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Friday, 02/10/2012, 07:11 am

Jake Ellenberger Wants To Hurt Diego Sanchez Next Week In UFC on FUEL Main Event

“If you let [Diego Sanchez] dictate the pace of the fight, and the range, you’re going to be in for a long night. If he wants to go that break-neck, stupid-guy pace, I can do that, too. But, I plan on hurting him on my feet — I know I can hurt him. If he wants to come out and bully-rush like he normally does, then I think he’s going to get hurt. So, I’m really prepared for anywhere the fight goes…. I’m looking forward to showcasing [my improved stand up] in this fight and making it a 15-minute, full-blown assault on my part…. I’m excited.”

UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger faces off with Diego Sanchez in Wednesday’s main event on FUEL TV.

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0 Responses to “Jake Ellenberger Wants To Hurt Diego Sanchez Next Week In UFC on FUEL Main Event”

  1. giggaplex says:

    ellenberger is good but not as good as he thinks. he will lose to sanchez

  2. isaiah D says:

    Ellenberger will crush him…

  3. FunCrusher says:

    The only way that Ellenberger loses this fight is if he neglects his wrestling and tries to show off his “new” standup game. Diego isnt a beast on his feet, but IMO is better than Jake. Jake will stand for a bit, take it to the ground, and finish Diego like most of his opponents have failed to do.

  4. magoo says:

    Go Diego Go! Ellenbergers srarting to think hes the shiat,put him in his place Sanchez!

  5. Xaninho says:

    Dirty Diego Sanchez will lose. He should grow some balls and accept a Kampmann rematch. Untill he does that nobody will take him seriously.

  6. BYAClothing says:

    Umm he’s fighting in a cage.. isn’t it obvious he plans on hurting his opponent?

    • danriverapv says:

      Thats why this guy is starting to sound like a fool when he talks. All though its scary to think its Rafael Cordeiro that is his Muy Thai coach, thats why he KO Shields. and im a hude Diego fan but… the dude trains with Raf and he’s been looking like a monster.

  7. Nick says:

    The fight is 25 minutes.

  8. toneloc24 says:

    I really don’t like Jake to much n I like deigo a lot cause he fights like a madman but I don’t think deigo can handle Jakes power. Should be a good fight cause we all kno deigo can take a beating but I think ultimately he will lose

  9. Al says:

    I think the longer the fight goes and Diego can get the takedown and test Ellenbergers cardio like Shields was supposed to do then Diego wins. Diego also has a great chin btw and he is at Jacksons so he will have great cardio and a good game plan. Ellenberger has to finish this early for the W otherwise he will be grinded out IMO.

    I have Diego by decision.

  10. JB Spencer says:

    Why they gota have my boy diego fight in a main event on this fuel tv bs? Prolly gona be more than 3 people that wana see this fight. Im gona order fuel tv just for this fight and cancel it before 30 days.

    Nobody can match diegos rage, intensity and heart, jake can say what he wants now but when he looks into diegos eyes when they square off in that cage hell be thinking differently.

    And i hope diego dont come to this fight bald headed n chubby like he did in that kampman fight.


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