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Friday, 08/10/2012, 08:12 am

Jamie Varner: I could have beat Lauzon in a boring fight | UFC NEWS

“With my fighting style, I fight with reckless abandon,” said Jamie Varner reflecting on his UFC on FOX 4 loss to Joe Lauzon Saturday night. “I think that’s why I got Fight of the Night. I think that’s why people enjoy watching me fight. It’s because I don’t stop. You live by the sword, you die by the sword, unfortunately. Because I fight so hard and I scramble a lot I put myself in bad positions and I do get caught. And it sucks, but like I said, I’d rather fight hard and have people enjoy watching me fight than just always go out there and fight not to lose.”

“I could’ve beat Joe Lauzon with a jab. I could’ve ran, thrown the jab, thrown kicks, kept him away, and won a boring fight; won a boring decision. I could’ve done that in the third round too. But no, I wanted to put pressure on him. I wanted to be exciting. I wanted to go for the finish,” he explained. “I’m always looking for the finish. And unfortunately I got caught.”


35 Responses to “Jamie Varner: I could have beat Lauzon in a boring fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Yo says:

    I can respect that.

    • Coffee409 says:

      You repsect excuses?

        • Yo says:

          I think hes right thats why,I think he really couldve won with a bitchass gameplan but I respect that he didnt cause hes not a douche sleepingbag like jon fitch.Thats all

        • Jyoung says:

          Meh, whether its the truth or not it doesnt matter. If you want to win and playing safe, or being boring is what you do, then do it. Winning is winning and losing is losing no matter what your game plan is or should have been. For him to say that he could have won by making it a boring fight is like saying Chael Sonnen can promote a fight without saying a word.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Props to varner for showing up to fight on short notice and not running away looking for a pussy ass win like Guida or Boetch or Condit. UFC is very high on Varner for his performances and he his loss to Lauzon did not hurt his stock whatsoever. Yeah maybe he might have won but after what Greg jackson has pulled lately last thing a fighter like Varner who has just recently worded his way back in UFC wants to do. Varner put on an aesome fight and went out on his sheild liek awarrior nothing to be ashamed of. Big time respect for Varner turning his career around and getting back to the big show

  2. mahs says:

    were all big fans of that style. much respect varner. we all want to see you scrap again.

    • Boom says:

      are you kidding me? everyone seems to forget him bitching out during the WEC title fight against Donald Cerrone; pretending that he couldnt see after he got barely kneed in the head

  3. some kid says:

    We will see how long this lasts with him. If he gets finished a couple more times he may go the way of the point system…

  4. Xaninho says:

    I very much enjoyed the Varner-Lauzon fight, both guys showed skill and courage. Varner coming in on short notice, busting his hand in the 1st rd and still made it a fight, even a fight of the night.

  5. Nuitari X says:

    Varner is awesome. Work on that gas tank and get back in the cage man. We love fighters like Varner.

  6. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Varner just became my favorite fighter. Not really, but you get the meaning behind the statement. I can only hope that other fighters see this.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Maybe all the GUIDAS out there will look at a how all us fans feel about varner even though he lost we have million times more respect for him going out on his sheild fighting like a warrior instead of a FUCKING PUSSY like Guida

  7. Ryan Prieur says:

    If this was Pride, he could loose most of his fights and still get an invite back because fans love to see guys give it all in there :) I hope his style stays the same and he mantains a good recored wile doing so

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Because of GREG JACKSON pussy ass gameplans for PUSSYS the warrior style of Pride fighting will soon slip away forever. What Guida and condit did IMO is unforgivable except of course if he comes back and fights liekhe use to and knocks GSP head into the 3rd row. I think Greg jackson will figure out away for taht fight to be cancled so GSP can fight ie(FITCH) Nick Diaz.

  8. shouldacouldawoulda says:

    I could have been rich and married a supermodel, but that’s just not the way I do things…

  9. Coffee409 says:

    You guys are too much… The guy comes out making up excuses for why he lost and you’re all “I really respect that”… Give me a f**king break. He lost because the better man that night won. End of story.

  10. Boom says:

    Did everyone forget the WEC title fight against donald cerrone when he b*tched out??

    • Bertram says:

      dude you’re a hater. do you forget how he threw down with cerrone in the rematch and that fight turned out to be amazing? jamie could have easily just wrestled donald the entire time. i dont even like varner that much but you gotta respect the guy. was the wec champ, has been in 3-4 really great fights, knocked out one of the deadliest lightweights around, and was on his way to dominating lauzon before breaking his hand. you’re a HATER

      • PLEASE says:

        Yep… mad respect for Varner. Lookin forward to his next fight.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Yeah i too was really down on varner after he totally PUSSYED out in Cerrone fight but that was along time ago and Varner has shown he is a different person now and has grown leaps and bounds as well as having the fortitude to basically start his career over again after hitting rock bottom in the sport. Alot of people forget how young Varner was when he was WEC champ. He is only 26 or 27 now and that was along time ago. UFC needs more fighters that are like Varner and actually want to fight instead of runninga way pitter patteringa nd using the FLAWED rules like Guida and Edgar do by getting flash takedowns and pitter aptetr point fighting bullshit while never leaving any damage. I wil always root for the FIGHTER/WARRIOR before a gamplaniing /pointfighting PUSSY wanna be track star

  11. James Wolfe says:

    What a lamo! You not only lost, but you were finished. All I’m getting out of this is “if I didn’t lose, i would’ve won”. Now that he immediately learned from his loss, he thinks he could have won. Weak sauce bro.

  12. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Least he didn’t blame it on injury. You can still fight smart, be exciting, and get the win. Look at Silva, JDS, Jose Aldo and JBJ…that’s why they’re champs. BJ, J-Lau, Nick Diaz, Evan Tanner (rip), Belfort, Condit, Cro Cop (not so much anymore), Rua, Franklin to name a few.

  13. Xaninho says:

    Also, I would also like to say that I would lick his anus ANY DAY. nom nom nom…

  14. Mike b says:

    Varner has nothing to be ashamed about.he fought a great fight.that was one of the better fights I’ve seen this year.i would love see him and cowboy go at it again.if cowboy wins or loses against Melvin it don’t matter they should make that fight.or the UFC should make Varner vs Jim miller that would be a sick fight.respect to Varner man he’s a fucking warrior,win or lose it don’t matter one bit.

  15. Trevor says:

    He fought very well and it was an amazing fight. But to say he could of gone the easy route to win is lousy excuse. He went for the takedown cuz he was gassed. Then Joe just swept and subbed him. It was a great fight, no need to give reasons why you lost, be proud of your performance.

  16. Jimmy Lumpkin says:

    I thought it was a great fight but these comments seem really disrespectful to Lauzon. They take away from how well Joe fought that night.

    “That’s why I got fight of the night”, give me a break. Last time I checked it takes two to get fight of the night and Joe has more of them along with SOTN and KOTN. If anyone can be credited as being “exciting” it’s definitely Joe, while also consistently winning.

  17. koa says:

    could’ve, should’ve, but didn’t! so when muhammad ali danced around the ring jabbing and being known as the best boxer of all time that makes him boring?

  18. Dick Diaz says:

    i think if he had a full training camp, he would’ve been able to keep the pace more and beat Joe.

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