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Wednesday, 03/28/2012, 02:00 pm

Boxing Great James Toney Calls Rampage Jackson A "Slave To The White Man"

“That’s what you get for being a slave to the white man. Don’t be scared. Step up and speak for yourself. That’s why I got paid the million-and-a-half dollars and am still getting paid by the UFC. You know what I’m sayin’? The highest paid fighter ever. You feel me, fat boy? Me. And you been there…what, twenty years and you’re getting paid pennies? While I make millions?

Rampage, if you wanna fight me boy? Come on down to the gym and I’ll give you a job. …you could be the sparring partner. I pay $50 for a sparring partner.”

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63 Responses to “Boxing Great James Toney Calls Rampage Jackson A "Slave To The White Man"”

  1. jc says:

    what did he say i caught none of that

    • Miesha Tate's arm says:

      He never fails to sound like an idiot

      • Rocko says:

        He doesn’t need to try it comes naturally!

        The Verdict is still out what he said but, I think it might go like this:

        I like donkey shows and bear parties. Rampage is a slave to Dana because he is the most physical speciment out there. I can’t get a fight so all I can do is talk crap and do blow. I tried my hand in male prostitution but since I’m so fat I couldn’t get it up

  2. deepcountrykauai says:

    I’m a fan of James Toney as a pure boxer, but i think he took too many blows to the head cause i cant understand wtf he said…

  3. benjohnson says:

    He needs to STFU and get choked out in under 2 minutes again. Obviously he only spends $50 on a sparring partner. Practice how you play.

  4. I just dont understand how they can be crying. Rampage new what he was getting himself into when he signed the contract. He made alot of money. Not as much as he wanted because he has been loosing. Commen sense. Stop with the finger pointing and blaming the whiteman for all your problems. You have choices. Now finish what you started and retire. No excuses.

  5. DMAC says:

    Only fighter ever that sounds out of shape..

  6. Nick says:

    Subtitles please.

  7. Q says:

    Where is his translator?

  8. well that isn’t awkward

  9. James says:

    Listening to James Toney talk trash is one of my fav guilty pleasures. I could listen to him talk all day about “Quentina Jackson”, “David Gay”, “Bernice Hopkins”, or “The Bitchko Sisters”. Dude is funny as fuck.

  10. BWes says:

    People that can’t even speak properly should not get paid that much money. From what I did understand, sounds like a pay day for Rampage. He may be looking bad these days, but he hasn’t really been fighting striking oriented fighters either. James Toney vs. Rampage Jackson could be good. That way, if Jackson wins, Toney can say he lost to an MMA fighter in both sports.

  11. Gouldx87 says:

    is it even healthy for this guy to box anymore lol.

  12. Rondo says:

    Perfect Rampage wants to stand and bang, with no wrestling involved, Toney just called you down to the ground Page what you gonna do about that? C’mon put the boxing gloves on and fight Toney straight boxing, love to see how long you can last, he’ll I’d even root for you. Lmao

  13. nasty nate says:

    can barely understand this idiot

  14. King Lou says:

    I don’t know whos harder to understand James Toney or Wanderlei Silva

    Toney just needs to take the dicks out of his mouth

  15. Dick Diaz says:

    lol this guy is so fucking entertaining. very chael sonnen and nick diaz lmaooo

  16. dante040 says:

    as I heard it james toney never got a penny from the ultimate fighting championship . all that money went uncle sam

  17. mike r says:

    the f*ck did he say? they really need subtitles for this video

  18. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    man cant even breath when talking hahahaha. funny shit

  19. Ruben says:

    Lights out baybay, DETROIT DETROIT

  20. Ruben says:

    James Toney runs Detroit

  21. The "White Man" says:

    least he didnt get choked out by the white man in 2 minutes.

  22. SAMMMMMMM says:

    Now what i’d love to see is a presidential debate between wanderlei silva and james toney……i’d pay money to see that

    • King Lou says:

      I wonder the person doing sign language for the deafs with be like WTF and the translators will be working overtime. Whos going to ask the questions Matt Hamill?

  23. Nate says:

    All this money, he should have pay for some speech therapy!

  24. Souza boy says:

    he had the worst ufc fight i ever seen.

  25. Wolf says:

    Guess he’s to dumb to keep his mouth shut. Figured he would have learned his lesson when he got beat by Randy.

  26. jbeamazing says:

    he still knows where he is at but his brain just works faster then his English

  27. Alex Daas says:

    I would LOVE to see this fight! Toney for the upset!!

  28. Jason N says:

    why is he on an MMA site. STFU

  29. Lucifer oO says:

    Great boxer! But please! Stop asking him about MMA world cuz he have nothing to do with it. Who the hell wants to know what James Toney thinks about Rampage, UFC or MMA. He have no reason to talk about it, cuz in this sport he is nobody and he done nothing.

  30. Jim says:

    We need a translator.

  31. BJC says:

    Boys been hit in the head to many times.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Toney was just as RETARDED before he ever got hit in head million times. Getting hit in head just made him a bigger retard thats all

  32. Marc says:

    When he is a slave to KFC, McDs, and BK, triple threat, he should not talk with his mouth full.

  33. CanILive says:

    Damn he only pays 50$ for sparring partners ? No wonder he’s garbage

  34. mikeo says:

    james toney garbage… come on?? but this was class less for sure…

  35. King Chris says:

    I wouldn’t want James Toney speaking for me anywhere, but his point is valid. He makes sure he gets paid while Rampage still hasn’t figured that out. Then again, I think Rampage is a rich man, just has horrible spending habits. Anyone here would probably do well on his salary.

  36. YhwhDesign says:

    Toney is a chump… Still mad bout getting beat by Randy coture. Rampage would beat him too. Stick to boxing and run your mouth to make money.. thats the only way you’ll get money from the UFC.

  37. Beaner says:

    James Toney is a bitch. Randy proved that to everyone when they fought and he immediately took him down like it was nothing and beat him like he was his sparring partner. All that talk about how he was knocking people out from his back didn’t mean shit and didn’t do shit!

  38. Dexter says:

    Ugh. Shitty video. Kids screaming in the background, Toney whispering/slurring or w/e the fuck he is doing. I needed to read his quote to follow him along in what he was saying. Toney was already a draw before he got into the UFC for like, ONE fight in which he got DESTROYED. Toney wouldn’t do it for any less and they wanted to humiliate a boxer by showing him boxers don’t do well in MMA. Well he got humiliated but he’s proud because he got 1.5 million. The difference is Rampage can switch to boxing and still probably be good where as Toney will never be good at MMA – he doesn’t have the potential.

  39. jeremy says:

    James toney is a throw back racists idiot. He cant even talk. Rampage is a slave to the white man? Well the supposed 1 and a half million that he’s still getting paid is coming from a white man and white men. Rampage would knock his silly ass into next weak. Thats why he got his ass beat by a “white man” named randy couture. he’s illiterate and he should keep his illiterate as in the lower ranks of boxing. MMA is full of class and honor. boxing is full of big mouth idiots like that clown. James toney is a disgrace as a human being. white men pay your salary and if they didn’t he probably be incarcerated or on his mothers porch drinking a 40 living off his girlfriends welfare check. That guys a fucking slurring boxing has been straight up.

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