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Tuesday, 10/23/2012, 11:48 am

JDS Not Happy With Sonnen, Overeem Title Shots | UFC NEWS

“It’s kind of out of order. Nowadays, the UFC is prioritizing those fights which will sell well. A prime example of this was Chael Sonnen, who sold his fight very well. Overeem has followed the same path.

But, for me, bring it on. I do not run from any challenge, I know I can beat anyone whatsoever. Come whoever comes, I will do my best to go out with a win in the Octagon.”

Talking to Brazilian radio station Beat 98, UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, discusses the state of UFC matchmaking when it pertains to title shots.

Is he right?


50 Responses to “JDS Not Happy With Sonnen, Overeem Title Shots | UFC NEWS”

  1. Laramie Gahman says:

    Jds is speaking the freaking truth, AMEN, it’s about time we see some other fighters getting a shot. A good example would be Hendo he got totally screwed on his shot at the title. Poor guy. And bisping he just deserves his shot, he’s proven time and time again. His time needs to come.

  2. ya herd says:

    +2 bisping does! how can u not give a guy a title shot when he has won 5 of his last six fights,and the fight he lost was against the number 2 ranked middleweight in the world, and we all know bisping won that fight if it was a 5 round fight sonnen was getting tkod in round 4 he could harly stand after the fight!!!! and chris weidman or tim botchek dont deserve to fight bisping.. so who else is there vitor has had 2 title fights very recently and got beat bad both times he dosent deserve it…. plain and simple bisping deserves it… bisping has done very well at light heavy weight alot of people think he beat rashad… he is strong enough and has a style that could trouble silva… he has the cardio to go the full 5 rounds with silva… he has the skill to take silva down.. why not give him the tile shot!!! many of people have tried and failed its his shot give him it

    • Dimitris D says:

      I generally agree with what you’re saying. I was very impressed with Bisping’s performance against Stan, but i was more impressed with Weidman’s destruction of Munoz. So, i think it’s wrong to say he doesn’t deserve to fight Bisping. A title shot fight between them sounds like a fair thing. On the other hand i’m so pumped up with Silva’s superfight prospects (either one of them). On the bottom line, I don’t know what i want 😛 I love this sport!

  3. Big B says:

    JDS may not be the best of all time but his attitude towards fighting is.

  4. Black Jesus says:

    I hope JDS TKFO Overoid into retirement!!!

  5. Kenshiro says:

    No other fight makes sense for Overeem. The UFC is making the fight that matters. No matter what u think of Overeem at the end of the day its about talent and he has proven to be the one to beat at heavyweight period. He’s like a champ without a belt and there’s been all that talk about who’s the nr.1 HW.. LETS FIND OUT !!!

  6. DMAC says:

    JDS is a boring Champ. Great fighter which is what it’s all about but he’s got no star qualities to become a marketing machine. But when that belt is taken by reem that’s when the HW division gets back in the spot light. Can’t wait for this match up!

  7. Xaninho says:

    He’s right. Fighters are cutting in line way too much lately. Weidman hasn’t even convincingly beaten a real top 5 contender and is already crying on twitter for a titleshot. Bisping should get the shot.

    And Overeem needs to beat at least one or two contenders before he deserves the shot. Cain only had to beat Bigfoot for a rematch.

  8. 123 says:

    I Think Cain Velasquez Is The Best Heavyweight, & Michael Bisping Deserves A Title Fight.

    • lol says:

      anybody that gets knocked out the first round by another contender is not the best. dos santos, aldo, silva have never lost a match that was because of stand up yet. cains only chance is ground and pound in this particular fight. i believe the best fighter in the world should be able to knock anyone out on their feet.

      • Lamar himself says:

        That is rediculos to say that you have to be a great standup guy to get a shot that would make this boxing or k-1 not mma look at Demian Maia great fighter his standup is not great but he got a title shot once and is carving the path to get another one.

  9. Dana is Greedy says:

    Not only are fighters cutting in line but they are shown go ahead and cheat (Sonnen and Reem) and they’ll be a spot waiting for you when your done with your suspension..Other fighters earn there shot and do it the right way why not give them priority?

    • Not You says:

      Overeem was popped for an increased T:E ratio two months away from a fight. This was attributed to an anti inflammatory with contained testosterone suspension. T:E ratios are affected most when there are inconsistent injections, much like he was doing (only taking the anti inflammatory when experiencing discomfort). So please, Doctor, do tell us how Overeem was cheating?

      • Dana is Greedy says:

        I’m not gonna get technical About it but he wasn’t suspended for being good and the intent was there I plain and simple don’t believe his b.s excuses ever since he bulked up throughout the years..

      • Dumbass says:

        Are you really that dumb to believe that bullshit?? How many other times has he had elevated levels before?? He must get alot of “discomfort”. Not to mention they make many anti-inflammatory meds that are analgesic instead of injectable. So claim what you want but we all know hes a cheater. Also theres no anti-inflammatory in the world thats going to raise your testosterone level to what his was!! Nice Try

  10. Ryan Prieur says:

    I think overeem has earned his shot, but I get what JDS is saying as well! That fight will be one for the ages ( or at least it seems that way on paper) Chael has no claim at the light heavyweight champ in my opinion, and love him or hate him, bisping has earned his shot at silva, all though I believe silva will walk right through him! I also think nick Diaz should get the looser of GSP and condint. If he wins he should have his shot as well!

  11. thereem says:

    jds is right but i do think overeem deserved his shot because he didnt have to fight lesnar but he did and in dominate fashion. but the chael situation is definately all about $$

  12. Secludedly says:

    Obviously Overeem is the only one that really deserves the shot. He is coming from Strikeforce as their Heavyweight champion, so you obviously pit the two champions against each other. There’s a reason why Overeem holds four belts at a time, because he’s known as the greatest in the division. Junior dos Santos has to prove himself against Overeem, yet he says Overeem doesn’t deserve the shot? And his ruling of testosterone was cleared up by a doctor and they still fined him. And look at Nick Diaz and his weed charges… so just because you get caught with something in your body it doesn’t make you wrong. They later found out during the court sessions that the doctor Overeem went to was a huge liability with pending charges against him in the past when they brought up his criminal record. He did what you’re supposed to, take an anti-inflammatory because you’re in pain, and listen to your doctor. Everyone loves pointing fingers instead of being coherent. It’s a shame. Bottom line, JDS has to prove himself as a champion by fighting Overeem, and I love JDS to death, don’t get me wrong, but I think the trash talking between them two is just getting the better of his opinions and thoughts.

    • 757 says:

      Dude you are smoking weed. JDS is the champ in the premier organization in MMA. You said just because you get caught with something in your system doesn’t make you wrong….what does it make you? Right! Oh my gosh put some thought into what you are writing…..JDS will knock reem out anyway

  13. 757 says:

    JDS is the man. Good attitude. Good fighter….does it the right way

  14. manny says:

    ok i believe that about sonnen but alistar??!!! are u crazy! alistar is gonna put him dowwwnnnn.

  15. Tyler says:

    If Brock could have stayed healthy he would still be champ!

    • CNY says:

      Brock was a “manufactured” champ. His health had nothing to do with the fact he had absolutely no stand up game and his habit of wilting under pressure. You can’t be one dimensional nor beat few hand picked guys whoe style was the worst match for him and be considered tops.

      • Sugar Ponybear says:

        He beat a few trash cans, a washed up HW half his size, and Mir (who’s proven not to be all he’s cracked out to be). He didn’t beat any legit contender on his way to the title and he didn’t defend it well. Another example of money over merit. Brock sold, he did, but he wasn’t an MMA fighter. If he were still healthy, he’d still be in WWE right now.

        • sum41 says:

          whoa whoa hold on there, Shane Carwin was not a trashcan and not washed up. Brock’s not the best but give him some credit.

  16. Sugar Ponybear says:

    If he needed it, he wouldn’t of been suspended. Weed and testosterone are completely different. Injections are allowed if needed, weed is never. Overroid is a proven cheater, as is Chael.That is one of the main reasons I believe they don’t deserve their shots. ‘Oh, you got caught cheating, okay well when your off suspension you can have your title fight.’ Bullshit, it’s going to ruin the integrity of this sport, much like Baseball. I personally don’t even think people like Hendo should be allowed it. If your body can’t naturally hang, it’s time to move on. There’s plenty of medicine for that (Anti-Inflammatory) that doesn’t raise your levels. And if you’re going to a Doctor with a criminal history, what do you expect. Know your shit and who you’re getting involved with, that’s called professionalism. (Not that I even believe that B.S story). Dana just welcomes back criminals and cheaters with open arms, it’s going to ruin this sport. Detractors of this sport think we’re all just criminals and uneducated meatheads and that’s exactly who Dana is catering to. How can you expect to change the face of this sport when you’re not willing to prove them wrong?

  17. Tyler says:

    Well he wasnt healthy so guess we will never know

  18. Radge says:

    He is right Sonnen and Overeem do not deserve title shots as they have not earned them, but at the end of the day they are the most marketable fights, so the UFC will always go with what makes the most money.

  19. Nunya says:

    I feel if the fighters that are next in line to fight the Champ turns down the opportunity, then in order for UFC to maintain frequent PPV events, they’re going to have to scramble to find fighters that are somewhat credible to challenge the Champ. To blame for breaking the structure to fall are the fighters that are next in line to fight the Champ, turning down a fight against the Champ, is just ridiculous. I think Dana White needs to put in their contract that if they are the next fighter in line to fight the Champ. Then he has to, regardless if he is scared or whatever bullshit reason. This causes Dana to find fighters a that are willing, regardless of earning it in order to maintain events.

    • Sugar Ponybear says:

      No one who is next in line is going to fight on 8 days notice with no camp. Specially not when the champ has had a full camp. That’s an easy way to lose the fight and your place in line. The only reason Sonnen stepped up is because he has nothing to lose. If he would of lost the fight, oh well. Had he won, he’d be champ. He would of been at the back of the line anyways.

  20. OakcliffTopdog says:

    Cain is gonna mop DS in the rematch! Rd.4@3:54 arm triangle! Yes!!!

  21. Brad says:

    Couldnt have said it better myself. He’s had the best response so far. Short, sweet and to the point… Spoken like a true champion

  22. Mike Cannon JR. says:

    U could be the baddest/tuffest mofo on the planet.. The best … And no one would ever know.. If u weren’t willing to toss Danas salad..first… The guys they sell you ain’t the best .. Or the baddest.. There just the guys there selling u…. Remember that… None of u hero worshipers.. Idol worshipers.. Can fight.. Atleast not worth a shit… Or u would never .. Worship these guys.. There just fighters…And these comments… By u guys … Wow!

  23. Know your shit. says:

    You people that think overeem wasnt juicing up, are straight up ignorrant ass morones! I mean, come on. Really? And how does jds have to prove himself first? Your an idiot with no sense, look at all the people he has walked through.. Wiedman is right tho, silva fought leben and then got his title shot, and leben was no where close to where weidman is now.. Think before you type..

  24. derp says:

    DMAC is obviously a sonnen fan. JDS a boring champ? yeah totally man, 13 out of 15 Finishes in career, TOTALLY BORING BRO. Fuck marketing a fighter because he can run his mouth. That is the dumbest shit ive ever heard. What is this WWE? Try saying that about Anderson Silva buddy. Somebody who is marketable because he has extreme talent and has earned everything hes fought for. The fuck is wrong with people on these boards. This is martial arts, NOT A FUCKING WWE FREAK SHOW

  25. maurice says:

    @derp yea man ppl rather see chael talk bs for 6 months instead of watching a “real” fight between 2 lhws for the title. if chael was a beast ass fight then i might have a different opinion on him. but for now he’s a proven cheat, who performs like shit on the drugs, and even worse off the drugs. jds boring? gtfo. jds is one of the most skilled mma fighters today…and the dudes a fucking hw. very rare for a hw to be that quick and agile.

    he’s about to be the greatest hw champion by far, and we get to witness it. cain should have fought werdum 1st for the number 1 spot while jds beat the breaks off cormier!

  26. ya herd says:

    JDS is the best boxer in the ufc… and his speed is so underrated.. a big guy like that being so quick im not just talking about punching speed im talking about his movement he is very hard to hit for such a big guy…

  27. maurice says:

    yea. not to mention even if you do hit him it doesnt phase him. he has been hit flush on the jaw by carwin, yvel, country, etc and not even budge. as far a pure boxing technique i cant think of anyone better in mma over jds. perfect takedown defense. he reminds me of a hw version of bj penn lol.

  28. Kjtrlt says:

    He’s right, right now most decisions are being made on sales, not merit. Sure it’s a business, but it still has to be anchored in reality. Some title shots have to go to who really deserves them, or the UFC will suffer.

  29. TommyP says:

    I don’t know how people can hate on JDS. He finished 13 of his 15 wins. He goes in there and leaves it all in every fight. And he’s a great dude. As far as deserving the title shots, although Overeem did get caught cheating, he’s also finished 34 of his 36 career wins and is a legit veteran. I can’t see how he doesn’t deserve a shot. As far as Sonnen deserving a LHW shot, that’s a joke. You can’t lose to the MW champ twice in a row (once cheating), then just want to go up and get a shot at Jones? That doesn’t even take into account that he’s a boring, lay and pray fighter. His mouth was the only thing that would have gotten it for him, and I can’t wait until said mouth is working for Vince McMahon.

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