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Thursday, 10/04/2012, 11:43 am

Exclusive: Michelle Waterson Talks Upcoming Fight, Praises Greg Jackson For Taking Heat For Fighters | Invicta FC 3

Michelle Waterson (9-3) is getting ready to take on Lacey Schuckman (7-5) at Invicta FC 3 this Saturday. caught up with her before the bout.

How hard has it been preparing for this fight?

The training was pretty intense last week. I peaked out last week and it was perfect. We jumped in to the weight cut and of course you get a little weak. At the weigh-ins you replenish and then it’s fight time. I love what I do.

Have you given up training traditional martial arts now that you are an MMA fighter?

I don’t train traditional martial arts that much at all because training for a fight takes so much more of my time. You have to train so hard in all aspects so I don’t have time for things like katas and stuff like that. Sometimes between fights I can go train traditional martial arts. Actually coach Wink and coach Mike have incorporated some of the traditional stuff in to my arsenal. They took some of the things that work and we kept them.

Being that you are from Greg Jackson’s and with all of the negativity that has come from Dana White over the incident with Jon Jones, does it affect you?

I think that all of us are really good at blocking out the negative and taking in the positive. Coach Jackson is such a great coach and he’s in the spotlight for a reason. He doesn’t mind taking the heat for us fighters. That’s what great coaches do.

What is it like for you with Invicta as compared to other organizations in the past?

I’m excited that it’s an all female card and we’re able to bring as much publicity to it as we can. It just goes to show you that female fighters are entertaining and can put on a good show. The card is stacked and it is real exciting to be able to compete on this platform as an athlete. I hope it grows bigger and bigger. I hope the UFC does get female fighters. If not, Invicta is such a great platform like I said. We may be on the same level as the UFC and we’ll be the female card. Why do we have to feel like we need the UFC if we can bring that kind of fighting to Invicta.

Being that women’s MMA is just now exploding, how hard is it to be a fighter right now?

I think you have to have a lot of patience and sacrifice a lot and sometimes that means getting an extra job to pay those bills. It also means promoting yourself more than say a normal fighter would have to. Those are the things I choose to do to make things happen.

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What kind of support do you have from the male fighters? Do you get treated any different?

Every male fighter that I have run in to they completely support it. Especially at the gym they support it. We’re all a family there and they don’t look at us like teammates and not girl fighters. We train right alongside them and we bleed and we sweat along with them. We train along side one another.

Did you have any trouble finding footage on Lacey Schuckman? Some of the other female fighters have said they had some trouble because of the smaller number of female events.

That’s the great thing about technology today really. Thankfully, you can just Google someone by name and get what you need. As far as difficulty of getting information I try to worry about what I can do to her and not what she could do to me. If I focus on my strengths I will expose her weaknesses. What she can do is outside of our body and what we can control. Whatever we have control over is what we can make work for us. That’s where experience comes in to play. Sometimes you have to learn from experience.

So what can we expect when you and Lacey meet?

We actually both kind of started off around the same time. We’re from the same area, but we were fighting in different weight classes. Everything has always been good with us. It is very cool to see everything come full circle and now we’re fighting on a big show and it’s a big challenge for both of us.


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