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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 03:32 pm

Dos Santos | It's Disrespectful to MMA And Unfair To Let Overeem Fight

By Jamie McAllister:
“I am a fighter and will be there to fight, but it is sure to be a disrespect to MMA and how serious is this sport. This will also be unfair, it will be unfair to me. I’ve never used these devices to gain strength. I think the right would do blood tests on fighters as is done in the Olympics, not the urine, since the blood is easier to detect these illegal substances. We want to know who the best really. No use to be the best liar. Being a world champion making false use of a lot of drugs, that’s not being champion. I can clearly say that I am the champion without ever having the use of any illegal artifice in order to get there. I favor more rigorous tests to assess whether someone is doped. It has to be a clean sport and these tests should occur more surprises. If Overeem is more aggressive and stronger the more he will resist blows and it will be difficult for me. If I lose will be unfair. He will not have fought better than I have fought doped.”

Some hard hitting comments from the UFC Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos who chooses not to talk too much before fights he also goes on to question how legitimate Overeems past has been in terms of winning titles. As well as giving former champion Cain Velasquez credit for still being the biggest threat to his crown.

“I find it curious he won three belts without ever having been caught doping in right away and ends up being caught in the UFC. It would be a good challenge for me, but my biggest challenge I went for the title against Cain. He is the most outstanding and would be a great challenge for me. The Overeem would be a good challenge, but it would be my biggest challenge. He fails the fitness and speed. He frightens the uninitiated, but who knows what being a fighter knows he would not be my most difficult opponent. We always say that the next challenge will be more difficult to prepare even more, but do not think Overeem would be my biggest challenge.”

These comments beg the question if Overeem & Dos Santos went ahead and had the title bout and Overeem came out on top how would you as a fan see it as a tainted victory as a man who used PED’S to get to the top of his sport ? Or would you recognise him as the true king in Heavyweight MMA ?


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  1. Kingsforge says:

    He’s right about fighters needing to be tested more and the tests being more in depth. Would still like to see Reem fight him, but maybe after like a few months where he’s tested every 2 weeks or something to make sure there’s nothing in his system at all.

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Overeem loses the ability to fight for a title with this, IMO. Who knows if all his other victories were influenced by PED use?

      He gets knocked to the bottom rung (Assuming the UFC even keeps him) with REGULAR blood tests (taken out of his pocket, obviously) to ensure he isn’t using PEDs, and then he works his way up like everyone else.

      • Zetoe R10 says:

        look at that asshole’s jaws. he’s got barry bonds face muscles. the dude has been juicing since pride.

      • jdog says:

        Look at Chael Sonnen, his levels were 16-1 not 14-1 and he actually fought Anderson Silva with those levels, so give me a f@cking break, Chael was basically given an immediate rematch (I know he has fought since that fight) There is a difference with Oveream and his test, that difference is that he was NOT IN COMPETITION! I am not condoning his use of testosterone but clearly with him never being caught right before a fight or right after this means he fights at normal levels which is 100 times better than what many other fighters do, but it is still not a good thing to do because it is unfair. I think Dos Santos is trying to take the easy way out, he clearly doesn’t want to fight Frank Mir, and he doesn’t want to fight Alistar, so he is picking what could arguably be his easiest fight he has ever had! I just lost respect for Dos Santos for this ploy, he couldn’t put away Carwin OR Nelson, and Cain was I think his quickest match EVER…. What a joke, if I were in his position and I thought I was the best I would say “bring on Alistar, I will whoop his TRT using @ss regardless” not say booo hoooo it is not fair to me booo hooo I want to fight someone I only hit a couple of times and won against, ya ya ya he is the toughest person I could fight ya ya ya…

        • JT says:

          Go smoke your mj and calm down. Even if the use is in-between fights this means longer better workouts and faster recoveries. it’s a cheat dummy. There is no justification for this to a true competitor.

        • Jayric says:

          I JUST LOST MY RESPECT TO JDS….I think he is just making a easier way out of this that’s why he is dodging Overeem and Mir…He won easy with Velasques that’s why he is picking him…

          why is he including Overeem’s previous fights? He went out clean on those fights and the commission is a proof to that they have had tests there too and same process goes…Chael Sonnen have had the same problem at the AS match but still he was given permission to fight…In my opinion an immediate blood test would make this easier to deal with…Overeem filed for his license so I think he is really clean because why file one if you know it will be terminated right?…

        • You Are A says:


        • jdog is an idiot says:

          In case you forgot Chael has a medical condition that is treated with TRT you dummy, he just failed to report it to the commission’s liking. Your just sad he beat your heros ass for 23 minutes and is gonna take his belt this time. Stop using your daddy complex to filter the facts to justify your hero getting whupped.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I don’t understand whats ok for Sonnen is not ok for Overeem or anyone else. if anyone should have been banned it should have been Sonnen. CHEATER- FELON- LIAR yet he trains to this day with elavated levels and is NEVER tested. Its all about money with Dana. If dana cans Overeem then he will have to can Sonnen or fans will boycott the UFC

  2. Peter says:

    Would not really see Overeem as true champ

    • : ^ ) says:

      I agree. I heard all what people said about Overeem all these years and I thought incorrectly that he was clean. I like JDS but was with Overeem prior to the drug test. But, this bust puts into question Overeem’s entire career. JDS is right when he say that you gotta question why Overeem went all these years without being detected and just 4 months with the UFC he gets busted. What?

      Gotta respect JDS no matter what. Great person outside of the Octagon. Humble. Pretty good English…

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Cigano! Cigano!

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    its true, i guess lol

  5. It really sucks that overeem tested dirty cause I for one would have loved to see that fight . I think as long as he can get clean and test clean before the fight then all should be good . Cause I am so sick of boring fighters…lets be realistic another Junior / Cain fight will end just as quick as the first fight . I want a stand up fight from two stand up fighters…can everyone say KNOCK OUT !!! lol

    • Scott says:

      I don’t think it’d end like the first fight, Cain chose to stand with dos Santos early on and got caught in just the right spot to drop him. I think in a re-match he’d be more cautious in engaging with dos Santos and would use his wrestling background to go for takedowns and get the fight to the ground. Not saying he’d win, just that it’d likely end differently.

    • Shaun says:

      If you wanna just watch stand up watch boxing this is MMA it is alot more then just hitting but still I hope he gets the same punishment as anyone else at least 1 year with no fighting.

  6. John says:

    Totally agree but cant help but see a hidden PS Getting hit by Overeem would really fricken hurt. That being sad I think JDS would still win, too mobile

  7. ribz says:

    if it happens overeem wins botom line

  8. Ricardo Im An Idiot Rodriguez says:

    C’mon man! Cheating is wrong, that’s why it’s against the rules and depending how you do it illegal. It’s not fair to true fighters and mix martial artist. Clean it up!

    • Ok WTF I said if he came back clean the fight should happen …didn’t say he should fight dirty..(Idiot) My point is people are gettin real sick of the same old ..same old …I stand by what i said ealier IF HE COMES BACK CLEAN THEN THE FIGHT SHOULD HAPPEN…NO one else in the UFC heavy weight division can handle Dos Santos plan and simple.

      • Also where the hell was all the steriod hate when Chael Sonnen tested dirty . Everyone ignored when he did it …why…cause he was fighting someone that everyone hated (Anderson Silva) No one was saying kick Chael out of the UFC …..Hypocrites

        • Ryan says:

          I was. Then again, may be a better punishent to let Spider destroy him and then let him try to escape Brazil in one piece…

        • Mike says:

          Using steroids is cheating, whether in competition or not. There’s a reason he never tested positive before, and that’s because he knows how to cycle. He got caught this time because it was a random test. So there’s a good chance he has been using for quite some time.

          Also, quit trying to change the subject to Chael, and if you are, get your facts right. There were many(MANY) who called for his release from the UFC.

        • Xaninho says:

          Why isn’t Sonnen subject to random testing after getting caught with a 16:1 level?

  9. Badr Hari says:

    Sounds to me as if someone is scared. If Overeem was caught cheating he will not be allowed to fight. If it’s something more to it and he was not trying to cheat he will be allowed to fight. There is no need to set up a defense for losing when he doesn’t even know if the man had cheated.

  10. Izzy says:

    If Overeem wins nobody would really take him as a serious champion just because we all know he’s on ( or was on) the roids. Kinda explains how he’s just freakishly huge and overpowers opponents cause horse meat dose not make you superman. Either way it’s a lose/lose situation for Reem. He wins – He Used Roids. He loses – He used Roids And Still Couldn’t Win.

  11. bdizz says:

    I agree w/Junior on all fronts – I think the surgery and extended time off really fucked Cain up. I’d like to see that rematch as I think it would not end up the same way or at least last a full round =)

  12. Chris says:

    He needs to train for at least 24 months without enhancers, then we can really see what he’s made of, if the fight goes ahead i can see it taking along time before we see a
    Madison Square Garden fight for the UFC. Dana White needs to ban him if he wants to send out the right message and not send the sport back 5 years

    • cchew1 says:

      Yeah, because performance enhancing drugs keep sports from making money and set them back years, that’s why the NFL is so shitty and makes no money. Every sport, every where, anytime there is money involved, every one will try to get any advantage they can. The ones who don’t are destined to get left behind. Some of the ones who do will get caught and embarrassed. But it will go on and on. As for MMA in New York it has nothing to do with PEDs. It has to do with corrupt politicians who are being paid off by gangsters who are in turn being paid off by boxing promoters. If PEDs = setting the sport back years then the NFL, NBA, MLB, FIFA, and the NHL are all playing the 1926 season this year.

    • jdog says:

      Then ban Chael Sonnen, for F@CK sakes he could have killed Anderson Silva when he was F@CKING 16-1

      HYPOCRITES FFS if you ban one you ban them all, don’t just pick and chose who the f@ck you ban, if you do that you will be no better than Dana White and his abuse of power @ss

  13. mike says:

    I think Overem should be thrown out of the ufc like the rest of the dopers Isn’t he being charged for throwing a girl to the ground ?. I think jds Will take him for sure but sum one that tested dirty should never have a title shot wtf dayna and if he does win I think it would be from the drugs

    • Xaninho says:

      No he pushed an obnoxious bitch out of his face after repeatedly asking her to stop and go away. She didn’t even fall on the ground she staggered backwards. Without the push she would have probably be staggering anyway….It was new years eve.

  14. feenom says:

    This will be an incredibley tough call for Dana White. I think even if Overeem does pass the next drug test to get his liscence. I feel Dana is put on the spot, and is forced to drop Overeem. Unless they put the decision on someone else. This Mega Heavyweight fight will not happen. I understand PED’s are highly used in every contact sport, starting at an early age. Its when you get to the profesional levels which is high paid athletes are under the magnifying glass to be clean. Overeem is going to regret this for the rest of his life.

  15. Badr Hari says:

    If Overeem has been caught cheating he will not be allowed to fight. If it’s more to the story than we know and he was not trying to cheat then he will be allowed to fight. There is no need to make excuses for losing a fight u havn’t even fought yet. Don’t be scared homie!

  16. DMAC says:

    Cigano should’ve bossed up and tried to make the fight happen if possible. Put beatings on these juicers!

    • cchew1 says:

      That s the opposite of what he did though. Instead he basically said

      “If i lose I will probably sue the UFC for making me fight him. I don’t want to fight him. He is big. I have never been caught using PEDs and am therefore going to be sanctimonious in condemning Overeem for his use of PEDs. Again just in case I Junior Dos Santos wasn’t clear in my earlier statement, I am officially backing UFC into a corner and forcing them to find another, lesser opponent by saying basically saying that if I lose I will seek recompense because someone on the internet speculated that he used steroids and didn’t have a valid medical reason for having elevated test levels.”

  17. Cayman S says:

    Zero tolerance for these assholes that use PEDs!! The talent pool is too big, and too many guys are waiting for their shot in the UFC. There’s really no reason to put up with this crap.

    • Xaninho says:

      Actually there is not that big of a talent pool in heavyweight…

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        Still this is the best heavyweight division in UFC history. That tells you a lot about the heavyweights in MMA. When you take Overeem out of the equation the heavyweight division suffers a lot. This division really needed the JDS vs Overeem fight. I’ve never been so excited to see a heavyweight fight.
        This failed drug test sucks but I would not be surprised if a silly excuse would be made up so this fight can happen.

        • Xaninho says:

          Take away all past or present PED offenders and the UFC heavyweight division will be left empty.

          JDS seems clean.

          Mir has been juicing in the past, just look at him when he fought Lesnar.

          Cain has freakish conditioning which raises suspicion towards EPO.

          Big Foot has been caught before.

          Lesnar is gone, but although he managed to show up with normal levels around fights, everybody knows he juiced.

          I think the UFC can’t afford to start randomly test every heavyweight without a proper warning, cause too many will be caught and leave the division empty.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Yeah you are absolutely right and if they are going to test randomly then they should also use blood tests to find HGH and EPO.
          Dana has never been a fan of Overeem. This was just a witch hunt.

        • Xaninho says:

          Overeem destroying Lesnar wasn’t good for DW’s business maybe lol

  18. sonnen99 says:

    Fuck That JDS Is A Pussy, Stop Trying To Get Away From Getting Your Ass Beat!!!

  19. rofl says:

    ROFL. but it’s okay for any of the TRT guys to do the exact same thing and level down when it comes to fight time….

  20. John says:

    its plain and simply unfair to the guys who bust thier ass off day in and day out with no use of PEDs…if you think you must use PEDs to be a champion in my eyes and many others you are far from being a champion. And if UFC just looks by this then what is the purpose of doing testing..hell everybody in the UFC might as well start useing.

  21. DMAC says:

    BJ vs Sherk. BJ told Sherk he can still catch a fade even on the juice, Supreme confidence in his abilities.
    I don’t condone what reem did but to act like its a surprise is crazy. JDS has all the right to want another lesser opponent but I just didn’t expect this from him. Kinda disappointed in both guys.

    Team Penn mothafucka!!

  22. Testostoreems shriveled sack says:

    Alot of people dont seem to understand that TRAINING with elevated test levels is cheating….not just fighting with them. The fight is won or lost in the gym for the most part.

  23. Tbaudiogarden says:

    So put it like this if dos Santos tested dirty he would be stripped of the belt and wouldn’t be able to fight. What if they do fight and overeem wins then tests dirty after the fight or between then and his next fight do we give him another pass. And how bad does this Hurt the UFC’s creditablity and trying to become a main stream sport.

  24. As long as we are looking at abiding the rules of the commission – Overeem is yet to be in a disciplinary failure. He has NOT fought doped. He has tested high level of testosterone (not PEDs!) OUT of competition. Simple as that

  25. Ryan kelly says:

    Jds would knock him out peds trts what ever he is using it dont matter once there is contact of fist to mug overeem will be sleeping as in the chuck lidell fight he would have to keep his hands up in that fight

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