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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 12:37 pm

Jackson: “I’m not worried about Jon’s punches or kicks”

“I’m not worried about his punches or his kicks. I’ll walk right through it, I don’t care about it. He ain’t showing me a whole lot of power, especially with the way he stands. His stance is all wrong to even generate power. The guy can’t bust a grape. I’m confident that I have him figured out. I don’t think that Jones’ chin can take the kind of force that I’m gonna bring. He has never been hit that hard. I’m gonna have fun whipping his ass.”

Former UFC champion, Rampage Jackson tells that he is not worried about his upcoming UFC 135 opponent’s striking.

While Jones does appear to lack in the one-punch knockout power department, he was able to effectively dismantle Muay Thai wrecking machine, “Shogun” Rua, on the feet to earn his UFC light-heavyweight title.
Is Jackson making a mistake in his assessment of the champion’s skills?


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