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Saturday, 05/11/2013, 12:55 pm

JDS on Hunt: ‘It’s over for him, his time to lose has come’

“I think I’m better than him, I’m more complete fighter than him,” said Junior Dos Santos. “I believe so much in myself and I believe in my skills. I can knock anyone out, and I’m going to knock this guy out. He’s very tough; he keeps trying until he knocks the guys out so he’s really dangerous. I’m going to stop him; it’s over for him. Now he’s going to lose.”


42 Responses to “JDS on Hunt: ‘It’s over for him, his time to lose has come’”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    Hopefully this fight still happens with Hunts visa issues

  2. magoo says:

    I’m thinking Hunt feels the same way! This is gonna be a great tilt! JDS hasn’t got the chin Hunt has, but Hunt does present the raw power JDS has it will be interesting to see if Junior keeps it standing after the first exchange, my guess is he will try to take Hunt to the ground… Oh yea another problem Hunts tdd is pretty freakin good now, I got a hunch the big Samoan is gonna upset the #2 ranked HW in the world! Lol who would have ever thought Hunt and Bigfoot could potentially fight for the UFC HW title?…. Bizarre !

  3. Nunya says:

    This will be a great fight!!!!!!

  4. Dddddd says:

    I really don’t understand the hype on this fight? Everyones bitchin about overhyped fighters and this is the biggest one.
    There’s no upset with a fat guy against Jr. hes gonna be two steps ahead the whole fight. I would rather have seen Roy knock his ass out than to see Jr. sweep him on the cards.

    • Ben says:

      I will bet you 5,000 hunt wins by KO!!! Leave your email otherwise Stfu!!

      • Dddddd says:

        Your obviously not smart enough to have 5g’s

        • Hendoo says:

          same could be said about you champ. Mark Hunt is one of the more technical strikers in the UFC. A mix of head movement, range, speed, power and angles, Hunt has all the necessary tools to beat JdS and convincingly too, its whether or not Junior is brave enough to stand up and not try to take him down.

        • Ben says:

          If only you knew. Hunt has fought the best of the best. Hunt has the best striking in the heavyweight division. I put money on fights. Put your money where your mouth is or STFU!!

        • Ben says:

          P.s. its you’re not your. Have correct grammar before you try to act smart.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        I’d take that bet, but I someone think neither one of us would wnat to pay up….I think JDS is going to completely outclass Hunt. I love Hunt’s style and knock out power but I think JDS has superior boxing and hand speed and that will be more than enough to dominate.

        PS: Stop correcting people’s grammar dude; it’s not cool….

        • Ben says:

          If he wants to act smart then ill correct his grammar. Are you even paying attention?? If you cant even catch that what makes you think you can catch the details of a pro fighter?? Drop your email and ill contact you. For the record you guys must be broke if you cant grasp the fact someones willing to bet $5,000. Ill update you guys if this guy backs out of the bet which I am sure he will. You guys who seem to have so much confident in your decisions yet not willing to throw money down. I am sure most of you guys are talking out your ass but I am sure the rest dont have that kind of money.

        • Ddddddd says:

          It’s not confident it’s confidence Ben you English teacher you.
          If your gonna bet your money,learn a little about the fighters.

        • Jujutsu Player says:

          Ben – I just think in general people who pick on peoples grammar on fight forums are complete douche bags.

          I’m not broke I just don’t believe you would or are capable of coming through on the bet when Hunt loses. In fact I bet you go pretty quiet and start posting under a different user name….

          Hunt has a punchers chance at best and as for having the best striking in the HW division, get serious, for starters Overoid has a way better K1 record than him. JDS and Cain have far better boxing. Hunt is a tough guy (I love his fights), with a solid chin and a knockout punch, but let’s not get carried away, look at who he’s lost to and you’re willing to bet your house on him….(probably literally)

  5. kompactor says:

    jds will kill hunt. hunt has bad cardio and has no footwork. all of his last fights made me angry they were boring and his opponets were lame and let him hit them in the face.

  6. Ddddddd says:

    Ok Hendoo you genious, what do you want know about Hunt? Have you a clue the fighters he’s lost to and how.
    Jr. is exactly the guy that fits in the I’m gonna beat Hunt club.
    He’s everything that Hunt has difficulties with. The only thing that even makes him relevant in mma are two wins the rest are bad matchups. Of course with his kickboxing he could win and ya he’s had a successful bout in boxing but nowhere near as consistent as Jr. Either your fat or stupid because his head movement is terrible he relies on his chin,his footwork isn’t any better than anyone in the game,his angles of course are descent he’s a kick boxer but not great. Now what’s your perspective on Jr.? Your probably Ben anyways or his lover.

    • magoo says:

      Wtf dude? Why you gotta get all twisted on Ben and Hendoo? Not everyone’s gonna agree or side with you on your views and opinions Dddddd, get over it!

  7. Ben says:

    Nevermind: I got heated over the internet over nothing. Lol. Enjoy the fights!!

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