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Tuesday, 06/04/2013, 10:44 am

Jason Miller: The UFC ‘pretended’ to pay for knee surgery

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is not happy with his former employer.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship released Miller after he lost to C.B. Dollaway via decision at UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir in May 2012. He retired from mixed martial arts soon afterward.

The 32-year-old revealed to “The MMA Hour” on Monday that he was set to have surgery on his left knee. He hurt his knee during his fight with Dollaway. Miller said the UFC was going to take care of the surgery through its insurance. Unfortunately for Miller, his coverage expired when the promotion let the process drag on. Miller said that it was part of his former bosses plans.

“(The UFC) pretended they were going to give me the surgery and they started acting like they were going to fix my leg,” Miller said on “The MMA Hour.” “I went back and they dragged it out until my insurance coverage expired. So now I can’t get my knee fixed.”

Miller still hasn’t received surgery on his knee and said that he has learned to deal with the pain. The estimated cost for his surgery is more than $50,000.

“If you’re walking around with no ACL for one year, Kobe Bryant is a [expletive],” Miller said on “The MMA Hour.” “I’m walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame over here. That’s the big problem, right? I’m hurting, but I got so used to ignoring pain over my entire life from doing the job that I did. And I bet it’s a bit of genetics because my dad’s done the same thing, then, try to walk through the pain, whatever. Then your foot swells up like a watermelon. Try to work out hard? Nope!”

Aside from his knee pain, Miller said that he’s really enjoying his life and does not plan to return to MMA.


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  1. Mark J says:

    The more i see this crap the less I want to do with the UFC….the amount of sacrifice the fighters go through is insane and should be treated more than fair, someone needs to start a fighters union straight up…jus sayin

  2. jdog says:

    If that is true the UFC just totally screwed him over. Now his knee is a preexisting injury and NO insurance company will EVER cover his knee. This means he will have to pay for the injury the ENTIRE injury out of pocket and for the rest of his life if anything happens to it then he will have to pay for it because it is known that he has the injury now. I learned early on NEVER cancel insurance because if you do your entire medical history can be used against you when filing ANY claim. Pretty damn low if it is the truth. I know when I quit my job and moved to Vietnam my company canceled my insurance and I was supposed to have 30 days and then another 90 days to accept the insurance at a new rate but I was screwed out of that. Insurance is no joke….

  3. Milos says:

    I can tell you the solution to the problem right now, he should get on a plane fly in here to Serbia there are good doctors here both public and private, pay for the operation (2000-3000 euros) and stay here for a month or two for recovery. Including flight tickets,costs of renting an apartment and life expenses he could be set for about 6000-7000 euros thats like 8k dollars,i think he could manage that.

  4. 757 says:

    If the UFC really did that then that is shameful.To be honest I really can believe that. After watching and following this sport I am reall not getting the best impression of the promotion. To many fighters have issues for there not to be any. It’s disgusting.

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