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Tuesday, 03/20/2012, 07:42 am

International Scene | Grove vs. Duffee, Kelly vs. Ruediger, Schlemenko vs. Minowa Added To SFL 2

Following the sell out success of SFL 1, India’s first MMA Organization Super Fight League (SFL) is proud to announce the following fights have been confirmed for SFL 2 taking place on Saturday 7th April: Todd Duffee V Neil Grove, Paul Kelly V Gabe Ruediger and Alexander Schlemenko V Ikuhisa Minowa (Minowaman).

Once again, fans from all over the world can tune in and watch the event live and free on the official SFL YouTube channel:

Todd Duffee is a veteran of the UFC and DREAM and still holds the distinction of the fastest ever knock out victory in UFC history when he beat Tim Hague at UFC 102 in 7 seconds. A fearsome striker and talented wrestler, Duffee brings his explosive style to India for the first time and will need all of his skills when he faces UK based South African Neil “Goliath” Grove at Super Fight League 2. A Bellator Season 5 Heavyweight tournament semi finalist and former UCMMA Heavyweight champion, Grove also holds a victory over James “Colossus” Thompson, who beat Bob “The Beast” Sapp at SFL 1. His impressive record features 11 victories, all of which have come via KO or TKO. While nothing is ever certain in MMA, you can bet on fireworks when these two heavy handed fighters meet inside the O-Zone.

Former WEC Lightweight champion Gabe Ruediger had it all, lost it then through grit and determination got himself back to where he wanted to be. Winning 9 straight fights to take the WEC title, Ruediger missed weight on the Ultimate Fighter reality show and left the UFC under a cloud. He went on to put together 6 fight win streak to force his way back into the UFC and proved his doubters wrong. A BJJ black belt and renowned submission specialist, Ruediger also has a number of TKO victories on his record making him a very dangerous man no matter where the fight goes. Two time “Fight of the Night” winner while with the UFC, Paul Kelly doesn’t know how to have a boring fight. The native of Liverpool in England always brings a fearsome edge with him to his fights and likes nothing more than a tough, brutal war with his opponents and revels in pleasing the fans almost as much as he enjoys winning. Previously due to meet at UFC 123, an injury to Ruediger forced the bout to be cancelled. Now they will finally meet under the Super Fight League banner, where Ruediger Vs Kelly promises to be a high class technical battle packed full of excitement and explosiveness.

Alexander Schlemenko has 44 wins despite being only 27 years old. The Bellator Season 5 Middleweight tournament champion has won fights by almost every method there is, with KO victories littering his record alongside several submission victories too. Primarily a striker, Schlemenko has no fear of the ground either, winning the Bellator season 5 tournament by beating 2 time BJJ world champion Vitor Vianna. Currently riding a 7 fight win streak the Russian is only just entering his prime fighting years despite already having more wins than fellow Russian and MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko. Japanese MMA legend Ikuhisa Minowa or “Minowaman” as he is better known, knows no fear, regularly competing in open weight bouts where his opponents vastly outweigh him. Despite being a natural Middleweight, Ikuhisa, a veteran of 93 bouts, entered and won the DREAM “Superhulk” tournament, beating 330lb SFL 1 headliner, Bob “The Beast” Sapp, in the opening round, 7 foot giant and K-1 striker Hong Man Choi in the semi final and then Pride FC legend Rameau Thierry Sokoudjuo in the final to take home the belt. A legend in Japan and beloved by the fans, Minowaman has incredible grappling skills to go with his fearsome stand up. Schlemenko versus Minowa promises to be a thrilling showdown between two of the most experienced and athletic fighters currently competing in mixed martial arts and one nobody will want to miss.

SFL CEO Ken Pavia said: “I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of our first event. The Indian fans were gracious and electric. The event was grandiose and unique, not cookie cutter as some organizations have become. The response from the international community was very supportive. The line-up we have put together for SFL 2 shows a continued commitment to bring competitive elite level fights to an international stage for free on behalf of the new and present Indian MMA community. Look for big news in 2012 from the Super Fight League.”

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10 Responses to “International Scene | Grove vs. Duffee, Kelly vs. Ruediger, Schlemenko vs. Minowa Added To SFL 2”

  1. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    erm didnt Dana award the fasted knock out to dwayne ludwig recently
    i wouldnt call duffy a veteran with only 2 fights in the ufc one if which was a loss via knockout to russow.

    • hey yo says:

      if u fought in UFC once, you’re an automatic vet, just like if fought in a war once you’re a vet

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      You can tell by this picture Duffe is all “PUFFED” up from steroids. Other than Nate marquardt Duffe has to be one of the youngest fighters to ever RUIN theri body from STEROID ABUSE. Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt started JUICING at around 20 years old. In his own words or HIS EXCUSE “it was LEGAL” in Pancrace and everyone was doing it over in japan”

  2. ZeroXcuses says:

    Hopefully duffee doesnt get hurt an actually follows through with this fight, before he was in the ufc he has a pretty impressive run with a bunch of knockouts.

    • ZeroXcuses says:

      plus hes 1 of his 2 recent loses is to the heavyweight champ, which he fought on short notice.

      • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

        point im making is this article is wrong and the guy who wrote it needs to use facts.
        Veteran is a word used too freely in mma. hes not a veteran, if anything hes a ufc reject.
        he doesnt hold the record either.
        i wish him the best, he had potential but this article is wrong

    • david says:

      fuck duffee, hes definitly not a “ufc vet” with only two fucking fights under the ufc and who cares if he knocked out a bunch of bums before he got to the ufc, that doesnt impress me at all

  3. david says:

    he looks like he has down syndrome in this article

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Um… Duffy is a vet if he fought under the UFC Banner even if only 2 fights. If he fought a 3rd time and got cut would there still be a disagreement? Dana said he cut him because Duffy didn’t express enough interest to fight in the UFC.

    SFL 1 was is hot stinky garbage but I might watch SFL 2 if its free on Youtube. How is Alexander Schlemenko fighting in SFL and Bellator? He has a fight coming up for the Bellator Belt against Hector Lombard….. Either these fights are fixed or Hector’s contract really has expired and he’s making his way to the UFC.

    Any organization that has had the main event featuring Bob Sap should be taken with a grain of salt…

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      we can only hope Lombard is finally tired of “CAN CRUSHING” besides this would be perfect time for him to jump ship to the UFC cause he prob doesn’t want anything to do with Falcao. Unlike all Lombards other hand picked opponents Falcao comes to fight and is an animal.

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