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Monday, 02/17/2014, 12:12 pm

JDS Calls Weidman’s Win Over Silva ‘An Accident’

2013 was a terrible year for Anderson Silva.

He not only suffered his first ever UFC defeat, but he also lost his UFC title in the process and went on to severely break his leg in his rematch against Chris Weidman.

Fellow Brazilian and former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, spoke out against Weidman, stating that he only won the second fight due to an accident in the cage and not because he was the better fighter.’s Guilherme Cruz got it:

“He proved he’s good and beat the best of all time. (But) the last fight was an accident.”

Does this damage the Weidman’s legitimacy as a UFC champion?


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  1. Ryan says:

    It only shows the true lack of class and/or sportsmanship that many Brazilians seem to have. I’ve never heard more people make excuses for someone in my life. He was getting DESTROYED in the 2nd fight, worse than the first fight. Why not take your hat off to the kid and what he was able to do. Even if there was a rematch and Silva won, it would still be 2-1. Silva would have to beat Weidman 3 times to have the upper hand. The reality is, Silva while amazing, finally met his match. I for one, am sick of grown people making excuses for a grown man. Get over it, he lost, move on.

    • Dee says:

      JDS didn’t say anything bad. He said Weidman beat the best of all time. He said the second was an accident. There’s no excuses there. And as far as Silva being destroyed in the first fight, yeah that’s an insane comment. You’re acting like the typical American that’s too prideful to admit anything, and that’s always trying to make competition into a race and national event. It’s not Brazil vs America or White vs Black. It’s two men fighting against each other. That’s it. No one is disputing the first loss and not even the second, but a lot of people simply feel cheated due to this freak accident.

    • Xaninho says:

      You should say that when Edgar cries about a deserved loss, or when any other American comes up with excuses. Don’t pretend only Brazilians do that shit.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Brazilians… best excuse makers in the business!

  3. Matthew Parker says:

    Whether you think it was an accident or planned, as a fan, you have to feel somewhat cheated in the second match because of the way it ended. Hell, even in the first I was annoyed. I’m interested in seeing if Weidman can defend the belt and I’m also hoping Anerson has a speedy recovery. Both are great fighters and deserve respect. Period.

  4. The Guesterizer says:

    The way that fight was going………def not in silvas favor accident or not. I mean he nearly got ko’d again which would’ve been a way uphill battle for him. His excuse is very biased.

    • Dee says:

      He wasn’t close to being knocked out. It was a flash knock down, but he looked to have his wits about him. At the end of the round Weidman was the one he was busted up and bleeding. Neither rounds proved anything for either man. JDS didn’t say anything bad.

      • The Guesterizer says:

        Watch the replay. During the clinch Weidman punches him right behind the ear and silvas hand drops and he goes blank for like a second or a tiny bit shorter, but blank regardless. Watch closely. what jarred him back? idk might’ve been the 8-9 punches inbetween the “flash knock down” and hitting the mat. That first round in strikes both standing and ground were all Weidman, takedown went to Weidman easiiiilllly. Ive watched the fight 4 times, and highlights. Stats not your eyeballs man. JDS didn’t say anything bad at all, I just said he was biased.

  5. bubbagum says:

    i would like to see that fight again…

  6. swaxbagga says:

    Jds is in the exact same boat as silva, the second best at his job but a distant second. They have both been walked around the cage like a dogs on a leash
    by the champ twice. They will both be gatekeepers as long as they are willing to embrace their roles. If they want to get smashed by champs again, for the love of god make it a free fight night so we can get to bed after the first round and keep our hard earned money

  7. Xaninho says:

    He’s right. The little stories about how Weidman was ‘destroying’ Silva are a bit silly because Weidman had the first round and was losing the second until Silva broke his leg. Becasue Silva broke his leg we didn’t get to see him beating up Weidman.

  8. HoneyTree EvilEye says:

    According to JDS he didn’t lose to Cain either.

  9. Pete Garces says:

    First fight was a win. Period. Second fight was an accident. Yes he meant to check the leg but he didn’t mean to break it. Weidman was winning and also dominated the first round. BUT to say that Silva would have lost anyway with such ignorance is just unbelievable. This is MMA anything can happen. Not only that but A.S. was (arguably) and still maybe the best fighter in the world. To say he stood no change is just ignorance.

  10. N810831 says:

    1st fight – anderson got destroyed the first round and knocked out in the second
    2nd fight – anderson got destroyed the first round (nearly knocked out) and got a kick checked which broke his leg in the second

    seems pretty obvious that weidman is the better fighter here

  11. XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

    his win against Cain was an accident (lucky) as well

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