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Saturday, 03/23/2013, 12:13 pm

Is It Time For A Welterweight Interim Title? | UFC NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis

After Johny Hendricks defeated Carlos Condit at UFC 158 it looked like he would finally get a crack at the welterweight strap, but it seems that a shot at the title has once again evaded him, this time in the form of an Achilles tendon injury to welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre. GSP’s coach Firas Zihabi said Georges would be out for six-months, after just two fights back after teaching his ACL. One asks the question, is it fair to put the welterweight division on hold yet again? When GSP tore his ACL he was expected to be out for “up to six months” and he ultimately ended up returning after nearly nine. If Georges is going to miss another nine-months, in my opinion, it is only fair to give Johny Hendricks his title shot, but in the form of an interim title fight. The UFC now has their own rankings ladder, but who is really deserving of an interim title fight?

The UFC lists Carlos Condit as #2 on their rankings, below Johny Hendricks, but Condit is on a 2-fight losing streak, whereas Jake Ellenberger (#4 in UFC rankings) is on a 2 fight win streak, and is 8-2 in his last 10 fights. The UFC doesn’t necessarily have time for a title eliminator, below are my picks for fighters deserving of an interim title fight against Hendricks.

Former Marine Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger made quite the statement in his last fight against former Strikeforce champion Nate Mardquart last Saturday, knocking Mardquart out in the first round. Ellenberger has explosive power in his hands, much like Hendricks, and also has a wrestling background, again much like Hendricks. Styles make fights, and when you put two of the hardest hitting fighters in the UFC in the Octagon together, one can almost guarantee a knockout. Ellenberger also recently called out Hendricks, saying he wants to “Wear Johny’s teeth as a necklace.” In my opinion, Ellenberger is the only healthy opponent worthy of a title fight.

Rory MacDonald vs. Johny Hendricks would also be an intriguing fight, however MacDonald is injured. MacDonald was scheduled to fight Carlos Condit at UFC 158, a rematch of their UFC 115 fight where Condit scored a TKO victory over MacDonald with 7 seconds left in the fight. The problem with MacDonald fighting for an interim belt is that he has previously stated that he does not want to fight fellow Tristar teammate Georges St. Pierre, thus limiting his options in the welterweight division.

What do you think PENNATION? If St. Pierre is sidelined for six months who should fight for the interim title if anyone?


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  1. Dopey420 says:

    Hendricks vs Ellenberger would be a great fight !!!

  2. dr_fan says:

    Really? I mean is now allowing its writers to troll publicly to get page views?

  3. allmightysandman says:

    This is a stupid article…GSP busts himself up and wrecks his body fighting for the UFC and you have the stones to suggest an interem title.

    He’s an injured champion, not a bum avoiding fights…pretty weak evan.

    He’s the champ and he should keep his strap until he loses it.

    • Flyweightsonly says:

      Yeah he’s a busted up champ but it doesn’t mean he’s ducking Hendricks, he got hurt, and I agree with the article, can’t just put the division on hold again, Hendricks v. juggernaut, winner faces GSP for the belt, like when Condit fought Diaz

    • Ddddddd says:

      Ok then what’s the answer when a paranoid champion wears himself out training like Rory is doing now? Goerges is setting the standard and it sucks.This whole I’ve gotta have twenty wins in a row bullshit is compromising the draw of this sport. I like to here people bitch about BJs record and decisions in training and who he has fought because it exposes the fans that have never stood up to the odds in life in anyway. Goerges can’t be compared to Anderson because he is to paranoid to be as interesting. So I’m sure people will say how can you say Goerges doesn’t draw but I choose to believe people just want to see his ass lose. Goerges you want to impress me take a chance with your glass jaw and quit overtraining.

      • allmightysandman says:

        did you read that “glass jaw” thing and figured you’d sound smart by reposting it?

        You don’t.

        GSP has been put down (tko) by punches a total of one time you idiot. he got kicked in the head by condit and survived, he took BJ’s shots and survived, he banged with Alves and survived, he smashed Kos’s face in and didn’t get hurt by anything Kos has…oh, and didn’t he just dominate “the best boxer in MMA” a couple weekends ago??

        where is the rationale for the “glass jaw” comment? from his loss to Serra years ago?

        • Ddddddd says:

          I need to read nothing to develop an opinion of my own that’s why I’m a fan of entertaining fighters. I’ve noticed like anyone with common sense my friend that when Goerges gets hit with a fly he sees brass gnats. It’s not a matter of me trying too sound smart I’m just observant to the obvious. You on the other hand would like to ignore the fact that after Goerges got tko’d by Serra he has wasted your money and time by proving he’s a points fighter and not a committing finishing artist. If you choose a fighter that has spectacular finishes and you become entertained I would be interested in your take considering you took a chance with a fighter that is brave enough too take a chance. You stick with your safe fighter and feel secure he will just simply win nothing worth remembering.

  4. retarded ass article says:

    nuff said

  5. wotwot says:

    Tell Hendricks to quit whining about a belt, then do:

    Hendricks v. Ellenberger
    Condit v. Macdonald

    Sorted. Then GSP will hopefully be recovered to fight the winner of Hendricks/Ellenberger, the loser fights the winner of Condit/Macdonald.

    BOOM. Why aren’t you hiring me, UFC. Doing your job for you. Bald fuck Dana.

    • Not You says:

      You are definite marketing whiz. Hendricks is next for a title shot. Why make him fight AGAIN against Jake who should be in contention for a title right now anyway?

  6. William Mitchell says:

    It’s gotta be Juggernaut vs Hendricks!!!
    Condit vs Macdonald,
    then both winners fight for interim belt.
    Then that winner gets GSP, once he is well again!!!

    • Unpro says:

      Good matches. But I think GSP will be back before an “interim” bout. Fighters need to rest for a couple of months or so. If an interim fight happens, might as well go for Juggernaut v Big Rigg.

  7. dlg73 says:

    In comparison look at the time between bj winning his LW title, fighting gsp, then defending it again against Florian. If you’re gonna bring up “interim” due to not defending your title look at past champions time frames between defending there belt the only way the ufc does the interim is to try go lure the casual fan into buying a Champ vs. Champ fight but judging by gsps ppv sales they won’t need too.

  8. Ray Nearhood says:

    This is a ridiculous article.

    First of all, how does one teach an ACL? (“Firas Zihabi said Georges would be out for six-months, after just two fights back after teaching his ACL“)

    Second, St.Pierre was out for nineteen months, not nine. That difference is huge. The last time that the belt was out of contention for more than a year because of an injury, it did go up as an interim belt. That is pretty much par for the course with the UFC – more than a year = interim title. (See: Mir injury and Lesnar illness as two cases in point)

    Finally, six months between fights isn’t really all that long. Four months between fights is nice, but pretty quick. I mean, using the author’s reasoning the Middleweight title should be up for grabs in an interim fight. The GOAT’s last fight was almost six months ago… and his last fight in the Middleweight division was in July last year. By the time he faces Weidman it will be one day short of a year since Silva last fought as a Middleweight.

    Silly, silly article.

    • K3vbot says:

      the difference is where there is a definite number one contender lined up at 170 there isn’t a real one at middleweight. I’m glad they gave Weidman a shot but he hasn’t done to his opponents what hendricks has done to his.

  9. Jordan says:

    Blowjob penn needs to fire this writer. My 2 year old daughter constructs better sentences…seems more like a sorry ass idiot trying to post bullshit and cause a stir.

    Get a new job Evan you are fucked.

    Kill yourself HOMIE

  10. MajorTom says:

    GSP was didn’t fight for like a year and a half because of injuries and they made a title last time. He fought Shields in like April of 2011 and didn’t fight again til late 2012. Ridiculous.

  11. UFC 84 Forever says:

    No Silva’s taken/taking a similar lay off…

  12. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    WTF? Condit? He’s on a 2 fight losing streak!!!! Hendricks and Ellenberger for Interim Title. Rory vs Maia to see if Maia is any good or not and if Rory is ready then Condit vs. Diaz/Kampmann/Saffiedine/Lawler, etc.

  13. f00n says:

    Rory Mcdonald hasnt done enough yet. Ellenberger needs to get in line. Hendricks is a one trick pony which is boring to watch if you prefer the finer technicalities of the sport (i would go watch boxing to look for a one punch knockout hero). Diaz needs to GTFO for playing the marketing game and completely under-performing (wow stuffed a couple of takedowns. well done for leaning forward). GSP out fo 6 months is nothing. I think most MMA fans have come to expect title shots 6 months apart by now. Interim title is like saying “We don’t really want GSP as champ anymore”. Tsk.

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