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Friday, 06/01/2012, 12:25 am

Exclusive | Jens Pulver: "No, I’m Not Holding On Too Long" | MMA NEWS

Switching things up a bit, we get personal with our very own, Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver.  Lil’ Evil just defeated Jesse Thorton via unanimous decision at Operation: Fight Night in Fort Hood, Texas on May 26.  Abel puts Jens on the hot seat to answer all the tough questions everyone wants to know, as well as talk about his upcoming fight this Friday.

Abel Pulver:  This weekend you received some news talking about your future and what’s next for Jens Pulver coming of a big win at Ft. Hood.  What’s next for you?

Jens Pulver:

“I’m thinking.  I’ve been sitting here just debating.  Reality is there is some people starting to hang their gloves, hanging up their fight shorts.  I’ve been asked that question now for a little while….  The reality is I didn’t get into this thing for money.  I didn’t get into fighting to try and be famous.  I went in there to change my name and I enjoy it.  Physically I feel great but mentally that’s the game.  That’s what keeps me going I do have a fight at the end of June.  People always asks me why are you doing this, after talking to you a little bit, one of the reasons why I fight right now is so I don’t hate and I mean hate the sport as much as I do.”

A month from Just Scrap Radio Episode 7 –  June 29  Jens Pulver will be in Montreal facing Stephane Pelletier with 3 subs and TKO on his record.

Abel Pulver:  He likes to bang.  He uses a front kick, a lead kick to get his hands off to close the distance.  How do you see this fight matching up stylistically for you?

Jens Pulver:

“If I decide to be the idiot that doesn’t move or punch or duck it’s going to be painful – like I’ll be damn but if I decide I’m going to pull my head out of my  butt and actually move around like I can and take it further than the Ft Hood fight which was too much running.  I had to chase after a fool like I had track shoes on but this guy is definitely going to be there to punch and hit.  I just got to go out there and do the old hit and miss.”

Jens describes his difficulty in grabbing people despite being an All-American in college.  Lil Evil’s goal every day is to grab a hold of people again.  And sends a message to all his naysayers telling him to stop fighting

“How about you stop?   Stop eating.  Put the food down.  Go run go train, go jog,  go do something – shut up.  I’m sure at the end of the day when you go out in my funeral.  I’m sure you won’t be standing there.   So kick rocks and hit the road.”

Abel Pulver:  Take us through a day especially for these people who are talking about – ‘why is he still doing this?  He should just hang em up’.  Tell us what a day in a life of Jens Pulver is like- to actually put in perspective for some these people how physically capable you still are.

The former UFC Champ goes on to give a detailed account of his intesnse training from 9am – 2pm plus averaging 6-7 miles running every day and gets done about 3:30/4:00, then some yard work.

Abel Pulver:  What is the best thing and the worst thing about being Jens Pulver?

Jens Pulver:

“Definitely the worst thing is the anxiety and the depression and all the things that have killed me throughout the career, man.  The constantly wanting to slam my head into a wall and going out of my tree, just can’t sit still.

Absolutely cannot be happy for what I have accomplished, cannot smile for the things I have achieved and it sucks because I just read another letter when I helped this kid get into college.  I wrote him a note back in 2003.

The regrets – I didn’t want to have the regrets and now I find myself in 2012 with nothing but.  It’s hard not to sit there and you know I’m my own worst enemy.  I’ve beat myself up more times than the guy I’m about to fight and that’s no joke….

The positive side is I was a world champion you can call me anything you want just finish it with former World Champion.  Call me a dick head former world champion call me crazy former world champion

The idea is this – I spend more time remembering what I was because what I was – was not some kid deciding to get up out of his chair and burn some fat and rip-off a couple smart ass comments on a forum.  What I was – was one of the best fighters on the planet from my time for the people  that I fought, against the people that I fought.  I was the world champion.  I was a pioneer and I was the man that did it.  Am I holding on too long?  Man I’m alive so – NO I’m not holding on to long and that’s the one thing I do have.  I do have a pedigree that made me world champion…”

Two fights a little over a month apart, Jens Pulver the former world champion is showing how much love he still has for the sport.  We want to wish our host Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver the very best!

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9 Responses to “Exclusive | Jens Pulver: "No, I’m Not Holding On Too Long" | MMA NEWS”

  1. E says:

    do your thing jens. i admire your spirit to continue fighting. i know ur career has been the greatest lately, but win or lose… jus scrap!

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      You would think Pulver would say the worst thing about Being jens pulver would have been the 5-8 fight losing streak and knowing he is only still fighting because he needs the money. no shame in having to put food on table for your family and fighting is all you know. Why not get paid for a once great name while you still can. To me its painful to watch a fighter like Jens, chuck, Arvloski even wandy who all once had solid chins and now they just drop when wind blows by their chins. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that no longer being able to take even a average shot to chin its past time to hang up the gloves. SORRY just way i feel.

  2. Mike cannon jr says:

    If this guy wants to fight… I wanna watch….. Win … Loose …. Whatever….. It’s your courage .. And spirit… I admire…. These r the qualities that make a champion….skill can be taught…..what makes a true champion… Can’t be….

  3. kaydan says:

    I love this guy wish he would get back into ufc some how…. and kick some ass again i loved faber vs pulver 1!

  4. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    Jens is light years away from being anywhere even remotely close to UFC caliber.

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