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Thursday, 05/03/2012, 04:47 pm

Jake Shields Ready To "Dominate" The UFC's Middleweight Division | UFC NEWS

On Saturday, August 11 live on Pay-Per-View for millions of viewers around the world, Jake Shields will return to the Octagon and to the UFC’s middleweight division against the top ranked 185-pounder Ed “Short Fuse” Herman.

“I’m excited to move back up to the middleweight and to start dominating the division,” said Shields. “There’s a ton of talented fighters at 185. Ed Herman is one of them, he’s a tough opponent who’s proven himself, but I want to be the best and I want to beat them all starting with Herman.”

Jake Shields (27-6) is one of the most accomplished submission fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts. He has competed all over the world, and has faced some of the best fighters MMA has to offer. Through his career, Shields has taken on some of the best athletes in the word including Hayato Sakurai, Kazuo Misaki, Yushin Okami, Carlos Condit, Mike Pyle, Paul Daley, Robbie Lawler, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Dan Henderson, Martin Kampmann, Jake Ellenberger, Georges St-Pierre, and most recently Akiyama. He has also captured several titles during his career, including the EliteXC Welterweight Championship, as well as the Strikeforce 185-pound belt.

Shields made his debut in the UFC in October 2010 when he defeated Martin Kampmann in a split decision victory. Since then he’s competed three more times as a welterweight including a bid for the title against long-time World Champion Georges St-Pierre. Now he moves up to middleweight to make a run for the belt starting with Herman at UFC 150.

Herman (20-8), a UFC fighter since 2006, has recently returned to action after recovering from a knee injury and surgery. Since then, he’s won three times in the Octagon, taking out Clifford Starks and Kyle Noke and an impressive TKO win over Tim Credeur.

Jake Shields vs. Ed Herman, as part of UFC 150, will take place from the Pepsi Center in Denver. UFC 150 will be seen live in North America on Pay-Per-View, and around the world on various networks Saturday, August 11.


29 Responses to “Jake Shields Ready To "Dominate" The UFC's Middleweight Division | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dot Dot says:

    Dominate by dry hump? ZZZzzzZZZZ

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      Dry hump, nuzzle, power cuddle… mother fuckers better watch out!!!

      Jake Shields is gonna whisper sweet little nothings into the ears of the UFC MWs while they spoon!!

      (Maybe even a little missionary too..)

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah i agree. Dominate does not mean DRYHUMP. how can a guy who in the real world where if there was GOOD judging he would be 0-4 in UFC possibly think he is going to do any better at MW. I’m not even a Akiyama fan and I was outraged when the judges gave sheilds nod. I though Akiyama threw Sheilds around like a ragdoll. At no point in the fight was Akiyama hurt or in any danger and he looked like the stronger more dominant fighter in all 3 rounds. I’m still pissed off about Kampmann getting screwed in his fight against sheilds. Only fight Sheilds looked half way descent was against all your guys hero GSP. All I know is GSP better damn well hope he don’t ever have to fight Ellenberger cause same thing that happen to Sheilds will happen to him also. I think Sheilds would be better off going back to strikeforce.

  2. Silvas scared says:


  3. Silvas scared says:

    Sorry, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

  4. Speak for the Dead says:

    he is going to get destroyed just like he did in the welter weight division then thank god it will be the end of old jake the dry hump machine shields in the UFC.

  5. mean170 says:

    How did Jake Shields ever beat Dan Henderson??

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Hendo was had a back injury and was unable to train or do any road work to drop weight and had to drop 25lbs day of weigh ins. Go back watch first round yu will see real Hendo knocked Jake’s head across cage. I thought Hendo almost killed Jake Sheilds he hit him so hard but Jake got up and ran away (EDGAR STYLE) and Hendo gassed out and Sheilds lay n prayed him for rest fight but didn’t do any damage to Hendo whasoever. If Jake ever fought a healthy Hendo the fight wouldn’t last one round. That win was one in a million. Sheilds couldn’t pack Hendo’s jock strap now. BIGGEST FLUKE IN MMA HISTORY. I know most people think biggest fluke was Serra vs GSP but i have to say i don’t agree because although Serra may be a natural lightweight he has landed the same punch he did on GSP to alot of fighters with better chins than GSP and took them out. It wasn’t just one punch. Serra nailed GSP and knocked him down and GSP did the exact same thing Edgar did in both Maynard/Edgar 2and s. Only difference was GSP rolled over and tapped to strikes where as Edgar had way more heart than GSP and got up staggering and ran away. Most refs would have stopped both Edgars fights with Maynard. In fact thats part of why Maynard didn’t keep pounding on him because after like 5th knockdown he just kept looking at the ref like what do you want me to do kill the guy. Noone should be able to take 5 concusions back to back to back. In boxing each one of those knockdowns would have been scored a point and the fight would have been stopped after 2nd knckdown. Frankies brains are going to be mush before he’s 35 years old a nd thats something that no father should ever endure or his kids should ever have to see when he gets older..

      • says:

        I for one will not read this due to the fact your previous post was shitty and this was is longer. I myself am a fan of mixed martial arts so i enjoy watching all fights, you however are strictly a fan of brawlers and from the way you speak it seems like you know everything about mma. I suggest you use your knowledge to bet on mma and become a millionaire then you can creat your own sport were ground game is not allowed…o wait thats already invented #OWNED

        • says:

          Disregard my spelling/grammar a few budweisers will do that to yah

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Yeah right Im am just as much of a fan of GNP and submisions. whens the last time you saw your boy GSP ro Fitch try and submit someone instead of lay n pray or run and poke jabberfest, I just don’t like boring ass fighters who don’t do anything but lay ands humpa leg. Whens the last time saw GSP engage or scrap or go toe to toe. 2-3 fights in like 4 years come what kind of champ never fights.

        • A.James says:


        • says:

          There not my friends or my “boys”. Sorry the champ is Canadian and beats down all of his American openents because they got no heart. I didn’t make the rules.

  6. RFK says:

    Jake is beast fucktards.!!!!!!!! Come at bro

  7. KIDD433 says:

    He didnt earn a win against Hendo,it was given to him by the judges……
    The only good match ups for him at 185 for him would be palhares or maia.Against fellow jui jitsu guys just might be entertaining.Because his striking is fucken horrible

    • Not You says:

      Palhares would be a bad fight for Sheilds. He’s super strong and has power in the hands and kicks. Not the best striking by a long hot but he uses it to set up his leg lock attacks so well. Maia would be a much better fight. And even then I think Maia would take it. Of Mayhem was able to take Jake’s back then Maia would be able to do the same With time to finish.

  8. HaVaginaButts says:

    Jack Shields needs a tag team partner to punch and kick for him

    • Sloth says:

      Haha shot. He truly does make the most boring fights. And how the fuck did he get the win against Akiyama? He was getting thrown around like a ragdoll.

  9. Gsp says:

    Wait, did I read that correctly? When people get their asses beat, don’t they usually drop a weight division? Lol

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You’re right usually when guys get their asses beat they go down in weight not up. I remember an interview a while back when someone like Ariel hawani asked GSP’s sidekick haresh hababai or whatever his trainers name is if GSP was ever going to take a fight at 185 and he said actually we (HIM AND GSP) had been talking about dropping down to 155. he said GSP only walks around between 195-200lbs and they think he is a small WW. What a joke GSP only drops like 8-10 less lbs than Jon “lay n pray” Fitch and everyone knows Fitch use to be a lightheavyweight but got KO’s so he dropped to MW and got Ko’d so now he drops 32 lbs weighs in at 171 and 28 hours later fight time walks into cage at 200-202. Both Fitch and GSP would be screwed if they finally implement next day weigh ins. They would both retire before ever fighting anyone their own size. i read an article on another site where Fitch turned down a fight against Rory Mcdonald. gee big surprise there huh. Can’t ever accuse Fitch of being stupid Rory would tear him apart. fitch is going to do same thing as GSP just sit back for another year like he did last year milking shoulder injury that BJ did to him and watch all these REAL FIGHTERS like Rory, Ellenberger, hendricks, Condit, Kampman. Then we will see the usual Fitch twitter message to UFC and fans saying he’s cleaned out the WW divsion and he’s only going to fight GSP and wants an immediate title shot. i’m not sure which is bigger Fitch’s EGO or his monkey ears or his 48 losses in wrestling in college. It seems in REAL wrestling you don’t score points and win when you only stall and hump a leg. perfect example of how flawed the rules are in MMA are. well i take part of that back because they didn’t allow stalling in Pride. prob why there was no such thing as LAY N PRAY in Pride and almost all fight were exciting not to mention yellow cards and Japanese fans would have booed Fitch right out of the country.I’m sure thats why Fitch avoided fighting in Pride.

  10. Sloth says:

    i get annoyed looking at him

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You know jake may be boring but he is a very honorable man who truly embraces the codes of a disipline of being a martial artist. no man should take a fight one week after his father dies. I’m not saying Ellenberger wouldn’t have KO’d him but no way a fighter should set foot in the cage without being 100% focused. No way anyone can be ready to fight 6 days after his fathers passing. Add all the pressure put on him by Dana and what was expected of him in the UFC. Lots of really good fighters have never transitioned well into UFC. Alot of jalkes problem (I THINK) is he use to be able to dominate guys on ground but everyone is so well rounded in UFC now that he gets killed on his feet and everyones takedown defense is better also. Thye should have had jake fight Fitch and they could have locked up like 2 dogs humping and humped each otehr for 15 minutes. Mirror images of each other except Jake doesn’t have an out of control ego like Fitch

  11. Eric El Bestia says:

    Here’s Betty telling Shields when he crosses the MW division in UFC.

  12. Numba1Ghani says:

    Does anyone else think jake shields looks like a fucking gay retard? He looks like his IQ would be less than an autistic chimpanzee. He also looks like he would talk just like doofy from scary movie. And you know this fool takes it up the bunghole all day by black dudes in frisco. he fights like he has acute down syndrome too his boxing is just a little above mayhem millers against bisping. It’ll help the sport of mma for him to go back up to MW and get KO’d out of the ufc. Jake shields blows cock him and jon fitch should stop fighting and just go dryhump eachother. ben askren and chael sonnen can join and make it a dryhump suckfest orgy. Fuck lay n prayer they ruin the sport.

  13. Noah Plata says:

    Obvious set up for a Miller vs Shields 2 fight long time and real MMA fans could appreciate that rematch and how about a BJJ war with Maia if Damien doesn’t drop to WW before then.

    Jake can finish with submissions he isn’t as bad as Fitch or Askren who are purely wrestlers.

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