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Friday, 03/09/2012, 12:37 pm

International Scene | Bisping's Back – Seni 2012, 2nd/3rd June, Excel London!

The UKs leading UFC athlete Michael Bisping is back at the world’s leading combat sports expo, Seni 2012, 2/3 June at Excel London.

Now based in the states, Bisping will make his return to Seni (Japanese for fighting spirit) as part of The MMA Weekender in association with Fighters Only & Rockstar Energy Drink.

“The Counts” Super Seminar is scheduled for 3pm on Saturday 2nd June at the Olympic host venue plus signings/ meet & greets on the UFC stand across the well established weekend which attracts over 25,000 visitors.

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7 Responses to “International Scene | Bisping's Back – Seni 2012, 2nd/3rd June, Excel London!”

  1. Greasy says:

    Bisping is a wanker… lol

  2. Ryan M says:

    Does anyone like this guy?

  3. Kompactor says:

    I like Bisping just fine!

  4. TDials says:

    It’s Drake Colby. I loved his performance in beatdown whooped Bobby Lashley’s ass lol. Good for you Michael Bisping.

  5. The Cunt says:

    And not one Fuck was given!

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