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Wednesday, 04/25/2012, 05:30 am

Is Eddie Alvarez About To Jump In The UFC's Shark Tank?

The UFC brass might be adding another talented fighter to the already talent rich 155 lbs division.  Eddie Alvarez got his long awaited revenge last Friday – April 20th via 1st round TKO over submission specialist Shinya Aioki.  Alvarez still has one fight remaining on his Bellator contract.  A tweet from Lorenzo Fertitta and a positive reaction from Dana White might put the UFC and Eddie Alvarez on the negotiation table soon.

UFC president Dana White said Saturday night.

“I think Eddie Alvarez is a great fighter,”  “You know us, man. We’re always looking to get the best fighters in the world in the UFC and he’s one of them.”

UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, tweeted following Alvarez’s 1st round TKO performance

“@edalvarezfight hey been meaning to introduce myself.”

The lightweight talent starts with Champion Benson Henderson 15-2-0 ( W-L-D )

Edson Barbosa 10-0-0 (W-L-D)

Donald Cerorone 17-4-0, 1NC (W-L-D)

Nate Diaz 15-7-0 (W-L-D)

Clay Guida 29-9-0 (W-L-D)

Melvin Guillard 46-11-3, 1NC(W-L-D)

Gray Maynard 11-1-1, 1NC (W-L-D)

Jim Miller21-3-0 (W-L-D)

Anthony Pettis 13-2-0 (W-L-D)

Eddie Alvarez added to this mix  is sure to shake up the UFC 155 lbs. division.



17 Responses to “Is Eddie Alvarez About To Jump In The UFC's Shark Tank?”

  1. T.Daddy says:

    This guy wud get destroyed in the ufc

  2. Logan says:

    Think you forgot Frankie Edgar on that list buddy.

    • Shawn says:

      No mystery he’s dropping to 145. Even he said it makes sense. Guess Dana pushed hard enough.

    • BloodShotRetina says:

      Yeah, Frankie is top in this weight class regardless of where he goes. Mad respect to a natural 153lb dude fighting 170-180lbs killers.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        You are a clown Edgar walks around at 165 and says its an easy cut to 155. Maybe 2-3 years ago he walked around at 155 but he tried really ahrd to stack on muscle for Maynard 2 -3 fights and has kept his weight on. Edgar would has a good 20 lb weight cut to make 145

  3. No worreh says:

    Let him fight edgar former ufc champ vs former bellator champ but it dont matter I still belive bj going to come back and smash every one at 55 and redeem him self againts diaz and fitch at ww and for his last fight scrap gsp to hold the 170 and 55….. But thts only a fantasy but hey I belive bj can do it

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I don’t think he’ll go back to 170 unless he wants a piece of Diaz and GSP. He doesn’t want to get layed on by fitch again…. That match pissed me off so much.

      I ready for him to whup up on the 155ers starting with Pettis.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Its hard to smash anyone with a huge cage and a fighter like Edgar who spends most time running away and avoiding any and all scraps

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    What about Gilbert? LOL He’s never coming to the UFC.

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Melendez is screwed he signed that fight extension with strikeforce right before zuffa took over and showtime said they would not renew if the UFC stole Melendez like they have all the other top fighters

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Strikeforce will collapse soon and Melendez, King Mo, Luke Rockhold… will make their way to the UFC eventually or Bellator. I hope the UFC just makes one female 145lb division since there isn’t as much female talent so Rousey, Tate, Cyborg and others have a place to go where I can watch them.

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