damn business. The sad reality is noone notices all of the good youve done, all people focus on are the negatives. Get over it.

  6. Kid0109 says:

    Lmao anyone who says weed is dangerous should step out of this right now cause clearly you never smoked and have no idea what your talking and could possible comment on this situation

  7. Kid0109 says:

    If she job is on the line it understandable that she wants to deni it that’s fine just don’t start with weed is dangerous cause anyone whoes said that has never smoked.

  8. Xaninho says:

    She had me in her corner before, but this is bullshit. Hypocritical snob.

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