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Saturday, 09/10/2011, 06:59 am

Jake Shields Comments on Diaz vs. Penn

“I really wanted to see that fight, as most people. I think everyone was excited to see Nick (Diaz) vs. GSP. Condit and St. Pierre is a good fight too, but obviously most people would probably agree that its not as good a fight…I think Dana is a smart guy and mostly fair. I don’t know the details, but hopefully Nick learns from what he’s done and moves forward and gets himself another title shot…I just heard that (Nick Diaz was fighting BJ Penn) two minutes ago and I am very happy about that. I was worried Nick would get dropped from the UFC after that. So, its good that he gets a chance to redeem himself and that’s a great fight as well. It’s a tough fight, but I think Nick sets too high of a pace for BJ. I think he’ll overwhelm him and tire him down and beat BJ.”


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