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Saturday, 09/10/2011, 06:59 am

Jake Shields Comments on Diaz vs. Penn

“I really wanted to see that fight, as most people. I think everyone was excited to see Nick (Diaz) vs. GSP. Condit and St. Pierre is a good fight too, but obviously most people would probably agree that its not as good a fight…I think Dana is a smart guy and mostly fair. I don’t know the details, but hopefully Nick learns from what he’s done and moves forward and gets himself another title shot…I just heard that (Nick Diaz was fighting BJ Penn) two minutes ago and I am very happy about that. I was worried Nick would get dropped from the UFC after that. So, its good that he gets a chance to redeem himself and that’s a great fight as well. It’s a tough fight, but I think Nick sets too high of a pace for BJ. I think he’ll overwhelm him and tire him down and beat BJ.”


71 Responses to “Jake Shields Comments on Diaz vs. Penn”

  1. chris says:

    you were worried nick was gonna get dropped from the ufc, well now you gotta be worried hes gonna get dropped from THE PRODIGY!!

  2. Jp says:

    Nick’s going eat BJ’s counter right hand the entire fight. Cant wait for the prodigy to LICK THE F’n GLOVES !!!

  3. DBKlein69 says:

    i hope bj destroys this wanna be gangsta in brutal fashion. oh no he from stockton, cali! fake thug wanna be

  4. Michael says:

    BJ fans are a little delusional…just sayin. He barely got a draw against Fitch because he came out and surprised everybody by trying to wrestle. Also if you remember the last time Penn was in a cage, he was getting his face pounded by J. Fitch. So maybe you guys should be realistic.

    • kevin says:

      Michael, please go fuck your mother then kill yourself

    • Dex says:

      You mean Fitch barely got a draw against BJ…he lost the first two rounds and the third was NOT a 10-8 round

    • walleye says:

      @Micheal…isn’t there a Fitch website that you can go spout your bullshit on…this is….and BJ won that fight

      • zack says:

        jon fitch was hitting him with pussy shots that obviously were not doing any damage.

        • J C says:

          I think BJ will be able to convincingly beat Diaz, but to be honest, him being a champion again seems pretty slim.

          I am a BJ fan, but I cant envision him beating the top guys at LW or WW. I am not an Edgar fan, but he showed that this isnt the same BJ from even a few years ago. I wish him the best and a long career. As long as he is on a card, I will buy it.

          Not trying to hate, just observing.

        • Tom says:

          Fitch had BJ leaning on the cage contemplating retirement after that fight. So yeah those 300+ shots TOTALLY didn’t do anything and definitely didn’t warrant a 10-8 round. You faggots need to wake the fuck up and realize how fucking overrated your fat ninja turtle is. He’ll NEVER be a champion again. If Fitch had him in the new 5 round main events BJ wouldve thrown in the towel like the fucking quitter he is.

        • zack says:

          sweet still doesnt take away from the fact that jon fitch fights like a bitch

        • R.HendO says:

          Your obviously not a fan of MMA . Jon Fitch should have been ready for anything loosing 2 rounds to a man much smaller than him is unacceptable BJ is a warrior and will fight any one any time regardless whether or not its a bad match for him hes down and thats why people like Anderson Silva, Matt Hughes Dana White, all say BJ is one of the best to ever play this game and is a legend Anderson say BJ is the best to ever do it… Go take your shit some where else you fucking attention whore We love our Ninja Turtle here

        • Tom says:

          I didn’t expect to sway anyone’s opinion. I look forward to BJ’s retirement in October, and you’re adorable R.HendO for somehow coming to the conclusion that I’m not an MMA fan. Bravo.

        • Squid says:

          The problem is it wasnt a 5 round fight it was 3 round and if the queen had balls she would be king

        • Tom says:

          “At the end of the fight the scorecards of the judges were 29-28 for Fitch, 28-28 and 28-28. It was declared a Majority Draw. BJ Penn admitted he felt he had lost the fight.” Wikipedia baby. Never lies.

    • Mike.. Take off your retard helmet and run into a brick wall maybe it’ll knock some sense into your stupid self! Bj won 2 rounds out of 3.. what does that mean? Bj won that fight u dumbass!

    • Chris says:

      Fitch was no where near beating BJ down. He barely did damage to BJ. And BJ did not barely get a draw, he should have gotten the split decision. If you dont agree, ask Dana. Hes the one giving BJ the contender fight over Fitch.

  5. ryan says:

    Man, i agree that diaz is a poser. i mean hell, hes a great fighter, i respect that. but hes not a gangster. mayhem called that. i think diaz just pussed out of the gsp fight, then said “oh, i feel better now. but gimme som1 else” he comes up with all kinds of reasons he cant fight ppl. and if he was a gangster, then he wouldnt have let miller call him a pussy. he would have flipped a b**** and at least tried to beat mayhem. so ima say, screw diaz, bj, whoop his ass.

  6. cody says:

    @ryan, dude. thats not wat happend. diaz pussed out all together. he didnt show up for 2 press confrences. he got put up against bj bcuz of that and didnt even ask for a fight. if u ask me? hes gona puss out there too. diaz IS a poser, but read up on this shit b4 u start talking shit

  7. JustMyOpinion says:

    So just my opinion buuut….this is a great fight!!!! I am a huge BJ fan and I am also a Diaz fan…I think it will be a standup war between tha two…Diaz will apply a pressure like he always does but BJ wil counter with his power…on tha ground I feel it will be a stalemate or it will be whoever makes tha first mistake…Now for all of you talkin shyte about Diaz are entitled to your opinion but facts are this…I am from Cali and i can tell you Stockton is a hood…Now im not sayin Diaz is gangsta but for him to grow up there tha way he did im sure he’s down for his…but you guys are judging him for tha same kinda social disorder Ricky Williams(football player) has…that takes treatment and time to get over…Nick Diaz is down to fight and press conferences are not his thing…he’ll show up for any fight and he’ll be across tha cage when fight night comes around…once again this is a great fight and we will all enjoy it…war penn

  8. Here we go cardio comment from shields.. nick’s pace is going tire Bj out?!? Prove them wrong Bj and be the first to knock Diaz out.. Diaz does keep coming straight for ya which makes an easy target. Laser sighted in and knock em out! I got Bj FTW!

    • The Brave Reply says:

      I agree Nick comes straight at you. Great idea if your fighting Strikeforce Grade fighters. But if your fighting UFC Grade fighters especially BJ, you better not come at them with your hands up in the air cuz the moment you do your going to sleep. If Daley rocked Diaz and Gomi put him on his ass twice, then BJ’s 168lbs of pressure to your jaw is going to put you to SLEEP!!

      I am a Diaz fan but I dont think he has what it takes to beat BJ. I think he has what it takes to beat Gorgeous George though.

      • Lorenzo says:

        I agree. I’m not a huge BJ fan but i think Diaz will lose. He hasn’t competed with high level fighters for years now. Kj noons, Paul Daley, Cyborg? Those guys aren’t even in the top 10 Welterweights. Realistically BJ has fought higher level guys his whole career which will give him the better edge in winning.

  9. @Chart

    Jeremy Jackson knocked Diaz out and it was bad lol nick didnt know where he was after the fight

  10. Dex says:

    TOM: if you hate BJ so much why are you on his website? i guess this is probably what you do in your spare time when ur not crying and jacking off to the to the Fitch/Gsp fight

  11. TIkler says:

    You are an idiot! Silva would beat the s.h.i.t. out of you. You talk out of your a.s.s. waaaay to much you leg humpin homo!

  12. Surfari says:

    RIP Mr. Shields I wish you the best Jake

  13. T.DADDY says:

    FUKK U JAKE!!!

    AND FUKK U junkie!

  14. slacker says:

    Yeah, Shields is not in touch with reality as far as fighting Silva. He has zero chance. He couldn’t keep him down even if it did somehow get to the ground. I like Shields. In his interviews, he is a down to earth, humble guy. But now that he is with the UFC, the #’s in his Loss-column are going to start moving up a lot quicker.

    • Joegun says:

      Maybe tom you jus started watching mma recently but bj a quitter?? U sound like a gsp fan,u can talk all the shit on his website but ur probably some obese,jobless loser that has never trained or has a really small knowledge about this sport but if you said that in person around Hilo town you’ll leave looking like joe stevenson after what the “Fat ninja turtle” did to him. Bj a quitter…go fuck urself tom!!

  15. Nobody says:

    I like to train and hang with BJ just for a day to see how cookg he is.

  16. Joegun says:

    Some of these guys are jokes on here they saw 5 ufc’s and think they’re joe rogan. I been watching since the first match between teila tuli n gerard gordeau in 92.. Bj…a sure fire hall of famer and probably a 3 time champ when he hangs em up and the most decorated jiu jitsu athlete in America and the most ballsy n fearless guys u wouldnt want to see across the octagon. Dont hate on his site!! Go watch bio channel and see theres one on George-s!! The Gay Syphilis Pirate!!

    • Fortyb4five says:

      sure bud thats what everyone says they’ve been watching since 92..

      • bizzle says:

        I have been watching the UFC since I was in the 4th grade.. My dad used to give me allowance money and I would take it go to wiki wiki video store in hilo and rent one of only 3 ufc vhs tapes they had, and when I watched them all would start all over again.. I remember I cut three neighbors yards in order to buy the ufc 5 ppv superfight between shamrock and gracie.. lol..

  17. Joegun says:

    Hilo Boys will F**k u up,Haterss!

  18. cody says:

    mother fucker??!!! @the brave reply, r u fucking stupid??!!! do u rly think that fagot poser nick diaz would still b breathing after gsp got done with him? r u mentaly retarded? did ur mother THROW u on ur head as a child? gsp is a fucking god, he stood up with josh koscheck, and i believe he SUBMITTED JAKE FUCKING SHIELDS!! he specializes with beating fighters in their strong areas. he is ranked second in the whole ufc, nick diaz doesnt have shit on gsp. as for all the fagots who r talking shit abt jake? wtf is ur problem, he is one of the most respectful guys ur going to meet and ur gona talk shit on him after his dad dies? wtf!? i respect all fighters bcuz they can do somthing i cant, i respect them AS fighters. when it comes to respecting them as ppl, nick diaz is pulling the ghetto mentality into the ufc, he has no respect. he is a street fighter, not a mixed martial artist.

    • peter ham says:

      Dude he didn’t submit jake shields are you fuckin stupid?? he specializes in beating fighters at what they are weakest in. Alves a striker oh lets lay on him alll fight, Dan Hardy a striker oh lets lay on him all fight. Koscheck a good wrestler with a very predictable stand up, lets throw jabs at him all fight. Shields a great bjj guy with bad stand up, fuck dat I aint goin to the ground with him, lets throw jabs at him all fight. BJ Penn!! shit hes got great stand up and ground, well hes small so ill just rub my bigger frame against him till he gets tired then ill take him down!! not to mention ill rub vaseline all over myself so he cant use his bjj!!

      GSP’s whole game is exposing fighters weaknesses

    • keola says:



    • Cody is a bonifide dumbass .. Credibility is zero 0!

    • Fortyb4five says:

      lmao Gsp couldn’t submit overrated Dan Hardy…and you think he subbed Shields? haha

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Uh… Well… I’m gonna guess that GSP and Shields fought twice, then. Once, when all of us regular fans were allowed to watch them fight to a five round decision, and that other time when only you, for some odd reason, was the only fan allowed to watch GSP finish Shields by submission in a highly secretive bout. You lucky bastard! You gotta fill all the rest of us fight fans in on all the other details of that fight when you got the time

  19. cody says:

    @joegun…. fuck u. iv been watching gsp ever since he came into the ufc, hes one of the best fighters iv ever seen. if u think ur soooo bad ass and that georges st.pierre is such a lil bitch say it to his fucking face. just bcuz georges beat bj doesnt mean that hes automaticly a bad guy, its their job u fucking idiot. the way u take this shit so fucking personaly id say U just started watching ufc. i like gsp and bj both, i think either one of them would destroy nick diaz. but dont u dare start talking shit abt gsp. there is a reason hes WW belt holder and inches behind anderson silva in the ranks. if ur gona start talking shit abt the best and most respectful fighters take ur shit somwhere else. ur not a fan of mma if u dont have respect for its best players

  20. James says:

    lol @ the guy claiming GSP subd Shields

  21. Joegun says:

    Well cody sad to hear about all the torture you endured watching all those gsp fights it would be nice if the welterweight king would finish someone once on awhile.i mean he couldnt finish Hardy @ all n lytle did?? Gsp would lose that faggoty accent after Getting front kicked in the face by thats a real champion who FINISHES HIS FIGHTS!! Like how BJ WAS!! gsp=greasy squeaky pig!!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      What do you mean, “…if he would finish someone once in a while.”? According to @cody, he finished the last person he fought; Jake Shields by sub. DUH!

      • Joegun says:

        Gsp submitted the old lady @ Arbys for caling him mam while ordering a canadian Bacon breakfast sandwich.e reminds me of Riddick bowe ducking lennox lewis soon he’ll vacate his belt when dana forces him to move up. What a homo!!

  22. Joegun says:

    Hes ducking the spyder and would kill himself before moving up to face him he’s to much of a defensive fighter and only grinds his opponents to decision.cowardly and Boring.too cautious ever since little matt serra cracked his ass into oblivion.cmon rush show the world you can move up or down.all the greats do Vitor,Bj,couture,anderson,what about u? George-s??

  23. Joegun says:

    Just started watching?? Wtf? I been watching live,in the gym and on the tube for almost 20 years. To say gsp is a god is kinda to personal.maybe you can buy a fight worn jock strap from ebay to add to your gay s p collection.

  24. Joegun says:

    He said “dont u dare” talk about gsp. Haha what a homo

  25. Joegun says:

    Chart the enforcer is right codys credability is zer0.he sounds like a new b. Go see if u can get one of those “talking mma for dummies books” then come back and try again

  26. Nick says:

    Jesus christ this website is violent. holly hell, haha

  27. Nick says:

    Well personal opinion, this joe kid sounds like he should b a wee bit nicer to the obviously new viewers intamarested in the sport. wats so bad about saying ‘nope, ur wrong’ and calling it good? and cody sounds like he needs to do a lil homwork b4 he starts talking like he knows everything… and avoid calling out ppl who have been watching longer than him. we all have our favs, dont get so defensive abt som1 elses opinions. maybe im butting in on this, but it was looking like som1 needed to, haha. idk, good luck tho

  28. MZ says:

    Gonna be a tough one. Bj’s hands are just as fast, just as technical, and possesses more power than Nick imo. Nick has the reach advantage and uses his hands really well from a distance and inside, not to mention his pace is unbelievble. I see them bangin toe to toe for a while but it’ll eventually go to the ground. At that point whoever’s quicker to the transition will earn submission of the night. I don’t see a k.o or even a t.k.o in this one, it will go to the ground. In the end I gotta go with bj 3rd rd. submission.

  29. Joegun says:

    I respect ur comment Nick but gotta be straight up wit dis stuff,so who taking who for Vitor vs cun
    g le?? How bout jonny bones vs. Rampage??

    • Nick says:

      Uuh, ima b honest, haha.. i dont watch mma alot, so idk abt the vitor one. but im goin to my uncles for rampage vs jon bones jones. and in that fight, im kinda caught like maybe 6040?ish i havent watched alot of jon jones’s fights, but it sounds like hes doin pretty good. and rampage has one hell of a rep. he fought mat hamill with a broken hand and made it look easy. he has amazing stand up. i only have one side of info, so ima give the majority of my creds to rampage, but jones is a very good fighter. i think experiance may play a role here. but like i said, i watch mma occasionaly as a fam get to gether kinda thing. haha

  30. jessedziedzic says:

    Exceptionally well executed blog!!!

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