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Tuesday, 10/15/2013, 11:32 am

JDS Really Wants To Box A Klitschko Brother

“I’m a boxing guy. I love to box with my training partners and everything but now everybody is saying this, everybody wants to fight with boxing guys. It’s become not sincere. When I say that, I’m sincere.”

“I think if they give me four months to get prepared, I can beat [the Klitschko brothers]. In the beginning of my all my camps, I do just boxing. I love to train boxing and I think I have enough skills in boxing. I know how to see a good fight. Four months, that’s what I need.”

“I did talk to Dana but just a little bit once. It wasn’t very serious. Next time, maybe I’ll do that.”

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, recently told ‘The MMA Hour‘ that he wants to fight one of the Klitschko brothers in a boxing match.

Do you think JDS can make the crossover?


45 Responses to “JDS Really Wants To Box A Klitschko Brother”

  1. T.Daddy says:

    Sorry JDS but you would get owned by either brother…

  2. Thesire says:

    He’s kidding right? There is no way, his striking is elite per mma standards but in a ring he would get destroyed, not just beat down, of out classed but hurt bad. Anyone who argues otherwise doesn’t watch any boxing and is an idiot.

  3. KIDD433 says:

    Contrary to the guys that think this ridiculous, I disagree. What’s sounds rediculous is Jones talking about boxing a Klitschko. Cigano and Klitschko sounds intriguing. Since Dana would never allow Cigano to box, He should let a Klitschko in the octagon. It would be a super fight and would probably be the biggest Heavyweight fight in UFC history, and would make an shit ton of $ too. But let’s be realistic, Dana would never pay what the $ that a Klitscko would be asking.

    • . says:

      Come on man, JDS is no way near the level the Klitschko’s are fighting at. I bet he would get destroyed by guys like Arreola, Wilder or even Chisora. JDS would get wrecked against any top 10 boxer right now.

      • Again.. says:

        Hmmmm, I’m sure the Klitschko’s would definitely be able to take JDS in a boxing match, but I would like to see it. I like JDS as he’s a lot more explosive then both the Klitschko’s. It be a fun fight to watch, and who knows with JDS’s power he could maybe drop a Klitschko.

  4. Big daddy says:

    He’s delusional from the ass beating Cain gave him. If he’s such a good boxer why doesn’t he box professionally instead of mma? Plus he would gas out after 3 rounds. I think Tyson fury would whoop his ass!

    • Declan Walsh says:

      Exactly,if he’s so good at boxing why doesn’t he go pro he’d make a lot more money,any pro boxer worth his salt would kill JDS,he just feeling cocky because he knows he wont have to fight a Roided Overeem any time soon,he was visibly scared of The Reem in the promo run ups to their never happened fight!!! STFU JDS u are not in the same league as the Klitschko’s!!!

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