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Thursday, 10/17/2013, 11:15 am

JDS Calls BS, Says Velasquez Tried But Couldn’t Finish Him In Second Fight

Earlier in the week, UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez stated that in his second fight with JDS, he opted to punish him for five-rounds instead of finishing him off earlier.

Dos Santos is calling BS and he broke down why to Yahoo Sports:

“I didn’t lose because he’s a better fighter than me, it’s that I didn’t react like I am used to doing,” dos Santos said. “That was the worst part about it for me. As I watched the fight again, I was saying, ‘That’s not me in there.’ I didn’t react to situations that came up.

“That is very tough, and it’s very frustrating for me. I knew what I should do, and I didn’t do it when I wanted to.

“I laughed a lot when I heard he said that,” dos Santos said. “I’ve always respected him. But I gave him a lot of good positions where he could finish me, and he wasn’t seeing them. One time, he caught my arm and he didn’t know how to finish me with the arm bar. And this is the truth: He didn’t finish me because he wasn’t able to do that.

“He can say [whatever] he wants, but I know this: He gave everything he had to win that fight, and you could see at the end of the fight that he was really tired, and he tried to finish that fight very much, and he couldn’t.”


39 Responses to “JDS Calls BS, Says Velasquez Tried But Couldn’t Finish Him In Second Fight”

  1. feliz. arredondo says:

    What a disrespectfull fuck that you are jds your face say it all velasquez put a biting on you end of story you are a looser and do not deserve to be a champion..

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Not sure if it’s Junior’s toughness or Cain’s ‘inability to finish’ (I’m banking on it being JDS’ toughness) but he does have a point.

    Cain beat him like a redheaded step child but he did not finish him… This fight will tell the true story! War JDS and Cain!

  3. Big daddy says:

    However you look at it Cain whooped your ass all night long! To me that’s better than submission. Jds saying that it wasn’t him that night is just an excuse and makes him look like a sore loser. Jds isn’t known for going the distance so if that happens again, what’s going to be his excuse next time?

  4. lol says:

    get over it you phaggot. cain owns your weak azz, you got lucky first fight. Words like these make me lose respect.

  5. big daddy is a douche says:

    clearly u havent seen all of jds fights he went the distance with nelson and carwin before cain and he whooped nelsin and carwins asses in both fights

    • Big daddy says:

      ^^^@ you use your momma’s douche^^^ yes I did watch the Roy Nelson 3 round fight that he had to pick his shots so he wouldn’t gas out. He did get tired but yes they went 3 rounds. Carwin also gassed and that was the Carwin coming back from back surgery. Douchebag!

  6. CainALLday says:

    Cain made it a point to control the fight from start to finish….JDS… Showed nothing at all in that fight other than he made a good punching bag….sure cain didn’t finish him because JDS is tough but look at how JDS looked after the fight…. and he didn’t leave his room for weeks after…a beating like that has to be in your head…

  7. maddkillah says:

    finish or not JDS still didn’t won a single round…UD still a legit way to win…JDS better react like he used to do or its gonna be the same old 5 round beating…

  8. Mark says:

    He boutta get that ass whooped

  9. Adan Ramirez says:

    Cain left the face of
    JDS looking like Chunk off of the Goonies movie

  10. Drew says:

    As a betting man im sitting this one out. If i go with cain jds could just be so amped up he clocks cain right out of the gate again. However, a betting man would never bet againest cain. That dude , may sound cliche is a beast.

  11. Awesome says:

    1st fight was fluke, JDS, you knew that. Take care your face this time.

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