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Friday, 06/15/2012, 11:11 am

JDS Seeking Random PED Testing In MMA | UFC NEWS

“I would like him to do a test — a blood test. I think we both need to do that. I want a clean fight and he needs to prove he is not under any kind of substances… Using drugs is completely unnecessary, and I am the living proof. I’m the champion, and I never used any kind of forbidden substances. Fighting a guy that uses these kinds of drugs is completely unfair and useless. With or without any kind of authorization [for using testosterone], the fighter who uses those substances is never fighting with his own skills. He is enhancing his power with those drugs.”

The UFC’s heavyweight world champion, Junior dos Santos talks to about the Alistair Overeem situation and a possible matchup with the Dutchman in the future.

Many are calling for MMA’s testing policies to get stricter, and now you can add a champion to that mix.



12 Responses to “JDS Seeking Random PED Testing In MMA | UFC NEWS”

  1. FedorForever says:


    This is a champion.


  2. FedorForever says:

    JDS is awesome. Period.

  3. KushLoc says:

    JDS is a G he just shit all over every TRT and PED user in MMA

  4. grandma killer says:

    JDS is a glass bitch and I would break him like a glass of Kool-Aid…after I drank it. Overeem will do the same.

  5. Alex Daas says:

    “and now you can add a champion to that mix”…??? loool … i think you’re forgetting someone, whose site is this again?

  6. WreslingRules says:

    I don’t like JDS cause he doesn’t wrestle, but if he did I would suck his cock! Just like I suck my dad’s and my boyfriends. I just wish I could suck Chael’s.

  7. B-rad says:

    JDS is an awsome guy, and a better fighter. That being said the reems kickboxing is more dangerous than jrs boxing

  8. Xaninho says:

    JDS is a GOAT and skillwise the only possible threat for JDS is Overeem.

    Overeem is not going to drop his hands for a takedown. All the wrestlers and BJJ specialists can’t take JDS down because of his great takedown defense, so the guy that doesn’t even try that and fought the best strikers the world has to offer has the best chance of beating him.

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