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Monday, 08/06/2012, 01:13 pm

Jamie Varner Suffered Broken Hand In ROund 2 Of Lauzon Fight | UFC NEWS

UFC on Fox 4  Fight of the Night Joe Lauzon and Jamie Varner’s hell fire exchanges cost Jaime Varner more than a submission loss.  Varner reveals his swollen hand and  tells Fuel TV post fight,

“Looks like I broke my fourth metacarpal, just broke it. You can see the knuckle’s gone. One of my right hands I landed, it was gone, it hurt pretty bad.

In the second round, I slipped his jab came over with the overhand right and I hit the top of his head, and I felt it right away.

I told my corner after the second round ‘hey, my hand’s broken,’ they’re like ‘alright, we’re going to have to take him down then.’   The takedowns worked well until I got reversed into the triangle.”

An x-ray will determine the extent of his damaged hand and the recovery time as soon as the swelling subsides.

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5 Responses to “Jamie Varner Suffered Broken Hand In ROund 2 Of Lauzon Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Nuitari X says:

    An excellent fight, work on that gas tank, heal up, and come back strong Varner. We need more fighters willing to fight their asses off like you did.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Great fight by both fighters. Varner may have lost but he has gotten alot of fans coming back his way. Maybe with a full training camp his cardio would have been more up to par. I think the UFC really likes what they are seeing with Varner

  2. stephen riddle says:

    Yeah this dude brings it, im a fan of him and joe but was rooting for varner, im sure he will get another shot,it would be nice if every fighter went hard like these dudes!

  3. CombatRusse says:

    Maybe that’s why he was landing those nasty elbows
    What a great weapon (thank you Anderson Silva and John Jones)

  4. MMACRAVER says:

    Yea well I guess that’s what happens when you don’t pick your shots AT ALL…. and throw bombs at a persons defences with wreckless abandon hoping one gets through….

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