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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 08:14 pm

Exclusive | Jacob Volkmann | Fans Don't Think Fighters are Smart Enough to Talk Politics | UFC NEWS

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24 Responses to “Exclusive | Jacob Volkmann | Fans Don't Think Fighters are Smart Enough to Talk Politics | UFC NEWS”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    i’ve been on this site for years and not once have a ever seen any mma fan say anything about fighters being too dumb to talk politics.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      cant think of any time a fighter ever really talked politics besides maybe lytle.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Volkman maybe fans would take you more serious if you wern’t so damn boring. Nothing better than seeing a lay n prayer (LIKE YOU) get caught in a triangle by a guy you talked down to like he wasn’t anywhere in your league as a grappler. Maybe its that ostrich neck and not because you were out grappled huh?

  2. Shameful says:

    It’s less about what you are or aren’t qualified to discuss and more about what fans are interested in hearing. The real reason why people get annoyed when any entertainer talks politics is that we don’t want that from them. We want them to entertain us. We can watch or read a bunch of politically charged material if that’s what we’re in the mood for. We can watch grown men fight with 4 ounce gloves or read about the sport if that’s what we’re in the mood for. We don’t want to be surprised by the one thing when we’re only looking for the other.

  3. Chris says:

    Certainly not a fan of Obama but that doesn’t mean I’m interested in your opinion simply because you have a microphone. (Not a fan of Romney either).

  4. Clay says:

    No fan has ever said that. Lol we get it bro, you’re educated in politics. Let it go. Everyone has different opinions in politics or religion. That’s why it’s always controversial to talk about. I don’t tune in to fights to hear the talk politics

  5. Xaninho says:

    Maybe fans just think Volkmann should shut the fuck up and learn how to fight. Instead of lay n praying and mentioning his moronic opinions about politics.

    Obama has his faults and I think hillary Clinton would have done a better job, but Volkmann needs to realize all the shit the US has to deal with right now is caused by George and George Bushbag. Obama hasn’t caused it, but he has no clue on how to clean it up.

  6. Michael hamlin says:

    THis guy is a fucking stupid ass!!!

  7. E716 says:

    Its because we turn on fights to see fights not here jacob volkman talk about obama

  8. CanILive says:

    I’m pretty sure the “fans” watch to see fights, not hear about politics? is this guy really just trying to change subjects to forget about his quick loss

  9. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Hope you read all the comments and get a clue, Volkmann. Put on better fights and stop pushing your political views down our throats every time you get a chance to grab a mike

  10. Doc9 says:

    Anybody who thinks they are qualified to talk politics from watching tv and reading blogs is a small brain. If you’ve never worked in Washington, you have no clue what goes on in that arena. Volkmann’s opinion is on politics is as relevant as a politician’s, who has never stepped foot in a cage, opinion about what Jacob is doing right and wrong in MMA. Actually the politician is more qualified to talk MMA because MMA news has less propaganda.

  11. Dick Niaz says:

    personally I don’t think Volkmann is smart enough to talk about the ingredients in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  12. Mike cannon jr says:

    Democrats.. Or.. Republicans… Pickin between these 2 groups.. Is really just picking wich hole u wanna get fuqd in… Cuz either way.. Your getn fuqd..

  13. He does not actually have anything to say besides name calling. It’s not that people don’t think he’s not smart enough but he’s not all that interesting.

    I”m glad Jens bought it back to the post fight analysis because “Someone needs to knock some sense into that idiot” is not really good political commentary.

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