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Thursday, 10/31/2013, 01:47 pm

JDS: Cain didn’t prove he was the better fighter

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, was recently TKO’d by current title holder, Cain Velasquez, in their trilogy bout, which headlined UFC 166 in Houston just over 10 days ago.

Velasquez was able to dominate “Cigano” from the opening bell, much like he did in their second encounter at UFC 155.

However, in an exclusive interview with Tatame, dos Santos says that Cain did not prove he is the better fighter with his performace in Houston:

Carlos Antunes: What went wrong in the fight?

JDS:It was a fight that, for sure, was heavily studied beforehand by both sides, my team as much as his. But I believe that in the end, his team brought a more effective strategy in order to fight just to win. My strategy was to impose my game and, as always, get the knockout. Perhaps it was a more emotional strategy than a rational one.

CA: You knocked Velasquez out in 2011. Why weren’t you able to repeat that result this time?

JDS:What was missing for me was the distance to finish my combinations. His goal was accomplished, as every time he felt one of my punches, he clinched and leaned into me, allowing himself enough time to recover.

CA: Do you regret going for the choke that directly led to your being finished in the fight?

JDS: No. I was confident that I was able to win and was trying to in every way that I could, even including this choke attempt that ended up turning against me, as in the process of Velasquez defending the choke, I hit my head on the mat, which caused the technical knockout.

CA: After the fight, you took photos with Cain. Did you guys get the chance to talk?

JDS: I had just finished a huge fight against the athlete I consider my biggest rival in my weight class. Putting the result aside for a second, I have grown a lot and learned a lot from this rivalry. And what continues is the feeling of respect.

CA: Do you consider Cain the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time?

JDS: I think that today we are fighting at a different level than what had ever previosuly been fought. It’s difficult to compare, but he’s one of the best for sure.

CA: You received an indefinite medical suspension. When do you think you’re going to be back inside the Octagon?

JDS: I’m not sure yet. My team and I are waiting for some analyses that will be taken. My facial bruises and swelling have already healed.

CA: Do you believe this loss will make you stronger in the future?

JDS: I believe so, yes. The more I fight, the more I learn and the stronger I get, thus making me a better fighter  each and every time. The biggest lesson I learned from this fight is that besides counting on ability, training, and heart, it is necessary to formulate an effective strategy and follow it, which is not as simple as it seems. Negative results should not bring us down but rather become agents which make us better each and every time.

CA: Do you intend to change anything in your training?

JDS: We always have to look for ways to improve ourselves, and life requires constant change. I’m not satisfied with the way things went in this fight, such an important fight for my career. So, definitely, there will be some changes made.

CA: Where do you see yourself in the heavyweight division right now?

JDS: I still consider myself one of the main challengers to the title. He showed that he had an effective strategy to win the fight, looking to play it safe while not taking many chances to show he was the better fighter, blocking my punches in a way that is typical of wrestlers. He applied pressure, grabbing hold of me and avoiding the fight, making the fight boring, making the audience boo a lot. An effective strategy to win, but he didn’t prove he was the better fighter.

Do you agree with the statements made by Junior dos Santos? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!



0 Responses to “JDS: Cain didn’t prove he was the better fighter”

  1. Big J says:

    JDS sounds a little bitter, hands down Cain is a better fighter….he proved it, for the second time.

    For him to say, “he had an effective strategy to win the fight, looking to play it safe while not taking many chances to show he was the better fighter, blocking my punches in a way that is typical of wrestlers. He applied pressure, grabbing hold of me and avoiding the fight, making the fight boring, making the audience boo a lot. An effective strategy to win, but he didn’t prove he was the better fighter,” is an interesting response…

  2. Big daddy says:

    Chael is right! He definitely needs to fire his corner. Not only did they caused him to lose the fight but also brain damage.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    Wow… he’s still punch drunk.

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Sorry JDS I’m a big fan but that’s actually precisely what Cain proved.

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I wanted JDS too win, but as much as I don’t like the fencepushing fighting style it was effective and it was not all Velazquez did. Velazquez was rocked a few times but kept fighting through it and pushed JDS against the cage to recover, JDS should have gotten his back off the cage when that happened but he couldn’t and that was a shortcoming. Although I am shocked by how easy JDS’s face bruises and swells up it does show that he lost.

  6. squid says:

    nope… cain is definitely the better fighter

  7. Night-Wind says:

    Picture fits perfectly with the title.

  8. KMC says:

    WOW. I’m a big fan of both Cain and JDS, but this statement just makes JDS look bad. Being a better fighter doesn’t mean you stand and throw haymakers until one guy drops. That’s a test of chin and nothing else. Fighting, professionally, is the combination of skill (training), physical/mental toughness, AND strategy. If you don’t come into the fight with the right plan you lose. That makes you #2 that day pal. We all know #2 is the first loser.
    JDS is a beast and I can’t wait until his next fight. I just hope the bullshit excuses aren’t voiced beyond his most inner circle. Don’t be a bitch Junior

  9. Alex says:

    JDS is awesome but reeks of bitterness. You got outclassed twice…accept, move on.

  10. steve says:

    If you thought Cain was doing anything more than winning by points you dont know what the hell you are talking about. Cain undoubtedly won the last two fights, by trying not to lose. Cain and Cormier both have the same agenda. Glad they wont fight for I would sleep all the way through it.Cain is Champ and he deserves it, but every since his KO he is a safety fighter now. Sucks.

  11. scapinello says:

    i agree with you guys, looking at these guys as a third person this statement is bonkers. However, I also agree with his state of mind on this and him saying it. Different people have different types of self motivation. Some are humble and some are bitter etc. Dos Santos is keeping the drive alive by having that outlook of “f this guy, I am better than him”

    Again, looking at it from the outside its obvious Cain is the better fighter, but as Dos Santos I feel he has the appropriate state of mind to keep positive and driven to beat Cain.

  12. claudio says:

    cain probo con creces que es el mejor luchador

  13. Brian says:

    I will say I will NEVER be excited or look forward to watching Cain fight again! He was the “better fighter” that night, period.
    Now if you ask me who has the better fighting style, JDS by a landslide!!! It is MMA not boxing and Cain new what he needed to do to win. JDS, you were beat, admit it! Not only was Cain the winner of the match but he obviously was the smarter fighter as well.
    Now if this was boxing JDS would have a valid gripe. And WOULD have had his arm raised!!

  14. DaksToy says:

    I love both of this guys but clearly cain is the better fighter he defeated JDS twice the 3rd fight fight clearly is a statement that Cain is the better fighter. thats it nothing else to discuss whether he defeats you by knocking you out or by gaining points pushing you to the cage to dominate the game.

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