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Saturday, 07/27/2013, 11:28 am

Jake Ellenberger Looking For ‘Gratifying’ KO Win Over ‘Fruit-Stick’ Dressing MacDonald Tonight On FOX

Tonight in the co-main event of UFC on FOX 8, the UFC’s number 3 and 4 ranked welterweights are poised to clash in what could likely turn into a number one contender eliminator, with an impressive victory for either Rory MacDonald or Jake Ellenberger.

Both men are confident in their abilities, but Ellenberger has taken his confidence and made this fight personal. The Team Reign fighter and on-again-off-again training partner of BJ Penn discussed his dislike for MacDonald in his latest interview with’s Steph Daniels.

“I really have nothing personal against Rory. He’s used to being the bully, and he’s talking trash on BJ Penn. In my mind, if you’re really the best in the world, and if you believe it, then you should not ever choose who you fight. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get to choose this fight.”

“He beat up BJ Penn who is a natural lightweight. I’ve just never been sold on Rory. I’ve fought on a few cards with him, and I definitely kept my eye on him, but I am extremely confident in my skills.”

“I think the most gratifying win for me, would be to just put him to sleep. That way, there’s no question. Anytime you get a TKO, there’s the chance that people will say it was stopped too early. I’d like for him to be out cold, sleeping. It’s nothing personal against Rory. He is a nice kid. He’s a little weird, and he dresses like a fruit-stick, but he’s a nice enough kid, I guess.”


3 Responses to “Jake Ellenberger Looking For ‘Gratifying’ KO Win Over ‘Fruit-Stick’ Dressing MacDonald Tonight On FOX”

  1. Fruit-Stick says:

    He does not dress like me, Jake.

  2. magoo says:

    Get ready for the beat down of ur life Jake!!! You’ll be eatin crow for a long time with all ur trash talk!!!

  3. KIDD433 says:

    If Ellenberger can put Rory to sleep and embarrass him on broadcast television, his fan base will multiply by 10 easy.

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