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Thursday, 09/06/2012, 04:39 pm

Jason 'Mayhem' Miller charged in naked church incident

By Evan Stoumbelis
Former UFC Middleweight and former Bully Beatdown host Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller has been charged with misdemeanor vandalism after breaking into a church and reportedly spraying a fire extinguisher around the building before taking a nap on a couch on the second floor while wearing absolutely nothing. Mayhem has been accused of doing over $400 in damage, including smashing a window. Spokeswoman for the district attorney Farrah Emami said Mayhem faces up to a year in jail if convicted. Orange County officials found the first floor of the church covered with broken pictures, CD’s, books and spray from a fire extinguisher which led them to a naked Miller taking a nap on a second floor couch. Mayhem tweeted about the incident saying the incident “wasn’t a cry for attention, personal glory, or monetary gain.” days later Miller also tweeted saying “I did some socially unacceptable things last Sunday, that, for some reason has got some of you to hate me, even though at one time you loved. I am safe, with people that love me, and hope that you will join me, if I ever hurt anone, I am sorry.”

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12 Responses to “Jason 'Mayhem' Miller charged in naked church incident”

  1. dave says:

    i always hated this fag…his loud mouth..u can tell he is the style to do this

  2. Mustaine says:

    Yep he is a Puto!

  3. Mayor of Deviance says:

    $400 in damages?? That’s it? Cmon Mayhem, you can do better. You can get drunker. You can get wilder. I believe in you.

  4. Dddddd says:

    I gotta get a hold of some bathsalts. Is he
    Blaming all this shit on God? I figured his
    weird ass was a fellow Atheist. Maybe he was
    Lookin to get his 10% back after losin his gig
    at the UFC. I’d say pray for him but I think he
    lost that resource. With a quirkie personality
    like that he should get a new gig as a game
    show host. Man I can’t wait for Mayhem
    Miller roast.

    • bui says:

      Yea i completely agree, this dudes the biggest douche besides chael sonnen, but i dont think hell have a roast, cause no one really gives a fuck about him unless hes either getting his ass kicked or going to jail. You usually have to be famous to be on a roast….

  5. Tommygunzz says:

    Hope miller gets better and back on track,always enjoyed his fights.respect to miller.

  6. B-rad says:

    that sounds like an incident alright

  7. K2 says:

    I don’t see what the big problem is. God had no problem with it. He even let him sleep afterwords. Fukk the Police!

  8. MMACRAVER says:

    Ok… so he told us he didn’t do it for those reasons…

    SO WHY THEN? WHY!!????

    If you where on drugs say that… at least that makes sense.

  9. Heather says:

    The dude got issues…or a bad drug problem…possibly both…follow him on twitter…he is a weird one for sure.

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