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Monday, 01/14/2013, 01:00 pm

JDS Lists Excuses For Defeat Ranging From Kidney Health To Personal Problems | UFC NEWS

Really was my head. I had some personal things going on, a bit of my attention was lacking because of it. And another thing. Soon after the fight I went to the hospital and had a scan, which showed my creatine was too high. The normal level is up to 300, mine was in 1400. I also had trouble in the urine and kidneys.

JC: Did doctors say why this health problem occured?
JDS: The explanation of the doctors is that I pushed over the line, I over trained, and problems could have happened even before the fight… I was so good that I ended up crossing the line. That was the explanation of doctors. Mine is that I was not good with my head, was having personal problems and did not go well mentally in the fight.

JC: Evaluating all this, what will you do differently going forward?
JDS: Going forward I will be more careful, it will take my body to the limit all the time. I need to know how my body is reacting to what I am doing. We need to be a bit more professional about it. I will do tests during preparation. This fight also taught me that we have to be stronger with the head, think things strategy and better monitor the tactical part.

JC: If you can choose, would prefer fight Cain again immediately or have another fight first?
JDS: Actually, I want Cain. I won the first, he did a good job in the second. I think the third fight has to happen. He is the champion and I want to fight him. I know there are people in the queue, Bigfoot and Overeem are. If I have to meet someone before that rematch with Velasquez, I’ll cope. But what I really want is Cain now.


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  1. WTF says:

    Sounds believable. That was not the same JDS we were used to seeing, hopefully he comes back and works on his ground game.

  2. magoo says:

    damn he could be bigfoots twin in that pic….lol
    you said before the fight u were 100% and that ur training camp was the best u ever had,face it Cain was the better man end of story!

  3. Roger says:

    You need to quit the damn complaining. The reason you fought the way you did is because Cain caught you in the first and had you rattled the whole fight and didnt give you any time to recover. YOU LOST!!!! Cain did not do a good job the second fight he kicked your ass so freaking bad. Look at your face. I wasnt a huge Cain fan when he beat Brock but now the way he took his defeat and came back from it has made me like him a lot more. You told Cain to quit complaining about his knee and admit he lost so you do the same. At least Cain had proof he screwed his knee up. Where is the proof for your mental problems other than Cain putting all those knots on your head. SHUT UP JDS and go back to the gym like Cain did.

    • Reality says:

      Kinda harsh but I can’t say you’re wrong. I predict that he’ll be much better in the 3rd fight than he was in both the 1st and the 2nd. However, it’s not like Cain will come back out looking like a slouch either. We’ll see…JDS should fight someone else 1st though and so should Cain.

    • Calvin says:

      sure about the no excuses watch the post fight conference to see him cry about how his leg injury caused him to lose the first fight

  4. mrgroovessc says:

    It’s not like he said he went into the fight injured with a bad back or broken arm and whatever. He said he wasn’t going into the fight mentally ready and that is a big part of the fight game, to not only be physically ready but mentally ready also.

  5. jds/fake says:


  6. MDK says:

    no one said a damn thing when cain talked about his “injury” he allegedly had before his fight with jds and thats what he blamed it on lolololol

  7. nexxround21 says:

    Probably he eats to much red meat that’s why his Creatine was too high.

  8. nexxround21 says:

    He trains too much gets dehydrated probably he didn’t drink a lots of water and eats a lot of meat.

  9. Kingsforge says:

    bitter thats wat it sounds like big cunt. your good but cain is the tits my fav HW always has been

  10. yeahrightman says:

    yeah agreed. The reasons he got beaten were that a) he ran away instead of standing and controlling with his punches, and b) he keeps his hands too low. If he offers these excuses and ignores the real reasons he lost, he’ll lose again.

  11. Rockster says:

    When someone lost in a game or competition always there’s the good excuse either true or not. :) I like the attitude of Cain being straight forward and humble. Not taking the victory from the winning opponent. Keep it up Cain.

  12. cainthebeast says:

    Cain Velasquez
    Nick Diaz
    Gilbert Melendez
    Erik Goyito Perez
    Nate Diaz
    Dominick Cruz

  13. 2Guys1Cup says:

    His head looks like a pumpkin.

  14. Mike O'loughlin says:

    What a fucking crybaby. Take your lose like a man.

  15. Marco says:

    I’m sure you would find elevate levels of “Cain’s #1 whoops ass” if you had it checked. Stop being a bitch.

    Win a couple fights against Overeem and perhaps Cormier and come back to the table.

  16. MajorTom says:

    People always say take your loss and accept it and that kinda stuff… Vince Lombardi said “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.”. Any fighter that says “Yeah, he’s better than me.” may as well not fight. They’re losers and are defeated already. It’s embarrassing to see a guy like JDS make excuses. But at least that means he’s got confidence and he’s not mentally defeated.

  17. Nando says:

    Nothing worse than excuses. The more respectable thing to do is hide it, even if there was something wrong, & give all praise to the winner.

  18. ryan prieur says:

    JDS is a great role model for the sport, and seems like a pretty nice guy all round. but the fact of the matter is he got caught with a hell of a shot an never had the chance to recover, the end. he looked great in the early parts of the 1st and was even toying with Cain, then BAM, Cain connects and doesn’t let him recover! Amazing job by Cain, but can’t wait for a rubber match

  19. SouthernGent says:

    seems like a common theme with Brazilians. Im not saying they all make excuses but it seems common among them even when they win. Anderson smokes a guy then complains about his ribs being broke. Its probably a cultural difference. In the U.S. you take your licks and move one.

  20. dude says:

    Never heard cain use his injury as an excuse , every time I heard him talk about it he would always say he didn’t go with his gameplan right away maybe I miss something.oh well , CAIN !!!

    • weinershmidt says:

      I agree.
      People forget that Cain was out for a really long time before he fought JDS the first time. He just came off a serious injury and was rusty but he’s humble enough to not make excuses because excuses are just embarrassing.
      The truth is that Cain won’t lose to JDS ever again. Guaranteed.

  21. Slim Charles says:

    oh my god, look at how ugly that face is… even a mother wouldn’t recognize that…

  22. J Myers says:

    How about just saying, “I got beat because I got punched in the face a lot of times.”

  23. yall haters says:

    show some respect for dos santos. geez u all must be the mexican fans that booed him. hes not a michael bisping wtf. dos santos fights for the fans and gives them what they want to see, KNOCKOUTS. that guy is fearless and some how survived that punishment. im starting to hear more and more booing from stalling by the cage which seems bad for the sport.

  24. JoeMama says:

    Excuses excuses! You got whipped…face it!

  25. Nunya says:

    Reporters are going to ask JDS these ridiculous questions & his answers will get twisted to make him look bad. Tough loss but Cain put it on him. Cain couldn’t finish him but he did dominate. JDS is young and he will be back. Maybe not as the champ but atleast number 2

  26. Riiiiiiight...... says:

    Excuses make him sound like a Giant Ultra Mega Cunt, like a Superhero Cunt.

  27. shawnee says:

    Cain showed JDS what UFC is all about too a ass beating lol. He will never be champ again because this is not boxing this is UFC kick your ass and so better work on your ground game because you suck go back to brazil that thinks he’s rocky. SHIT HE WiSHES

  28. L says:

    Cain had a bad knee in the first match and he did not make excuses.

  29. ballsackface says:

    i think this is a bad headline
    hes not listing excuses, hes blaming himself for not doing enough to make sure he was ready
    surely a fighter needs to admit where they made mistakes in order to correct them.

    bad reporting. stop trying to stir shit

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