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Wednesday, 03/28/2012, 12:27 pm

Jake Ellenberger Doesn’t Think Kampmann Can Make It Out Of The Second Round With Him

“Yeah, it’s like a baseball team losing in nine innings, and they say, “Yeah well it would have went 12 then we would have won.” Well, you know what? It didn’t. Or if it was a wrestling match, NCAA finals, “Oh if it would have went to overtime I would have won.” Really? Well, that’s irrelevant. People have their opinions and I respect Diego as a fighter. That guy is a warrior, I have nothing bad to say about the guy. It’s an honor to fight him and people can speculate all they want, but, trust me, I assure you that if I had to go five rounds, I could have. Was I tired? Sure, but I assure you he was just as tired as I was. You can always do so much more than you think you can. When you have to, you will. I know if I had to go five rounds I could have, I would have forced myself. That’s one of the things the Marine Corp. taught me.”

“I felt I won the fight but the judges saw it the other way. There is nothing I can do about that. Here is the thing I do know, I know I can beat him and he does not want to fight me because he knows the same thing too. Me fighting Condit is out of my control right now but I’m just going to keep moving forward you know? Our job as fighters is to compete and fight when they tell us to fight. We don’t choose who we fight and we don’t choose when we fight, so, it is frustrating for me because I am wanting to get a rematch with Carlos Condit. But at the same time I can’t control that. But I have to agree, what is the point of having an interim champ if they are not active. If the champ is not being active, then that’s the point of the interim champion is to stay active and have a contender and seeing who the number one contender is, but it’s out of my control, unfortunately. He knows I can beat him and there is a lot of potential of me beating him, so I don’t think he wants to risk losing his interim title, which I don’t even understand that but, he wants to wait for GSP.”

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15 Responses to “Jake Ellenberger Doesn’t Think Kampmann Can Make It Out Of The Second Round With Him”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I still feel cheated two rounds of the fight Jake had with Diego.

    Dana still hasn’t changed all main events to 5 rds like he said after Jake’s last fight and prior to that Leben vs Munoz.

  2. jacare says:

    jake had his shot with condit and blew it if he can get past the hitman in 1 round then I will agree that he has improved but these one lucky shots by jake and hendricks don’t prove shit

    • jc says:

      what are you talking about he blew his shot with condit. that fight was his ufc debut, he took the fight on 2 weeks notice and still put a beat down on condit. many people including myself felt jake won that fight 29-28.

      just take a look at some of the wins by condit. he wins by a questionable decision against ellenburger, he idnt win against diaz and the fight against macdonald was an outrage he was down 2 rounds to one and the ref stops in with 7 sec left in the fight from not even heavy ground and pound. condit is lucky to be where he is in the division atm. he wont win his next fight whether it be ellenburger gsp or kampman

      • Anti-Hater says:

        ^ Couldn’t word it any better myself.

        Condit will lose decisively to GSP, and I will be looking forward to Ellenberger/GSP after he creams Kampmann.

        • slacker says:

          You guys are both wrong. Condit is going to give GSP the fight of his life! Condit wins those close fights with most guys because by the 3rd round, he either takes over his opponent skill – wise or outsmarts them mentally, or a combination of both. The 3rd round with MacDonald was a 10 – 8 round, if it goes to decision, for a draw at the very least. He outsmarted and defeated Diaz, even if you don’t like the style he used to do it. The Ellenberger fight was extremely close, and I agree, depending how you look at it, could’ve been called either way. The Kampmann fight, I believe, he did definitely lose 2 rounds to one. Kampmann had too many quality submission attempts on him to swing it in Condit’s favour IMO.

      • david says:

        lol jacare is an idiot trying to sound like he knows what hes talking about lol makes me laugh tho

    • Vicious says:

      How can you call them lucky shots when they happen consistently ie Pyle Pierson and shields. They were well placed shots.

  3. magoo says:

    I’m sure Jake felt that Diego wouldn’t get out of the second round either…Kampman for the win!

  4. juggernaut is a beast, but we’ll see…

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    welterweight fights between guys that are trying to get to the #1 contender spot are so damn exciting; can’t wait for this one either!

  6. TrigenicKin says:

    He would say that. The only reason that Ellenberger doesn’t want this fight to go past the second round is because he’s got shitty cardio. He doesn’t have the endurance to hang with guys who are in the top 5.

  7. jbeamazing says:

    he probably should be saying this a couple fights removed from the Diego fight

  8. slacker says:

    haha. Ellenberger knows he is a talented striker, but he is definitely trying to persuade himself in that comment. He is not any better than Alves in striking, so if he thinks he will power his way through Kampmann for an early finish, he is dreaming. I am pretty sure we are going to see this go into the 4th and 5th rounds, which will be awesome so we know what these guys are made of for fighting GSP and Carlos. If anyone finishes this fight in the 1st or 2nd, it will be Kampmann, by submission.

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