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Sunday, 03/18/2012, 09:37 am

International Scene | Glove Touch Controversy In Women's Bout, Brutal KO (Video)

Friday night Cage Warriors commenced their 125 ladies tournament with an opening bout between German Shiela Gaff and Chute Boxe product Jennifer Maia at Fight Night 4, in Dubai.

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79 Responses to “International Scene | Glove Touch Controversy In Women's Bout, Brutal KO (Video)”

  1. THOM BJJ says:

    thats why you shouldnt touch glove when the bell rings, you’ll have plenty of time to touch them after the fight

    • allmightysandman says:

      agree 100%. They touch gloves before it starts and can hug after if they choose to. No fighters should touch gloves as the bell rings because of this very thing. A fighter can “fake” a glove touch and throw hands instead…if they are desparate to feed their family or pay their mortgage, anything technically (if not barely) inside the rules is fair play. This happens quite often I think.

    • Kyle says:

      If you don’t want to touch gloves then shake your head “No” at your opponent when they reach their hand out. Don’t be a sh*t head and act like you’re going to touch and throw a cheap shot. You’re just admitting that you’re a p*ssy when you do that, like you can’t win any other way. This woman is a chump.

  2. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I always appreciate a fighter finishing his or her opponent but not at the expense of unsportsmanlike conduct. Then again, the video shows Maia walking toward Gaff with her arm outstretched to tough gloves, while Gaff initially comes forward aggressively, so I don’t see this as being controversial. I can’t remember the fight, but I remember seeing a fighter use touching the gloves as a mans to throw a sucker punch. That didn’t happen here. Thom BJJ is right, there is plenty of time to touch gloves after the fight. However, if they plan on touching beforehand, maybe it should be mandated that the fighters already have their hands outstretched to do so at the time the referee tells them to engage. Just a suggestion.

  3. JD says:

    What’s wrong with what happened? Oh yeah, I see.. They’re not in the kitchen.


    Anyways, that kind of thing sucks.

  4. phillyboy says:

    Where the hell is the sportsmanship in that… It may not be an official rule but that is some bush league garbage there.

  5. the original steve says:

    cheap shottin bitch.

  6. Beaner says:

    unless they both agreed to touch gloves and one of them lied. there is no problem with what happened. when the bell rings the fight starts not the bell rings for the opponents to touch gloves

  7. larutan says:

    Agree w/ Thom. Once the bell rings, fight on. They already touched gloves in the middle beforehand. She also should have seen how aggressive Gaff came outta her corner, gloves up ready to bang. Sucks for Maia, hope she bounces back.

  8. Tom Jones says:

    Total bullshit. Hope she doesn’t get anymore fights, I won’t watch her.

  9. Matt says:

    I think thats disgusting!! But tbf the ref tells u before u fight “protect urself at all times. If u wish to touch gloves do so now” so they had their chance. And really to be fair again she didnt get knocked out by that punch she was full aware of what was going on but got FUBAR from that devastating hook or uppercut. Brilliant finish. Even If it was a little bit cheap and disrespectful lol

  10. Durtayhaole808 says:

    She got caught. The German chick came out super aggressive and homie got caught. She maybe needs some body language training.

  11. Robert G. Barton says:

    Poor sportsmanship and conduct. If that’s what you have to resort to to win a fight, then your Trainers and instructors have low standards.

  12. I can also do what Jennifer Maia did. But there are unwritten rules to be followed. True, before the bell rings, the referee gives each fighter a chance to touch gloves, but still when the match starts and your opponent offers you a glove touch, a sportsmanship act should be touching your opponent’s glove as well.

    I repeat, this is not about getting the win on the record books, it’s about your attitude. Floyd Mayweather, Jr and Jennifer Maia belong to bush league.

  13. Xaninho says:

    It’s unsportsmanlike…Might be because they’re women. Women are used to delivering cheap shots.

    It’s a bit weird the other chick didn’t see this coming though.

  14. dave says:

    That wasn’t a ‘brutal knockout’ she wasn’t even out it looked like she was trying to throw a knee and slipped but she def wasn’t defending herself at all. The color guy reminded me of a Brit Joe Rogan. As for the glove taps the fighters are always told ‘protect yourself at all times’ lesson learned. Bet she won’t do that again.

  15. Zach says:

    Thats why you raise your hand before the bell to ask if the other person wants to touch. She just came out with her arm out. Plenty of shots were thrown before she got KO’d. She should have stepped out of the pocket.

  16. Kevin says:

    This is how she fights. Her opponent should have known that. If you want to do a second glove touch after the bell, you should motion to the other fighter to see if they do. Then I would say it’s a cheap shot. But not here. I just think she planned on coming out and setting the pace and knocking her out…. And she did.

  17. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    What a bitch move, her sucker punching didn’t prove that she was the better fighter at all. She must have learned her striking from the sucker punch school of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    • Dude says:

      You’re an idiot. Mayweather didn’t throw a sucker punch. You don’t need to touch gloves every fucking mistake the person does. They touched goves in the beginning of the fight . No need to touch gloves a second time for no reason. THATS WHY THEY SAY IF YOU WANNA TOUCH GLOVES TOUCH NOW. and they did. Floyd ko’d that dumb cheater cause he wasn’t smart. Same with this girl and she wasn’t even out right away! You’re in the sport to fight. Not to touch gloves

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        ..And I think your a dumb ass Mayweather fan who only believes in sportmanship when its advantageous to your fighter.

        The ref in the Mayweather fight didn’t separate them properly, he didn’t send them to their opposite corners, he didn’t even start the clock for the fight and the boxing fans got robbed of their hard earned cash because Mayweather fucking dick not unlike his fan Dude.

  18. Hermbone says:

    I don’t see why she tried to touch gloves when the fight started when they already touched gloves in the center of the cage after being briefed by the ref. That doesn’t make sense to me. I know it’s sportsman like to do so but I would stick to motioning before the fight whether or not I was going to attempt. On a fight like that where they are called to the center of the ring and have the opportunity to touch before the fight I would get it over with then and come out ready to fight.

  19. Justen says:

    She didn’t even pretend to touch, she just started throwing down. Which is fine. They already touched gloves. Paul Kelly is who u guys up top where thinking of. Vs Cerrone. He faked then threw a right. That was cheap.

  20. OJ Pimpson says:

    Garbage. Do this before or after the fight. I learned my lesson after watching my Sensei get sucker punched while trying to touch gloves. He went on to win via TKO, but he had an insane black eye from the punch.

  21. Chump says:

    I do disagree this does nothing for the sport, and I’m sure she wont gain many fans by winning in such a way. Now I can’t totally discredit this ko, because it’s not like the other girl had to stay in the pocket and continue to slug it out with her. She could have backed off and regrouped.

  22. KevinBrazil says:

    Exactly right. Neither fighter indicated a touch of gloves before the Bell rings. Lots of fighters hold out one hand as a range finder. I bet she will never touch gloves again. Agreeded she should have pushed off and disengaged, but she stayed in the pocket and tried to throw some punches herself. How is any of this a sucker punch?

  23. James Troy says:

    this happens all the time. okami did it to franklin. hominick did it to the korean zombie. those 2 also lost. there are more but those 2 come off the top of my head.
    no story here. just another cool fight video.

  24. Mike says:

    I’d say 50/50 on this one, when the bell rings the fights ON, with that being said, sucker- punching on the “show of respect” in touching gloves to start is dirt. A dirty fighter is an inferior fighter. When You live by the sword You will die by the sword. I think a re-match should be held for this kind of “victory”

  25. yinyang says:

    Rule # 1 – Never Trust Your Opponent

    I hate this unsportsmanlike crap, but Defend Yourself At All Times!

  26. Ruben says:

    I dont think the sucker punch had much to do with the ending of the fight, the other girl was protecting herself as she had her arm stretched out. But it was dirty

  27. Patrick aka jitzFANatik808 says:

    The German showed her some Chute Box, rushing in and

  28. Vince Vuong says:

    that looked legit to me. her arm out stretched like that is equally a stiff arm to gauge distance. It doesn’t mean, “I want to touch gloves” to everyone that sees it.

  29. Brendan Yusof says:

    they already touched gloves before the bell rang. why the fuck do you all think she was wanting to touch gloves after the bell rang?

  30. Steampunk Samurai says:

    A cheap shot is a cheap shot is a cheap shot. And that was a cheap shot.

  31. TrigenicKin says:

    I say touch gloves and then IMMEDIATELY back off just to be on the safe side if the ref doesn’t face you off at the beginning. If he does then touch gloves but don’t bother once the round starts. You’re there to win, not to be nice.

    • M.DELA says:

      What Controversy?

    • matt brown says:

      am i the only one who saw that she actually DOES touch gloves? she just follows up with a quick hard right. i see no foul. its called winning technique. plus, that punch definately is not what knocked her out. she went for the clinch about 10 seconds later and got 2 roundhouses to the face. clean KO.

      • ry tay says:

        @MattBrown “it’s called winning technique” hahahahaha fuck off it’s called throwing a dog hit. you’re right that the punch off the glove touch was not what ko’d her but maybe it did rock her a little, we’ll never know. oh and btw do you even know what a roundhouse is? i’m gonna go with no.

        • Warriors says:

          It’s not a mandatory thing to touch gloves, just a thing out of respect. Sure it’s disrespectful to not, but theres not rules against it. alls fair in love and war.

  32. Jesus says:

    That was dirty this is not a street fight.

  33. LB says:

    I know once the bell rings you should be ready but its a matter of sportsmanship…

  34. Bloodhound says:

    You don’t have to touch gloves but that doesn’t mean you punch her instead

    It’s like Mayweather’s K.O. on Oritz (I believe) dirty as all fuck but technically legal.

  35. david says:

    what a dumb slut thats totally fucken poor sportmanship, she didnt have to touch gloves but she didnt have to cheap shot her either, fucken slut thats probably the only way she was gonna win the fight, hopefully SHE gets ktfo next time, stupid fucking slut

  36. Dick Niaz says:

    If you aren’t going to touch gloves, fine, but make that clear. I have seen fighters hold up the glove to say “are we gonna touch em up?” and then the other fighter shakes their head no. That is fine.

    Then there is the Manny Gamburyan fake touch and attack. That is not cool.

    FIghters can protect themselves by covering up as they touch and doing so while moving or stepping away, but why not just not fucking touch gloves 7 times? You gotta touch gloves at the weigh in, the staredown, the beginning of each round, so for a title fight, 5 times for the rounds, plus 2 more… just touch em up once in the center, then fight.

    If I were a fighter I would just let it be known that I respect the hell out of all other combatants, and will gladly shake hands at the weigh in or the staredown, but from bell to bell would rather not waste 5 seconds of each round on pleasantries. If an opponent raises their hand, put your gloves up in a fighting stance, and say let’s go.

    my $.02

    nobody wants to see a fight end on a cheapshot, nobody wants to see a fighter do an 8 week camp to get suckerpunched, see Floyd Mayweather ko a guy on a break after doing behind the scenes shows and collecting millions of dollars.

    Common sense goes a long way. Protect yourself, watch film and worry more about fighting than being nice to someone 7 times a fight.

  37. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This shit wouldn’t fly in the UFC. Dana would cut her for that.

  38. The Only Destiny says:

    Im sorry but that was a cheap shot. It was completely legal but a cheap shot none-the-less… but either way… always stay protected… hands up, chin down.

  39. Bushido7 says:

    Its Not what should be done because its not what martial arts is about. If you have been in a dojo or a gym for decent period of time you should know what im talking about. That was a sucker punch

  40. jonesy says:

    it was sucker move but that did not cause the loss…in ufc kelly tryd doing that to cowboy when they fought…terrible sportsmenship…but clean ko

  41. Ballzy says:

    if you look really good it looks like she did touch her glove, then started swingin for the fences

    • 'Dan Harvey says:

      i never noticed it before this comment but you’re right…she touches her glove with the left hand really quick and then fly’s in with the right….so no sucker punch.

      that being said i still don’t see the problem with it…its a fight…the ref tells you at the beginning “protect yourself at all times”…that doesn’t mean all times except when you wanna touch gloves….then there’s the fact that the punch she got hit with there had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she got knocked out…its not like the shot rocked her or anything like that…it was about 10 punches and two knees later that she got knocked out (in the clinch no less)…she was caught off guard is all and she never thought to play any defense just started a slugfest and got knocked out because of it.

      as for the comment that it wouldn’t fly in the UFC and that Dana would cut her…I’ve seen this happen several times in the UFC and not only did Dana not “cut” anyone…nothing was even said on the matter.

  42. wishbone says:

    total chickenshit move…….falsecrack……Maywesther style

  43. matt atat says:

    i don’t see what the issue is here. watch the video closely all, she DOES touch gloves, just follows up with a quick hard right. i see no foul. even if she hadent touched, there is no foul here. but even more so, she does. it’s technique, the other chick should have been more prepared for that. her face is wide open, i see that as open opportunity. also, she slips after the throw, the other chick should have hopped on that’s a fight, you gotta fight to win. plus, ALL that aside, that isnt what knocked her out. Maia went for the clinch and got two roundhouses to the face. thats what dropped her ass. plus judging by the pace that chick was attacking at, she probably would have won anyway.

  44. HiImTye says:

    I thought it was kind of cheap, but it is kind of stupid to touch gloves twice (ref: “now touch gloves and go to your corners” is one of the most common occurrances before a fight). anyway, I watched the fight on FightNetwork this afternoon and it really didn’t matter, she came out swinging and clipped her good, she had no answer

  45. Total Nonstop Jacktion says:

    Worst sportmanship ever, way to represent the sport. Makes a professional fight look like an assault.

  46. Carl Gale says:

    This is a tricky thing to deal with, it’s not in the rules to touch gloves, but if your opponent is offering to touch them, either do so or tell them no! It may not be written down, but it is the code these fighters follow, if you don’t want to touch them, then tell your opponent that you wish not to any way you choose to (i.e. shake your head) or at least wait until they put their hands back up so they can defend themselves. You can’t punish the German for it, but we can boo her every time she fights so that she will learn from this mistake.

  47. ry tay says:

    there doesn’t need to be any rules for this it’s just wrong plain and simple. anyone who thinks “Oh she did touch gloves really fast and then threw a hard right so that’s ok” . needs to get their head examined. that’s not ok, that is a dog shot. do you think if you walk up and dog hit a person on the street you are now a awesome street fighter?

  48. McCombski says:

    She Learned that from Floyd Mayweather !!

  49. BJ Pencil says:

    they really need to start either verbally agreeing to touch gloves or have it legally agreed upon… i mean i don’t know what to make of this but i’ve always felt that it should be the case… i.e. Donald Cerrone – Paul Kelly

  50. Jujitsu Player says:

    Dirty cheap shot cheating bitch.

  51. JZ says:

    My coach told our guys not to touch gloves. He said they can be your friend after the fight.

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