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Wednesday, 09/28/2011, 04:23 pm

Introducing The BJ Penn Vas Sandal

VAS x BJ Penn sandal commercial from VAS on Vimeo.

BJ Penn Colloborates with VAS brand from Vasyli, LLC Footwear offers built-in orthotic support for injury prevention and after sports therapy

Vasyli LLC, a leading global supplier of footwear and orthotics, has collaborated with 2 x time UFC champion BJ Penn and launched the new pro model biomechanical flip flop.

VAS Brand and the technology that helps provide natural, affordable relief from common heel, leg and knee pain.

Reviewed and recommended by BJ Penn, internationally-recognized athlete and multiple-time world champion , the VAS pre-fabricated orthotics and line of VAS sandals, reflect BJ Penn’s philosophy of optimum health from head to toe while keeping a stylish look to the product. Combining an innovative approach to overall foot health with an award-winning tri-planar motion control system, the VAS technology has been clinically proven to help reduce pronation and relieve pain by providing biomechanical support and stability. Perfect for after sport therapy and everyday wear.

“I use this to go in the ocean, I use it to walk on lava rocks, I use it to go everywhere I need to go from training back to home. I have seriously worn this slipper (flip flops) everyday for the last 3 years!” – BJ Penn

Founded in 1979 by Australian podiatrist Phillip J. Vasyli, the VAS orthotics and sandals restore natural alignment of the foot and ankle, helping to alleviate plantar fasciitis, knee, leg and lower back pain. For many, VAS offers an affordable solution to suffering and foot pain without the need for medication or expensive, invasive procedures.

Featured at and the VAS brand includes pre-fabricated orthotic inserts, ($34.99) including performance constructions, alongside the BJ Penn and icon flip flop ($69.99) for men and women. VAS products currently are available at



17 Responses to “Introducing The BJ Penn Vas Sandal”

  1. Brave Reply says:

    First – they’re called Slippahs
    Second- How much are they?

  2. 6'2-210 says:

    Translation for this item in Quebec is: Gougoune… Which means faggot in english. lol

    P.S.: Like the kind that can’t answer the bell at the 5th round. =)

  3. jose "fast hands" garcia says:

    I need those yesterday!!!

  4. DON says:

    i have these sandals, there made by orthaheel. great product. i have flat feet and have been wearing these for 2 years now without a problem. now it looks like i have to get another pair, the bj edition.

  5. Bob lou says:

    No thanks… not sporting BJ PENN on my sandals…

  6. sgt thai clone says:

    for 70 dollars they should last more than two yrs I brought a pair of merrells 8 yrs ago for 75

  7. kipo says:

    Feels real good!!!
    Usually i buy da cheap rubba slippas or sandles but these guys is real good!!

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