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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 06:45 pm

Is Rampage Jackson vs. Alexander Gustafsson The Fight To Make? | UFC May Think So

Before Alexander Gustafsson’s light-heavyweight fight against Thiago Silva last Saturday at UFC on Fox 2, the UFC had pre-determined the winner of that bout would make a very interesting opponent for Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

As originally reported on, Jackson is coming off of dual knee surgery and if the fight takes place it looks as if it will be later this year. Rampage has gone on record lobbying for a rematch against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, but with his recent injury the UFC is attempting to keep Shogun busy.

It was also reported that Rampage has turned down several opponents as of late, including Phil Davis. Davis and Jackson are both coming off of losses and the match-up seems to make sense but the source also reported Jackson is not interested in fighting anymore wrestlers.

Alexander Gustaffson is known for standing and trading with his opponents. If Rampage is looking toward a fight with a non wrestler Gustaffson definitely has the credentials he is searching for. Not to bring up the fact this would be an excellent builder for a future light- heavyweight title bout for Gustaffson if he can finish Rampage. Rampage is a big name and would give Gustaffson the boost he needs to have a shot at the champion and build respect around the MMA world.

Jackson has also been public with his desire to leave the UFC and the company has agreed to let him venture off after he finishes the final fight of his contract.
What do you think? Is Gustaffson vs Jackson a good match-up?


20 Responses to “Is Rampage Jackson vs. Alexander Gustafsson The Fight To Make? | UFC May Think So”

  1. The natural says:

    Rampage just had surgery he wont be back for awhile stupid article

    • Reality says:

      Rampage should fight Shogun next. As for Gustaffson, he should fight Bader or Lil Nog..preferably Bader though since he seems to struggle with high level wrestlers(ex. Davis). To be a top contender and fight the champ you have to be able to deal with wrestlers. Rampage used to deal with them pretty well as a wrestler himself but maybe his injuries have held him back.

  2. TheReclaimer says:

    That’s why it says the fight will probably happen later this year.

  3. The "White Man" says:

    nope rampage is old news. put AG against bader to prove he can win over a wrestler. Rampage’s wrestling game is as sad as my tiny penis

  4. slacker says:

    Rampage would be a good test for him. But give him someone like Bader or Lil Nog who has both stand – up and a ground game. Just give Rampage his last fight and get him out of there. He has outlasted his welcome with all his bitching. That guy doesn’t know when to shut up.

  5. jc says:

    bro how is this guy still in the ufc. anyone see that video he made making light of rape??? if torres gets cut from a tweet surly jackson should be on his ass.

  6. Kayce says:

    A healthy Rampage would finish AG via KO first round. AG is garbage

  7. Nando says:

    That’s literally the same fight as Thiago Silva

  8. Damo Lition says:

    this is lame give him Shogun fuck the UFC using Rampage to make a name for this guy

  9. Will says:

    id say let gustafsson get bader, rampage vs. thiago silva…im pretty sure thiago would stand would rampage and that would be a great fight to watch…and gustafsson can prove he can beat a wrestler if he gets past bader

  10. Fedor says:

    Rampage is tight. He doesn’t want to fight wrestlers but fights in mma. He doesn’t want to fight in fights he might lose. Get real. His career is over just like mine. AG would just have to wrestle him and win the fight. Put rampage against mark hunt.

  11. Jay says:

    AG should get bader his last fight with rampage he linked his striking with wrestling beautifully and that is what AG has trouble I still have hope for rampage and shogun like we were told would happen

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Rampage will most likely stick around after his knee surgery. Otherwise why not just get the Shogun fight over with?

    He should have gotten this surgery years ago after the Forest Griffin fight. His chin is pretty much indestructible, if he had two good knees he wouldn’t have to worry about wrestlers anymore because his wrestling would neutralize them. A Rampage with good knees is the same Rampage who beat Hendo, Chuck and Wanderlei.

  13. Jujitsu Player says:

    I’d like to see this happen, Rampage has complained he’s not been given good match up and Gus would stand and bang with him. Whatever people say about Rampage his stand up is legit and would be a test…

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I agree. To add to what you said, he can beat anyone in the lhw division with the right attitude and camp. He defeated Chuck in Pride and the UFC!

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