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Tuesday, 02/21/2012, 08:23 am

Check Out This Crazy "Japanese Anime" Style UFC 144 Trailer (Video)

This is a fan made UFC 144 preview video and it is pretty awesome! Check it out…

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9 Responses to “Check Out This Crazy "Japanese Anime" Style UFC 144 Trailer (Video)”

  1. danriverapvNICKSSMART says:

    there is no way this is actual advertisement in Japan… that song was on southpark. and it was a little to ridiculous.

  2. danriverapvNICKSSMART says:

    oh thank god, i just miss read the title! haha nevermind. now its more funny.

  3. John says:

    Haha nice throwback to the South Park anime episode.

  4. omgaghost says:

    That Mike Goldberg Joe Roegan sceen was on point! Mike leans just a bit too far into Joes mouthpiece. He’s got that creepy pervert vibe going on, lol

  5. Ly-er says:

    Wow that was freaken hiliarious. Grade A workmanship rite there. Just like ‘nicktheface2′, these fan trailers seem to be alot better then what the UFC produces! LOL

  6. tkrelz says:

    protect my balls

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